Diaper thread?

Diaper thread?

of course!

Im gonna say that wet/messy are both OK to post. Same goes for drawn and real, male and female. Anything diaper related is OK. (barring conflict with global rules, of course) If you have a problem with this, feel free to make another thread with more specific interests in mind.

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whats your problem?

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Pumping for diapered ladies.

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I'm ready

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help I remember there was a website that had images of all tena slip plus diapers from extra small to large size

it also had the dimension of each diaper which is what im looking for

I cant seem to find that website anymore. user please help

god tier post

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who is this? seen before

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>this will never be you
why even live?

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This chick. Pretty sure she's from Norway or Sweden. She was pretty active in the mid-2000's. I recall seeing her do messy diaper stuff, too. She's cute.

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young me did the same thing

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Any interest in diaper boys using training potties?

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depends what you mean by boys

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More oc

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