Those of you married or in long term relationships how often do you fuck your significant other?

Those of you married or in long term relationships how often do you fuck your significant other?

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I'm gay, btw, if that matters.

It’s been 2 months. To be fair, we turned into a hotwife/cuck situation she she’s fucking 2-3 times a week.


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It doesn’t bother you that other men are ravaging your wife!?

>in 6 year relationship
>have never fucked because of a condition she has
I’m trying to be understanding but she doesn’t even like sucking dick. Ohh sure, eating her pussy is all fine and dandy, but what do I get? Nothing... Seriously thinking about finding some side ass or something.

I mean they fuck 10x better than me so...I’d feel like an ass if I didn’t let them.

( ` o ` )

3 to 4 times a month. 9 year relatonship

the cuck larp is kinda obnoxious, it's either shills or larpers wishing they were cucks which is somehow worse than a cuck.

Married for 17 years, it's like once per week now. It used to be better but then she decided she wanted a job and now she's always sleeping before the kids even get a chance to go to bed. So yeah.

Around 3-4 times a month. Sometimes my wife will become massively cock hungry for no apparant reason and we'll do it like three times same day but 3-4 times pm is the average.

Question from both of. Do those women work?

I am this guy:
I am pretty sure if you wanna fuck often you can't have a woman that works.

5 year relationship, maybe fuck once every month or two. Our schedules are quite conflicting and she has her period every 2-3 weeks. I can't stand the smell of her period and almost vomit if I'm near her. So the chances of us both being in the mood at a reasonable time is pretty much non existent.

5 years with my now fiance, we seem to do the same as most on here, 4-5 times a month now, at least once a week though. Whenever we get holidays and stuff together though we spend all day fucking. We went on a cruise the year before last and fucked about 4-5 times a day everyday, it was awesome.

Once a week. Been together for 22 yrs. I could fuck almost daily but women suck.

Yep, my wifes a product photographer and she works shifts. She was unemployed for a while and we we're pretty much doing it every other day.

Married 18 yrs. 5-6 times a week.

The reason I ask is cause I’m about to get married. We’ve been having sex several times a week but I know it’s going to slow down eventually. I’ve always been a bachelor and had a healthy sex life but getting married scares me a little cause I’m scared of the only having sex 1 a month issue I hear a lot about from other couples.

Do you ever wish you were fucking some one else?

attempting to have another kid, about 3 times/week

About every three to four days. Have been married for ten years.

about once a week with the wife while she was on nc. Now that she has stopped taking bc its getting a bit crazy multiple times a day. Helps she's baby crazy now

Both over 40, only together 3 years still fuck 3 to 6 times a week.

I have an amazing ability to fuck for 40m, cum, and continue fucking for another round but my gf never wants to keep going because it's too much for her. Also she wants to fuck maybe once every 2 weeks I always initiate.

not the OP you responded to, but our sex life took a hit after the following:

having a kid
new jobs that have us commuting 3-4 hours each day

don't have as much energy to spare for sexual intimacy after all that

best to find ways to help your s/o decompress and be more open to sex

43. Been with her 16 years, married for 13. Three kids, she works. On average I'd say about 6-7 times a month. Occasionally I eat her pussy. She hasn't blown me in over 10 years though. Overall, no complaints with my sex life

Almost every day. Not married yet and this is the only girl I've slept with. Wanna explore but I know I will never find a girl like this again.

45 Married 3 years, about once a week. I work midnights have back neck and shoulder problems, always in pain. Viagra changed my life.

Larp. Kys.

Larp. Kys.

>commuting 3-4 hours each day
You need to find a new job faggot.

I’m the same way if I can hold back in the initial rush to cum. If I pass that test, I can go a long time. If I go long enough, she can’t take it and I end up cumming on her face.


I try to get it in once a week because it feels nice to reconnect but tbh after year 4 or 5 I lost my rabid need to destroy her pussy 24/7. Getting old is a trip lmao

Once a month. Been together 7 years (5 married). She got fat. I’d rather jerk off than fuck her or cheat.

If you feel like you need some side pussy i'd recommend hiring an escort rather than cheating with somone you know from life (unless your trying to break off the relationship). It's really easy to get caught out if you leave your burner phone around or leave your email open and you run the risk of really fucking up your life.

pretty much, she's doing most of the commuting nowadays

i've switched to mostly working from home

>Do you ever wish you were fucking some one else?

Every. Single. Time.

Monthly, she's literally gay and I'm asexual so it's ok.

Her girlfriend is cool too.

relatable. scheduling makes it hard for me, mostly because im too classy to fuck in a car

Once or twice a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on her mood and my own, as well as opportunity. I work a lot and she does too. She also suffers from a pretty bad case of endo, so sometimes sex can be quite painful for her.

