It's not fair that this hot piece of ass is rotting in jail

It's not fair that this hot piece of ass is rotting in jail

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A goddess

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In jail for what?

killed her bf

I suck. Can't download any photos of her. Able to grab her facebook junk?

Link to news story?

I'd taste her farts for a box of pop tarts.


Nigger i don't speak taco, how'd she kill him?

shot him in the back, and the chest

Article says she shot him two years ago. The recent story is about pictures on social media

She shot him to death, Gringo.

Who gives a fuck then. She’s probably the property of some 6’2 200 pound prison dyke right now.

Why do you spoon feed that imbecile? Let him use those two neurons he has left to learn how to use translator.

Learn to internet faggot

OP posted in English, so excuse us for thinking he would link a new story in English instead of your shitty 3rd world language.

Sweet, I’ll go visit her and give her some dick.

its not rotting, lesbians and prison guards might fuck her