The people won, the madman lost. Accept change

The people won, the madman lost. Accept change.

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Nobody cares Faggot

Good fucking riddance.

Shut up libtard.

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He's still your president

The impeachment will fail and Trump will be re-elected. The TDS will be off the charts. It's going to be beautiful.

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>he thill yo prethitent

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I mean if you're chill with billionaires paying more taxes than you then by all means. I'm not sure you realize how hard you're getting fucked by voting republican unless you're rich. Guys like Bernie legit want to give you free schooling/medical and you just say nah, I'd rather some republican lower my taxes by a few hundred a year to distract me from everything else.

Excuse me, LESS taxes then you.

I honestly thought people still supporting him was a meme/joke but its even funnier to see that inbred morons are still supporting agent orange.

Productive members of society with insurance, like me, don't want it to be free for everyone if it hurts the people who pay. Are you shitting me? Have you seen Canada and their months long waiting lists because bumbling idiots get to go in for a hangnail? Fuck off.

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Agreed, my money shouldn't go to helping some druggie highschool dropout's medical problems he got from drug use. (That druggie's name is OP)


Telling people accept change when it's been 3 years and you still haven't. Oh the irony.

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I think someone misspelled liberal

I don't want everything for free. I want a bit of struggle and sacrifice cause that kind of shit builds character, and yes, makes you second guess do I really need a pill for this. college prices are way out of hand for sure, but it should still cost something. otherwise at some point we're just funding a bunch of pricks 4 year vacations in pottery adventures only for them to wind up as baristas anyway

Ever hear of off-shore bank accounts, because I don't think you have. Those richies won't be paying shit in your "socialist utopia." Stop being such a fucking tool.

Yea he lost, his MIND.
This nigger is ready to snap in a few days.
Stay glued to the news he is going insane!! LMAO

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>thinks a Bernie Sanders economic nightmare hurts the big companies
Ya, now they can send everything offshore and have no competition at the same time because nobody will be able to save. But 50% of your pay will go to healthcare and meme degrees! Get the fuck out of here, 95.5 average iq Californian.

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If it's inevitable why do I need to accept it? Because it's not even fucking LIKELY lol

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>but all Duties, Imposts, and Excised shall be uniform

Boy, that's a bad look for Bernie, eh?

its nothing burger

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