I've missed Sup Forums so much. How are my fellow Sup Forumstards!

I've missed Sup Forums so much. How are my fellow Sup Forumstards!
ITT everything that makes Sup Forums random.

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i love you

Bumping for content.

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I'll keep bumping until this thread takes off.

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My favorite green text

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please leave

just posted this on reddit. thanks for the karma, faggot

Anybody got more gore?

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I can't. I tried to get away but Sup Forums is my home.

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Kill yourself faggot.

haha nope! got my free karma, nigger!

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>How are my fellow Sup Forumstards!
Miserable, this place is nothing but e-celebs and american politics now

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That's fair but it's still better than the faggotry over on Reddit


discord.. gg/Sup Forums ((remove the extra dot))

server with no rules. Anything Goes!

loli, cp, gore, nudes, and A LOT of shitposting!

Y'all watched Dante's Peak? Super good movie

I love you! But fuck you!

Welcome back, then

uuuuh no. Fuck off with your fake edgy posting. You know they're watching, and i personally don't approve of any content involving cp. immoral and illegal bastard

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Thank you! Good to be back.

If Sup Forums was a kink...

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Unclear at this point.