It’s okay for Hunter Biden to fleece money (perhaps probably illegally) from Ukraine using his dad’s influence...

It’s okay for Hunter Biden to fleece money (perhaps probably illegally) from Ukraine using his dad’s influence, but the instant Donald Trump calls the president of the Ukraine (to muse about a potential crime that was committed) it’s automatically impeachment and investigation of “high crimes” for Trump.

Liberal logic. We can commit crimes, but if you try to investigate us we’ll accuse you of crimes and try to charge you

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Well, if you had any actual facts some one might listen to you . You don't have facts so you toss out some bullshit theory and expect folks to refute it. That is ass backwards like the brains on most of you conservative retards. He's done nothing until you can prove otherwise so just sit down and shut the fuck up until you can prove something.

I dont care about hunter or joe. If they did something wrong, they should be held accountable. Just like trump should be held accountable for lying constantly and all the other stupid shit he does. It's that simple. Everyone on both sides should support this idea, there is literally no point to having representatives if they can lie and break the law with impunity.

Did I make a false statement? If so point it out.

What did Trump lie about? He intentionally went out of his way to declassify his entire conversation over the phone and the left is now saying it’s completely fabricated.

What did Trump lie about?

Since Hunter divorced his wife to date his dead brothers widow, do beus kids call him uncle dad? Do hunters kids call him daddy uncle? Oh never mind, they probably steer clear of that creepy fuckstick just like they do to granpa Chester the molester. What a family.

>it’s okay for Hunter Biden to fleece money (perhaps probably illegally) from Ukraine using his dad’s influence

An assertion without a factual basis. You have no facts to back up your assertion. Pure bullshit. Sit down and shut the fuck up.

The only thing I ever hear Trump accused of is "lying and some other shit"...

"Some other shit" = wrecking your liberal fucktard heart.

If there were no crime committed, why would Trump be calling the Ukraine president to (indirectly, without mentioning names) ask him about that?

Dude, he lies constantly. About any and everything. Remember the sharpie hurricane map? When he said it wasnt him on the "grab em by the pussy" tape? The phone calls with china regarding trade? These are just off the top off my head. He shouldn't be president simply because he cant be trusted. If he lies about simple trite bullshit, you can rest assured he'll lie about important things too.

if only he got Giuliani to do it quietly, he could have gotten away with it.

Really? That's your logic and basis for truth? trump said something so there must be something there? Fuckin' A. Go back to Sup Forums. This is Sup Forums. Folks on Sup Forums don't operate at the level of retardation you're apparently operating at. Take the rest of your conservative retard incels with you when you leave.

Solid argument. It is astounding how trump supporters NEVER argue points and immediately start going for personal attacks. How does Donnies dong taste? Im guessing like gold bond and sweat.

Do you have proof that he lied about anything you just mentioned?

Emoluments clause. They made poor jimmy carter well his peanut farm

What does this even mean

Lol imagine still beingg a liberal fag in 2029 sad!

Found the subhuman

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Trump (the US president) is 1000% obligated to investigate crimes. He’s in charge of the executive branch, so that makes him the chief law enforcement officer. He is 1000% justified in calling a foreign nation’s president to ask about investigating a crime. There’s nobody else in this fucking country with that kind of authority except Trump and that’s what liberals are conveniently ignoring now. They’re so blinded by hate that they’re ignoring lawful executive privilege

The hurricane thing. And dont forget the fucking sharpie on the map. There are pictures of it before he (or whoever) added it. Gimme a sec to find the other stuff that isnt from news orgs.

B is Putin's board

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That's your grand exposition? Fuck, three farts from fat ladies would sound more intelligent than you. Check that, the three farts would be more intelligent than you.

Yo dunderhead, first you have to have some factual basis. There isn't any. Back to your second grade reader on civics. Read it more slowly this time.

Is the president in charge of the DOJ? Yes or no

That's the republicans' argument to impeach Clinton for lying about getting a blowjob.

It was bullshit back then and its bullshit now.

trump is obligated to see that US laws are fulfilled faithfully.

“The hurricane thing”? You mean all the warnings that Alabama had going for a while until the hurricane went north along Georgia and South Carolina, Trump assumed that is was headed for Alabama and then fake news CNN turned it into a nothing-burger?

>Liberal logic. We can commit crimes, but if you try to investigate us we’ll accuse you of crimes and try to charge you
Now you get it. Now be silent, bigot, before you get accused of rape

What part are you saying is bullshit? Clinton lied under oath, i believe.

Yea so if there’s a law that was broken, Ukraine will let us know

So then why didnt he just shut up about it and not alter the map with a sharpie?

so then why would you have to ask them, in an almost reminding fashion of what the us has done for ukraine?

China saying they dont know about the calls he was talking about.

He certainly did

If you had a map with a hurricane trajectory in front of you that was probably going to change, wouldn’t you use a sharpee to change it to make it reflect a forecast that’s more realistic, based on current models?

You believe China now? The communist Chinese government?

He's just your average Chinaman trying to improve his social credit score. Be nice.

Except it was after meteorologists and weather services had already said it wasnt a concern...

That’s not what NOAA said

Clinton lied under oath. Big legal difference.

>if your facts dont agree with my feelings then they arent facts waaaaah imbeach DRUMPF ;_;

No dumbass, if there is a crime it will be investigated. Stop pointing the finger at the other kids and going "but they did it too!" Especially since your kid is the president.

>drumpf is guilty simply because he was investigated durrrrrrr

Trump put the squeeze on the president of the Ukraine to help him did up some dirt on Biden. If Biden wasn't running for president, Trump would not have made the call. If he had suspicions about Biden as he said, why didn't he look into it years ago? Only now that Biden might be a threat to his 2020 win that he's suddenly concerned about Biden's activities in the Ukraine. This is obviously crap and you know it.

Well...if you want to get into this game, all the Trumps have been caught doing shady shit trading their dad's influence during his presidency.

But that's not the point. Trump is elected official. Hunter Biden is a lobbyist, who by definition is taking money to curry his influence with politicians. That's literally his job.

lol. yea the powers at be will get investigated ever. i bet your dad is serving 25-life for having the wrong plants in his pocket

So is that different then Obama/Biden administration investigating trumps campaign using phony docier ?

I don't give a damn what Obama did. We're discussing what Trump has done.

So only orange man bad. Brown man good.

>its okay when my guy does it

Ah, you're just not going to get this. That's ok. This will probably blow over in a week or so if the pattern over the last three years holds up. Nothing seems to have any real substance.

A few things. First off the crime, if it is even a crime, wasnt committed in the US. So Trump has ZERO justification in pushing for an investigation.

Secondly asking a foreign country to gather intelligence against a political opponent is against the law.

Thirdly, that's not executive privilege, it's blatant corruption.

You're talking about trump right?

If you trust any politician, you're still in middle school.

I'm sure you read very slowly my friend.