Recent news stories talk about Natalie Grace...

>Recent news stories talk about Natalie Grace, who was the legally adopted daughter of US born Kristine Barnett and ex-husband Michael Barnett. The Barnetts adopted Grace from the Ukraine, and raised her for a couple of years before abandoning her in their family apartment when they left to live in Canada in 2013. The Barnetts claimed they didn't leave behind a 9 year old child, but a 22 year old con artist. They were so convinced she was a con artist that they had her age legally changed in 2012 to reflect the age of a 22 year old. They also produced a note from the "family doctor" claiming the 9 year old was "not" her age, as she had adult teeth and was mensturating.

this world is fucking nuts

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So basically that movie the orphan

without the psychosexual shit yeah, pretty much

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WAIT... are you saying you can legally change a 9 year old's age to 22?!

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That you know of

This question needs answers.

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No, it's a 22 year old pretending to be a 9 year old

Look at the facts, she probably was a legit 9 year old with a lot of trauma and dwarfism that's probably fucked for life with all this shit. there's no way she was 22

It looks like she might actually be a dwarf that looks like a nine-year-old.

that is utterly my dream girl, where is she now?

A legal child to marry and have sex with?

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this is a really weird case. it seems like it shouldn't be that difficult to get a neutral doctor to figure out how old she is

it would have been easier to keep her legally 9 years old and handle it as a disrupted adoption. she would be a 'minor' and it would be easier to handle her without her consent/assent.

This is what happens when you let any old jewnigger with a degree think they can run the world, and that every problem can be fixed with messaging.

>before abandoning her in their family apartment
No, they paid for her to rent an apartment for a year and got her on disability and food stamps. They moved to canada for their genius son to study physics at a university there. They tried to get her to get her GED.
>a note from the "family doctor" claiming the 9 year old was "not" her age
Are they trying to make it sound like it's not legit? Because more evidence has come out and this article seems old and misguided. They had multiple doctors agree she's an adult. She tricked a couple at first. But it's gone to court twice and the judge was convinced by experts TWICE that she's an adult. She conned another family and tried to change her official age back but they stopped her.

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She is a midget those fuckers are tricky

The answer is yes, but only because they had a ton of evidence and multiple doctors testified. Then MORE doctors got involved when she tried to change her age back and the judge told her to fuck off.

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>tfw you're legally allowed to fuck you 9yo daughter

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>>tfw you're legally allowed to fuck you 9yo daughter

Yes, because legally she is declared to be 22. biologically we are not to sure, perhaps 9?

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