Texas thread

Texas thread

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Bump for 817, Arlington area

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San Marcos

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Any 903?

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Bump for 254


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bump for 817

936 Center here

Kingwood or Cleveland?

Anybody have?

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I have I think

there aint no 361, at least not in my town.


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She’s a hottie. Any nudes?

anyone got any Vanessa T. or Rebecca H. from 281?

What’s up Houston!

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Bumping for moar. Name? Area?

Excellent my dude

361 user here, I've seen one or two but nobody I know.


Bump for more 903

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Any 210?

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Faith from crosby...

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936 Joaquin?

Is there a Houston discord?


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Very nice. Go on

Any 972 or 214?

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Know her? Swinger that lives in my town

That must be why there's a blossoming in my pants

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Looks familiar. What city? First name?


And what town is this? Cause me and my wife swing haha

Faith, from crosby

Hey YO

Faith, from crosby


Know of any discord for Houston?

Fuuuuck I'd make her a single mother

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Requesting Carli W, April W, Nina L, and Heather M.

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Anyone know who this is or have more of her? Know she is in 281.

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Any 210??

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Any Sugar land???

Damn she knows how to tease

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Any tights ends or twin peaks girls?

Yeah 3ds not doing it for me anymore. Gonna watch me some toons and hentai and such.

I have some from a few SL chicks. I will have to find them. Chicks that hang out at Bakers, Bullpen and Brewskis. Know anyone from those or anyone specific? May have them.

Dayton/Crosby area

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From Texas

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Portia L

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Fuck please dump whatever you have.
Also if you have any from Richmond/Rosenberg l would really appreciate it.

Also from Texas.

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From Texas. also gay

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Any of her?

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What age range you looking for? Most of what I have is chicks from the area in mid to late 20-30’s. Won’t dump them all here, but if you give me some names of who you are looking for and I have them I’ll dump those.

Not looking for anything specific really. Also if youre implying that you have older woman then that also would be nice.

He needs to upgrade that chainsaw

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Woah more

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There are never any 254s

DFW area hit me up if you know any t-girl prostitutes :^)

Do you know this one? First name?

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I want this shit

If anyone has Nina Barack...i got shit to trade.

Ya like her?

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Fuck yes. I wanna suck on those

Check out the tits on this Texan bitch. I wish she had nudes.

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Got anything to share?

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Is this a dude?