My gun rights are more important than your dead kids

My gun rights are more important than your dead kids

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You need to realize that "How many more children have to die?" isn't a rethorical question and is pretty much an admission of guilt

If that was true I could buy a fully suppressed SBR instead of making it myself and hiding it from the federale.

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It's technically true. Personal freedom and fundamental right can last longer than most humans. Societal rights are more important to maintain a civilized society than living a short life under a prison police society.

Go for it Sup Forumsro just tell the government to suck your cock

Yes, the pillars of Freedom are that important.

>Countries with no guns
>100,000,000+ people killed by communist governments. No way to defend themselves.

>America with guns
>0 people killed by government. Total Freedom.

Guns aren't perfect defense against the government but it's the best we can do. Lose that and we have no power. You can't force a government to obey the law with polite suggestions.

Also, using children as a scapegoat platform is a weak argument. The baby boomer generation used that platform for decades but failed to see they robbed the very children they were helping of their future.

Except the whole Waco thing, ruby ridge, whitey bulger, seth rich, and the countless others dead by the hands of the govt

>0 people killed by government

Untrue. The government has poisoned water supplies on multiple occasions and assassinated its citizens before. The revolution is long overdue but most are too blind to see it.

>we were taught how guns worked in school
>we had gun/archery ranges
>our local laws mandated us to have a shotgun on our mantles
Communists have been trying DESPERATELY to disarm everyone for years

Not even a valid argument in the first place; the opposition to gun rights will inevitably lead to more dead kids.

>0 people killed by government.
Tell that toJeffrey Epstein, the people in Vietnam, Watergate, the poisoned people during prohibition, MK-ULTRA, need I go on?

Muh dead kids
>Kang Nigger Obama droned more kids to deaths than Bush ever did

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Any gun owner still backing the NRA belongs right along side the morons that want to ban them.

Let the liberal idiots keep attacking the NRA. They make a good lightning rod because liberals don't know enough about guns to know any better.


Thet’s Not a bad point. Fair enough then.

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