Whats her name again?

Whats her name again?

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Sweden McRape Face

brave one here fellas


Petra Fugbruh


"the one person to call out all the idiots out there".

fuckin jesus h christ

Greta Thunderp

The left cant meme

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autistic 12yr old

fuck off, wet your ass for a while

White Privilege McGee

Isn't she some kind of a pirate?

Snarls the retard

How dare you!

future Swedish cucker

man, look at her fingers
fucking ET

That’s her republitard trigger finger

Little Miss Norwegian Nigger

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mad max?


Tryhard Pantsonfire

Lemme Makeshitup

everyone, go on Sup Forums, and call all the anons "user-fag". The look on their faces will be hysterical

Grendel thurstbush

Nigger aaaaa

Christ, give this up already. That's all this fucking board does. Don't you know when something is overdone?

Who cares?


A very mentally ill child being used as a pawn.

Little Privileged Annie.

Who is this and why is she all over Sup Forums?

nm, I don't care.

Carbon McBoatface

Cunty McShitballs.

Monoxide Child

She says it's her superpower

Greta please end me with a baretta


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She claims to see CO2, through objects, and peoples' lies. Def an X-Men.

Only when her selective mutism kicks in.

That's not accurate. Bono was an accomplished musician before getting to speak to the UN. Greta has done nothing to justify that honor.

She just hasn't' been visited by a bald man in a floating wheelchair to teach her how to harness her powers yet.

Cpt. Sandycunt yarrrr

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Anita sarkeesian spoke to the UN
they have a very low bar for who gets to speak

Mentally ill going to do porn at 19 or overdose on heroin child

Holy fuck. That's bad.

That is the angriest ahego I've ever seen

Angry Joe

ZQ also got to speak

only white men from prominent families please

Why even have a conference at that point? You could just email people links to youtube videos. Or listen to a current rap album. That's a whole lot of plane trips to listen to people off the street.

and still accomplish more than your retarded mother who only squirted you out

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jewey mcspergberg

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>still accomplish more
Is she working on number one yet? She hasn't done anything a school shooter hasn't.

McGriddle ThindleBindle

fuck she ugly as hell


Eliza Thornberry

Gurta Greenstein

Grape Thornbush

this might be what finally drives me off here after 14 years. climate change is going to destroy the planet and you fucks think this funny?


How do you know it is, desu? Cause this tart gave you feels about muh Gaia?

try harder Gerta.

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