Dems are so butt hurt that they have no chance against Trump in 2020 they will do or say anything to try and stop...

Dems are so butt hurt that they have no chance against Trump in 2020 they will do or say anything to try and stop progress. They can't stand the fact that Republicans are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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Will you cry if he gets impeached?

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Never gonna happen Libtard.

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Still voting for her.

I mean honestly... it's ain't much different.

It only takes a couple hours, and you can leave same day. They give you some pain killers. All good.

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Got sauce on that quote? Not doubting you, just can't be fucked to do my own research

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I mean, If the abortion is early on.... she isn't wrong.
Your tonsils prob have more intelligence then a first term fetus.
She is crazy for other things... but yeah...
Trump getting impeached would require the dems to have balls.
Good luck with that.
The democratic party is a bunch of cucks too scared of its own shadow to act.

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Dems have been so butt hurt since Trump did more for blacks than their first black dem president

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>Today, thanks to Roe, getting an abortion is safer than getting your tonsils out.
if you're going to steal a facebook meme, at least make sure it's semi-factual.

Next few years Roe is gonna be history. Nobody likes baby killers.

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ok, are you going to fix that quote though for next time you make this thread, or are you going to just keep willfully and knowingly publishing a lie, like you accuse the dems of doing?

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so instead of a coherent response, you resort to memes. want to know how i know you're a Sup Forumslicker?

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Americans are fed up with the bullshit wasting millions of dollars of resources for stupid shit.

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Stop shilling this neoliberal jew Warren

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so thats a no then?

Oh are we switching to this lady now? Are we even done with that 16 year old girl though?

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Republicans are too busy being afraid of their own shadow to do jackshit.
Republicans have proven time and again they will lay down and let Dems roll them over, DC's betabois.
I will never vote for them again. I won't endorse weakness with my vote.

Children need parental consent to have their tonsils out.

Still mad she lost?

did you not read what i said? are you stuck in a duality?
Are you assuming that simply cuz i won't vote R that i automaticaly vote D?
This is the reason why there is no discourse in the country, every is too busy in their team jerseys pointing fingers without any knowledge of who they are talking to, just fucking assumptions.

>voting for some 3rd party idiot that has 0 chance
I assumed you weren't COMPLETELY retarded but I was mistaken.

and then you get this shit.

>you are an idiot if you don't vote for one of our shitty parties

how about i throw 3rd party votes as a vote of no confidence in the system?

if more people did that, we wouldnt be stuck in this shitty duopoly.

>reeeeee orange man

She's coming for YOU

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just... wow.

more of the same duality bullshit.

I'm not R, I'm not D, i don't play with either big team, you can keep your orange man, i really dont care.

This is why she lost.

women are no different than a big, dumb pet.

actually, my state went blue, my vote didnt matter either way.

Black "leadership" makes it money off exploiting the idea of black "oppression" The last thing they want is for things to get better

Your image is best of the day! Good Job!

It would have if you had voted for the winner.

>thinking your vote matters
I thought summer was over

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I'll take Electoral College for $500, Alex.

Good for you. He still won.

whats your point, exactly?

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Our guy won, dude. Get over it. She lost. What aren't you getting?

OP would have us believe that this is CP

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Sure, why not? It seems like she knows

LOL you just dont get it do you? I dont care, i didnt vote for her, either.

How. Crazy pale face squaw speak with forked tongue. Talk-um heap much buffalo shit for many moons. Crazy pale face squaw bad medicine!

What I really want is for interesting paradigms to occur, Facist MAGA near Nazi America certainly was a happening. It almost felt like the Singularity happened at the tail end of 2018, New social distinctions, classes, castes etc. Everything was metapmorphosizing and shifting

Probably why she lost, dude.

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Elizabeth Warren ‘s family members

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Crazy pale face squaw want-um to take all peoples wampum!

Now for a real Lyndon B Johnson quote after he was done with office and no longer on big business payroll
"If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice yo’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you."

I do this, as do others in my area. It seems to make more of an impact for local elections. The incumbents still usually win (usually), though they get spooked enough after the results to play ball a little better. Even if I "lose," I still tend to get what I want in the long run

>Will you cry if he gets impeached?
will you cry when this turns into a nothing burger?

the same thing happened with the russia investigation...

lots of talking, then nothing comes out of it because you're retarded, and you'll rage for 4 more years.

>2016: it's over

>2017: it's over

>2018: it's over

>2019: it's over

>it's over

>every fucking day, it's over
>every fucking scandal: not true
>every fucking scandal: created by dems

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b-b-b-b-b-b-but it was HER TURN ;_;

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Stay mad, libtard.

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impeachment is coming. house majority is secured, only need 4 more for senate conviction according to inside sources.

The Federation was a Communist organization.

The Federation is an organization of numerous planetary sovereignties, and although viewers are never told about the internal workings of the government, many episodes refer to the rules and laws that the Federation imposes on the characters and their adventures.

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Are all these warren memes coming from one obsessed person?

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Am I the only one here who sees all this as divide and conquer? Both parties are shit, we all know that. But here you all are fighting for your shit side because you hate the other shot side

im a classical liberal, not a modern liberal, learn the difference and flash your propaganda at real targets, i am not one.

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you are pretty thick, arent you?
proud of yourself?

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