She's a trooper. I love her.

Almost 4 year together now. We do it about 3 or 4 times a month. We don't do it more often due to work, and herpes. Whenever I have that shit, we can't fuck.

Married for 7 years, been together for 12. We fucked like rabbits at first, but it tapered off to once a month for a long time due to grad school stress, etc.. shes done with school and I'm no longer on rotating shift. Now its every weekend.

Like 1/2 times a month we work opposite shifts but I also fuck another women at least twice a week

I'm the guy you responded to. For the first year and a half we fucked minimum once a day, our streak was broken because I went overseas for a month, but the sex was crazy immediately afterwards.

But yeah, it slows down. Most days we're both destroyed from work, so there's that, and we had a really kinky streak at the beginning of the year and we're kinda in recovery from that.

Honestly I usualy just jack off whenever I'm in the mood, and she does the same if I'm not around. We both know and don't care, it's a basic human need. Makes sex that little bit nicer too when it does happen.

And to answer your second question, occaisionally, yeah. But I love her and love fucking her, so it's never ever bad. We were swinging with another bi couple at the beginning of the year and that took some of that away too.

About once every 4 days

3-4 times a week. blowjobs on the other days

Couple times a day till married couple times a week for the next few years had kids now it's only a few times a month and on my birthday. Also she turned into land whale.

Been married for like 6 years. Last time we fucked was July 4th 2018.

it's been around 5 years; don't depend on depressed people for anything. They can't fix themselves, you can't fix them, the doctor can only guess at what pill will work and it takes literal years of work to do the trial-and-error on the chemical and the dosage.

genuinely wish we could just off all the teens who come out on the other side of puberty with sub-par serotonin levels.

Best way for escort? I love my girl but I have a higher sex drive and honestly never got the whole “fucking a bunch of different women” out of my system.

been long distance for a while so..every couple of months. feelsbad

>She hasn't blown me in over 10 years though. Overall, no complaints with my sex life

That's not a complaint? It should be.

Some women just don't like giving blowjobs in the same way some men won't eat pussy.

Together 18 yrs, married, three kids. Sex is usually 3 - 5 times per week. Never any bj’s though, like five times a year maybe.

I eat my fiancé’s pussy nearly every time. I fucking love it. With that said she’s always been the exception, the vast majority of women in the world would gross me out to eat their pussy. It’s definitely one of those all or nothing type situations.

i was in a 12 year relationship and the sex started to die down about after the 9th year.

married 25 years, once a week usually on Saturday night after going out. But my wife jerks me off at least 3 mornings a week which is nice.

damn rip op

I’ve dated two women with depression issues. And I can agree with this 100%. They would start off like sex crazed animals and then once the meds took over the sex went to 0. If I even brought it up or tried for it it became a major issue and a fight. I vowed never again would I date anyone with depression issues.

Why does she take the time to jerk you off but not suck or fuck you?

three year relation, 3-4 times a week unless she's on her period. I don't mind, but she says it's uncorfortable (painful) for her.

bummer, too bad she got fat :(

she's not a morning person so she just hooks me up with a nice hand job, trust me, I aint complaining, and I get to cum on her chest so its all good. Plus she's very pretty and in great shape for 53....I got it made dude

how u got her into giving u those early morning handjobs?

>I’m about to get married
My condolences Sup Forumsro

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It is random because her interest in sex comes in phases. Sometimes we fuck every night of the week. Sometimes more than once in a day. Other times we won't do anything for a few weeks.
We are going through a slow phase right now we fucked this morning but previous time was like 2 weeks ago.
I don't really mind when it gets slow because I know she isn't as into sex as I am and she will still send me pictures so I can take care of myself and I don't want to pressure her into sex if she isn't interested.
Sometimes I wish she was more sexual but she isn't and I don't think she ever will be so I accept it and love her anyways.

Everyday, for 7 years.


8yrs 2 maybe 3x a week

Nice rp. What does pussy feel like? Tell us you edge lord.

For 11 years it was roughly 2-5x a day every day
Then we had our son and now it's only 3x a week

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>Those of you married or in long term relationships how often do you fuck your significant other?

Married for 7 been together for 10 years. Sex was great in the beginning. Then she got put on happy-pills due to bi-polarity. Sexlife is dead now, thanks to the pills. She worships the ground I walk on and does EVERYTHING I ask of her. I love her a lot and she pushed me into fucking others. She's opening her cunt for me every time I want to stick my duck in her, but there's no spark for her. She says it feels good, but nothing more. Which bothers me a lot. For me sex is a mutual giving and taking.
Worst part, my wife used to be a delightful kinky pervert and masochist - all gone now...

