Saved from b and want more of. starting with her

Saved from b and want more of. starting with her

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Why do people keep posting this turd?

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Anybody got her shit?

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fuck yes more

Please anything you have. It's clearly a vid

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Want more of

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Its a trap

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so good. please more

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Moar pls

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You're the OP?


Always looking for more

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lexy i think


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anymore ??

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anymore jade ?

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these are gud boobies

seen her a few times, love her

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tell me about it, shes my favorite

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omfggg yesss

havent seen recently, but

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Second this, op was dumping her all the time
I’m sure he had hundreds more he hasn’t even shared yet

yeah I got a bunch from a mega. Apparently theyre like mormon so guessing that was an issue

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Oh fuck! I’ve never seen that one
Any chance you can share the mega? Please bro

for whatever reason, I find her super hot

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pls have more? what is the story behind her?

its dead, I think. Ill post some highlights

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sexy, more of her?

Okay got a few more will post if I get back to pc

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Can you drop it all in a new folder? I’d really appreciate it

and not lewd but I fuck with the leather jacket

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Fuck. Who is that? Nice tits

So fucking good god damn

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The toilet does.

best tits ive seen here

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seen it before on lexy

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Please user

not bothering with making a mega, sorry mate

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Oh my god she is so fucking ugly jesus christ do people jerk off to this?
She looks like a fucking pig

I’d make a folder if I had them bro, you’re not being very nice to your brothers

Really ?

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Anything else?

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Yes, really
I get so fucking tired of people coming here and saying shot like he did, then saying “sorry bro, not gonna help you out”
Why fucking come here to post them in the first place? Kind of a dick move if you ask me

Yes we do

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"Sorry bro"

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whoaa show me the nudess

Anyone have her set?

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Incel of the month right here

u back OP?

Don’t bother asking, people here are assholes
Even if someone here had it, they’d just tell you “sorry bro, not gonna help you”


This is Sup Forums, not Sup Forums user
You’re on the wrong board

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I have this image.

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You OP?


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anybody got moar? i got a decent bit

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Looking for more myself


Moar of her


what u want to see? :)

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Kik? add me

I'd love some more for my folder

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