Can I pass as a trap?

Can I pass as a trap?

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Not in the slightest

You could pass as Steve Buscemi

You couldn't pass a football

Ya dude


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The only thing you should pass is away.

Maybe as a spell

Ur hideous

Why are you guys so mean? :(

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Not being mean it's the reality you are just disgusting to look at,

Ew u should consider doing what all those kids said when you were younger and probably now still...


Jesus Christ it's Sloth from Goonies.

How many pics of that fag you have in your computer user?


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You can barely pass as a human.

wew lad

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Fuck being a trap.
Get a really good job and start saving for some plastic surgery to fix....everything.

you do look like an incredibly ugly woman

you look disgusting


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tbh u barely pass as human



Just got my first purse today!

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do you even own a tooth brush? Your teeth are mostly tartar. My smell like a old knee grows asshole,

What do you get out of larping this thing

No. Your hands and adams apple are both too masculine, and your hips are thin like a boys. Your jawline isn't especially developed, but that's about the only thing you've got going for you. That and I guess you don't have an insane 5 o clock shadow.

>Why are you guys so mean? :(
Sup Forums is admittedly a biased source, but you asked a bunch of people without the sllgihtest obligation (even social pretense or politeness) to lie to you a question and they answered truthfully. If you want a less biased opinion, I'd suggest /cgl/, as they're renown for fair but honest opinions (though I don't think trans counts as cosplay, so you might be told to fuck off).

If you want a place to coddle you, there are other sites for that.

I can almost see the cum shot you took as a kid that made you like this, you probably had the same pained expression at the time too. Please just be a larping faggot.

You've got to be a real moron if you think that's really op

No, you're neither male nor female.
Never has a person deserved the pronoun Xir than you.
I pity you. You are more confused about your sexuality than we are, and were pretty fucking confused.

no enrique

A bear trap possibly.