Hypothetically speaking, if you could post any comment you wanted in a Sup Forums thread, what would that comment be?

Hypothetically speaking, if you could post any comment you wanted in a Sup Forums thread, what would that comment be?

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wow fags, don't everyone reply at once


Every comment I actually post because I'm not a fucking coward.

Yeah but what if you were allowed to??


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Nigger probably

I ain't afraid of no spooks

I'm gay, btw, if that matters.

post ass or gtfo

I already do. It's called freedom of speech, baby. Suck my fat one. Wooooo.

Climate changes.
There are only 2 genders.
There is no god.

That would be so awesome if you actually posted that in a thread, haha


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Go home slut, no one even likes you.

I am at home.

Where's that? Slutsville?


Whore Island, where your mum is my roommate

do you know deh wae

I'm allowed to now.

I'm thinking you forgot aboot yur mum's new shack on Loose Lane.

Anime is gay and stupid except for Ghost in the Shell and Fist of the North Star.

Your post implies I could post anything that I normally would be unable to post. Heck, I could even post a comment that would be too long to post on Sup Forums normally. Hell, by definition, something that I'd normally be unable to post would be something I wouldn't have the knowledge to post. So abusing that, my comment would be that I'd post a comment containing the hidden crimes of every important person in the world. At least, those that are important and have a significant amount of power. And not only this, the comment would contain instructions on how to easily uncover irrefutable evidence for the crimes, so as to make it impossible to hide the truth once the comment is posted. Watching pandemonium ensue would be fucking incredible.

So yeah, I'd either post a comment containing that or a list of things that I need to do in life to be happy. Because I sure as hell don't know right now.

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wow fag, type much?

Yeah, you're right. I should be like every other retard in this thread and just post say I'd post some offshoot of "muh free speech". This thread should die and make way for the next pics you shouldn't share thread.

Booo. Get out salty loser.

don't mind me, just here for my dubs

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Your pics suck. My dubs confirm.

Open wide, daddy is ready to glide

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It really REALLY makes you think!!

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Yes! Yes, it really DOES make you think!!

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No lol

Holy fucking shit. I thought posting that pic got you banned?