4/10 but good for you Sup Forumsro.

Prob like 3 times a month. Roughly once a week

married 35 years. punch in once or twice a week, more if she's in a mood.

Married 9 mos, and together 6 years. It's recently been once a month the past few months.

It's been because she was in her first trimester. Excited for the second trimester.

Early on a lot. Kids slows down. They get older she gets older shes horny so back to 3-5 times a week. Sex is somewhat over rated. Kinky sluts are the best.

She looks like she could use a few burgers to put some beef on her hips

>clearly not up to my standards as an elite gentleman

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Married 8 years age 35 and 30. At least 3 times a week but we can go two weeks max without but then we are both super horny and fuck 10-15 times in a week. So I would bet average is every other day so about 180 times a year. We have more sex now then ever.

She lost a lot of baby weight actually

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Where do you find legit escorts tho? All the backpage esque sites are bots or just sketchy and then Eros and whatnot is like premium pussy I don’t have the cash to drop on. Where’s the middle man at? If I could I would do tinder but too many chances of my SO finding out

Well, if that's what you're into - all powers to you. She's too skinny for my taste. I like them beefier with hips and ass, but you do yours Sup Forumsro

I like em slim and spry

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show us that pussy user

>It's really easy to get caught out
It depends on how you do it.

Get a double SIM-chip phone. When you're around family, always disable the 2nd, burner, SIM. Never let the device record anything. Erase calls, SMS, messages before seeing your family. Never let your fuckbuddy learn where you live or work. Be clear about that to your fuckbuddy. Best fuckbuddies are the ones that are cheating too. They're less clingy and there's an indirect threat you might run to her S.O. and tattle. But never actually mention this to you fuckbuddy. Cashflow is king, have a way to stay some on the side, motels cost money. Never book one bear your or her home. If it's a big city, get a room on the far other side of town. If it's hick-village, meet her 1 or 2 villages over.
Always remember - no side thing is worth ruining your life. The mature one will respect yours and expect the same from you
Memorize your fuckbuddy's phone#

She look like a pre pubescent boy, if thats your type i won't fault you.

Rarely ever, once the puppy live phase wears off, it's pretty much no sex

Engaged but been together for 9 years, we are actually very sexually active. We have the same work schedule, so we ALWAYS have sex before work, i am a multiple cummer so i usually go 2-3 times before work, ocasionally 2-3 times after work, and on our days off, we could go like 2-8 times. So we fuck a lot.

>inb4 "quit larping"

Good for you user that's awesome.

Lucky. I wish I were you. My gf of 3 years can’t get enough of my dick. I sometimes wish she would find side dick and leave me alone. I rather jack off to porn and fuck hookers. Sadly I don’t.

She usually almost always sucks me for a little bit too

Moar plis, she tits is awesome

I can't speak as a married person, I've sworn off ever getting married by the state. So I'm not sure I'd count in any fashion.

Only two couples of my friends group has been married so far (we are all within our 20's). I can relay what has happened and what one has said in detail.

Him and his wife during the engagement phase fucked like horny rabbits. Multiple times a day almost every single day. Up until being married, the first year was pretty strong. After that it significantly dropped. His girlfriend is semi-jealous. Not around other women, just sexuality in general. Not even allowing him to watch porn. This wasnt a problem originally, but now its starting to take a serious turn for the worse as he's getting nearly no sex. Also his wife gets her way because she can just shut down sex for him whenever and hes shit out of luck.

The other friend I'm not really too sure. His wife basically controlled his life early in the marriage and he cut contact with most of us. Havent heard from him over the last year except for like a handful of times.

Tltr - One friend had a lot of sex during the engagement and honeymoon phase of marriage. Dropped to nearly nothing (maybe once a week during a decent week and once every few weeks during a bad week) into the 2nd year. The other friend dropped his friends after his wife became a bitch during his marriage.

Don't get married guys. Long tern relationships are great if you do them right, but there is literally never a time to out a ring on her. It provides few to none legal benefits and all too many issues if you get divorced. No reason to legally trap yourself!

Nice that's great. My wife is not a fan of oral, giving or receiving, it's weird. But such is life. She likes to give me titjobs though which is cool


"Don't get married due to my personal beliefs and the experiences of my two friends!"

But marriage is weird I'll agree on that

2 and a half years in my current relationship. These days we have sex every time we get together, so let’s say an average of 3 or 4 times a week? We had sex twice yesterday.

But sometimes we don’t for weeks if we’re busy or someone is going through some shit and just isn’t horny.

Last relationship was more than 6 years and we had sex almost daily (living together).

Which is a pretty solid run my guy