Here, celeb

here, celeb

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>>Kiki will never make you cum so hard that you fart loudly and have a heart attack

Why even live? I'm just going to drown myself in a bathtub full of kiki scented pearls.

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discord gg/xAVgnn

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Where are my sexy bitches at?

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( . _.) No GF.
( . _.) No dawter.

( ; _;) No hope.

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look at how wide that pussy is... she was destined for one thing

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here, celeb
there, celeb
where celeb?

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>enabling what?

>ywn piss out millions of kidney stones that rip your pisshole to shreds for a sexy Kiki


buckle up boys

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letting guys make a fool of themselves online by showing they don't know anything about female anatomy?

¯\_(' n ')_/¯

Hold on to your butts.

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the difference between you and Cooper is that Cooper has something beautiful to lose and let behind. You got nothing to be sorry about in the first place. What is worse? I am not sure.

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How ya doing BerryDonuts?

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naw, making one guy rage about a joke post

nobody likes watson fags dont ever reply to me again


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Is it worse to have love and lost or to have never loved at all, that is the question.

That ain't me. (._ . )

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Oh well the question was directed at you :\

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damn son I felt that sting in my heart. also not shit but a chicken stick. I can't call it. what's perculatin in your corner of the universe my beautiful anony?

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Who is this pls?

I'm doing well, but I gotta go to work in little under an hour and a half and I'm already tired as h*ck. Not looking forward to it. :-------/

Just got back from my brother's place, we've been hanging out and watching movies a lot, watched Alita Battle Angel, he really liked it and so did I. :>

How are you?

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I'm considering fingering my asshole while jerking my cock very hard for sexy Dua

Embarrassing, really. I'd better not try that line ever again.

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sarah snyder

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Emma didn't make you what you are, brosev.

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fuck yeah she is...

She looks hot
no wife material
exactly. I think not even trying is the worst thing. We will be dead soon anyway so why even care about shit in the first place
I don't understand your question. Sorry, What do you mean by perculatin ?

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simpler times...

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nigga he meant the question about McConaughey.... the wazzub was to me.
lmao I might have to fall back. dis tew much

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Been meaning to watch that. Don't worry, you got it, power through work and then have a nice sleep.

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The fuck, I was eating tuna.
Tell me a single reason why anyone in the hole universe ever ever ever ever would want to know that you want to finger your asshole?
She taller than the world trade centers?

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what's poppin. what's shakin, how's your dick hangin

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It was very unlike you, to be sure. kek

Th-thanks... :-/

I wish I could have that attitude. I have way too high inhibition. BRAIN PARALYZED

Now I'm confused.

You should watch it, it's fun and Alita cute.

>Don't worry, you got it, power through work and then have a nice sleep.
:-----] I'm gonna do that!

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That's the empire state building ...

built for bbc

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Oh, I'm telling everyone! :3

the world trade centers were knocked down 20 years ago. I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS
>now I'm confused
lol nevermind I just need to mind my own beeswax anyway. my b beedee

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dat face doe

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My theory was, if I was suddenly and uncharacteristically rude, all the sexy bitches that I'd never seen before would suddenly appear. If only things were so simple.


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anyone got any Lia Marie Johnson?

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(/¯・`ω´・)/¯ Don't let it happen again...

Worth a shot, otherwise you'd always be questioning what could have been lmao

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the key is to be inconsistent and only do it when it is already good situation to not give a fuck like asking for a nummber and shit. Nice dove
are you sure about that? didn't the planes crush into it
open your window and tell it your neighbours too if you are cool

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w/e ur into Sup Forumsro, shes my fav

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Hnnggg jesus

Am I the only one that sad that Natalie Alyn Lind got veneers and fucked up her adorable smile?

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well done

someone posted a pic of her in the React thread and it reminded me how popular she used to be here on Sup Forums

in time, all things must melt away

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Understandable, although nothing will be as bad as Dove Cameron's square nose

no me too, her new smile creeps me out

holy shit why did she do that?

Thanks for the advice! More Dovey. :]

>No Dovey tiddies in 1080p.

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Exactly. I knew you'd understand.
Look at all the pink on that Dove, it's no wonder you saved it. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. She looks lovely.

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Merch potted plants! my favorite! said a little ari
in another store and when she reached down to
pick out one on the low shelf she felt a hand
from behind pinch her bum!

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Yeh ehs, gonna watch it.

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You got a bad day or just the winter vibes comming in?
I might sound like a retard. but is she related to cameron diaz? and nice dove

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well at least she didn't get dentures like Vicky vjuice. veneers I can work with. imagine waking up next to Vicky, one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she opens her mouth like "wewgh whadfa nide dat wuz lasd nihgd jshdbxhxb"

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its not what im into.., its literal fact, she only fucks black guys

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>toes blading at 45"

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I can't think of anything better than her wearing all pink. Possibly even just a transparent nightgown and nothing else underneath. ᶘO - O;ᶅ

>is she related to cameron diaz
KEK, no she isn't but I can see how that could be confusing!

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I don't get it, they looked fine.
Mostly just thought her teeth were really cute before :(
Idk she a dumbis
What the fuck are you talking about?

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it reminds me of some comedian now, but I'm not sure who. maybe rob schneider or mike myers