Have you ever seen anyone that looks like this in real life? What was the experience like...

Have you ever seen anyone that looks like this in real life? What was the experience like? Do you know any Ultra Orthodox Jews and Rabbis, or did you at least interact with any of them?

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i live in NYC they are a disgusting cult of subhumans

They all have flip phones to this day. They wear the same coats and weird hats even during a heat wave

I saw them when I was vacationing in the mountains for rock climbing a whole family all the kids were in the get alike. Pretty sad experience to think they've had to go to school like that.

and they smell like shit

Jews are the cancer of the world. They all must die

See them when I vacation in the Poconos their retarted.

Yes. I dated a girl for awhile who lived on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach and they're all over that area. They don't return a "hello" and literally act as if you aren't even there. As others have pointed out in this thread, they smell horrible, particularly their breath. God help you if you get on an elevator with them.

just talked a bit, like anyone else

Wait, they take trips to the mountains and forests? I thought that they just stay in or around the cities in which their communities are based around?

They're about to take over New York. We see them every day.

Despite stereotypes, they are not that good with money.
t. guy who works in a bank

They are all over Brooklyn.

We're talking about the ultra religious ones, right? Not the run-of-the-mill Reform Jews that are so prevalent in American society?

Because they refuse to work.

What do they do all day? Just read the Bible (Old Testament) and the Talmud? Do they base their entire lives around religious things, like monks, but ones that are allowed to be married?

Yes you can see them anytime in Willamsburg Brooklyn. Its like stepping into 19th century Europe.

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actual jew here. yes, i've seen it. some of my family decided to go halfway back to that instead of just being lazy zonists like the rest of us.

yes, they'll ignore you if they can. theyre like amish, who want to be left alone, but live in the same neighborhood.

yes, they kind of smell. no clue why. weirds me out.

yes. the super ultra religious ones dont work so they can study all day. at least theyre not black and sending their kids out to rob you.

take over new york? its already done. if your landlord doesnt look like them, they guy who owns the company that employs him does.

Cool information, thanks. I do not hate anybody for their race, ethnicity, culture, or religion. I think they are a very distinctive category of Jews, though. Why do you think that they wear black coats, suits, and hats that appear to be fedoras, homburgs, top hats, and bowler hats? What stops them from dressing like people in ancient Israel/Judaea did? Is there a movement of them that tries to dress ancient, instead of mainly confined to styles that existed in Eastern Europe any time between the 17th century up to the 1940s? The most modern looking Hasids seem to be Chabad-Lubavitchers, and the non-Hasidic Litvaks, who are more broadly Haredi, part of the Ultra Orthodox, and those two groups wear fedora hats and suits, instead of the longer coats, and on sabbaths, the shtreimels.

Orange and Rockland county New York. Look it up. They're destroying public school systems and running families out of the area. Also responsible for an enormous measles outbreak.

How exactly are they destroying public school systems?

Voted their own people into government and funneled the education budget to their own schools. Their schools dont adhere to the same standards as the rest of the state and are essentially publicly funded private religious schools. It's been a huge problem.