Any kratom users on Sup Forums? Share your experiences and questions here

Any kratom users on Sup Forums? Share your experiences and questions here

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Kratom is great I take it every day 10/10

fav strand?

I like all types of red and green. Green Harmony is good and also Red Sumatra

Gave it a few tries but never really felt anything

Don't try gas station kratom it made me throw up multiple times. Buy some from a trusted website or good headshop. I recommend 3 grams for your first dose

just ordered a white Maeng Da Thai for the first time, only tried red bali so far and loved it

lmao yeah, I use kraken kratom and their shit is so cheap compared to other drugs and so good!

MIT 45 concentrates are really good but kinda pricy

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After taking kratom for awhile daily I do find it hard to nut sometimes. I am not sure if everything I read is true or I just was not in the mood. Beware some people say it takes a toll on your sex drive

i havent found it to affect my sex drive yet but thanks for the heads up

I used to take kratom extract dosages around 120mg of mitragyna. Im trying to taper down (not off) but now im taking like 8g dry powder to get where i wanna be (still around 90mg mitragyna but its coming down)

I used to be able to jerk off in like 3 min flat of i wanted to but now i need like 20 min minimum. You might be onto something. Im
so I'm taking a lot.

Cuz it was an extract or you took too much retard

Don't get hooked. I took it to get off pills but stayed on it too long. Then coming off Kratom I started getting horrible panic attacks. I've never had them before in my life either. That was the only withdrawal symptom I had, but sucked enough to stay on.

its good when you run out of oxy

It doesnt affect my sex drive, it just makes it harder to cum. Really good if you want to last a lonnng time

14/10, I use 15-20 grams a day. Love it.

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Is this tea?

I was fucking my gf once while on 15g kratom. Normally I‘m done after 20-30 minutes. We stopped after two hours, I couldn‘t come at all and she was over satisfied. Was good tho, would do it again.

I used daily for 3 years, i was told withdrawals are the same as coffee withdrawals. I’m also a coffee addict, so i know what those are like and figured fuck it, i can handle that any day of the week. I’m now 2 months clean and my brain still doesn’t feel right. I feel much better than the acute withdrawals, but i’m still incredibly depersonalized, and i get this weird spinny feeling in my head from time to time. The reason i quit is because one day out of he blue, the kratom started giving me anxiety attacks. The depression and anxiety were so bad at one point during the acutes that i almost killed myself (that’s something only you anons know). I’ve never has depression or anxiety before in my life, so when i started feeling it so intensely the shit was a shock to my system. I wouldn’t wish my first month off kratom on my worst enemy. Especially not the first 2 weeks. You have no idea the effects of all the different alkaloids in that plant.

Inb4: i stopped taking kratom and had no withdrawals

Yeah i also stopped taking kratom many times for extended periods of time with absolutely no withdrawals prior to this last time. This time was different. Idk what changed, but it definitely wasn’t the plant. I was absolutely not prepared for it.

TL;DR: kratom is for fucking faggots. Do real drugs so at least you know what the fuck they do to your body.

After 3 years of daily use, i can definitely say it eventually fucks your sex drive. Very gradually. My sex drive is at an all time high since quitting

Used to fuck with this shit, hated the nausea

I think it's enjoyable. Be appreciative of more subtle effects. You can get intense highs but it can also cause nausea. It is fun though

It can make you constipated, make it hard to cum, and there are withdrawals possible if you take it habitually for an extended period of time.

But like most drugs in moderation it is fun and a good way to help pain, calm your nerves, etc

that bali shit makes me puke. mang da is best

Very fucking interesting. Sounds like a good side affect. When its been a while, I get like 10 pumps before i blow. This might remedy.

Kratom is only for heroin junkies and faggots who cant find real drugs.

Or people who enjoy a high but need something legal

From someone who's gone from nearly 1/2g of Roxy a day for years, extracts are the closest thing I've found that comes close to actual opiods.
I've tried a lot of different strains like I'm chasing the dragon. OPMS was good for a wile till I found some shit called 7 Star...Not gonna lie, if you take 4 caps, after having 12hrs+of an empty stomach, + white grapefruit juice potentiator, this 7 Star shit is EXACTLY like real deal Roxys.. its fuckin wild..

i take it but I have to move soon to a new state that I may not be able to get it anymore, so I may just stop using it. it is not too bad, and I heard somewhere it has anti-oxidant properties , so it might not fuck you long term like some chemicals might.

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>Or people who enjoy a high but need something legal

Yeah, faggots too scared to go and get real drugs. Stop being a little bitch.
Let me guess, you smoked K2 and Spice too?

lol wut

Not zero, it's around 100.

This shit is more dangerous than spice, because there’s so much misinformation about how bad for you it really is.

Eh or people that get drug tested or all that. Sure I don't want to get arrested and ruin my life to get high. Used to do "real drugs" but now can't take the risk.

How so?

>Eh or people that get drug tested or all that.

You have to compromise things to get a good job.
Act like a fucking adult and drink like everyone else then.
Its actually pathetic that this is a valid excuse for some people.

Damn man why so mad? How is it pathetic? Why is drinking more adult? Hahaha honestly the reason I don't drink more is because of the hangovers and the calories drinking puts on ya.

Kratom is sneakier than other drugs. You’ll never hit rock bottom on kratom. There will never be a time when you lose your job because you no call no show, because you’re busy sucking dick for kratom. So there’s never a time where you duck up up so bad that you’re just like “fuck i need to change something” but make no mistake, it starts off wonderful my first year with kratom were incredible. Loads of energy, everything seemed better and more fun. My second year i was taking kratom just to stave off withdrawals, which came on about 5 hours after any dose, just some mild RLS. Then one day i took my normal dose and i had a huge panic attack. It took me about 3 days before i realzied that the panic attacks would come after every dose of kratom. I figured “no big deal, i’ll deal with the withdrawals. Should be no worse than quitting coffee”. The first two weeks off kratom were hands down the worse weeks of my life. I literally, no exaggeration, thought about killing myself a few times. The physical stuff is easy, but the mental stuff that happens when you quit is pure insanity. An intense feeling of dread and impending doom, anxiety and panic attakcs. Depersonalization/derealization, heart palpitations, resting hear beat of 110bpm. I’m still losing hair, my eczema had flaired up all year every day, for 2 years and it just started to clear up recently, my sex drive was down, my lifts were down (i’m in the gym every day and i’ve been plateaued for a year at bitch weight. The second i quit kratom, all my lifts shot up.) I suspect my T levels were out of waxk but i have no bloodwork to prove that. It was miserable, and 2 months later i’m still not back to 100%. I’m just thankful that i’m better than weeks one and two.

To give you an idea of how serious i think it is, i’m kn/b/ having an honest and serious conversation instead of making a joke about how OP is a faggot.

wtf went wrong in your pathetic life?
>act like an adult
Oh, that’s what you’re doing? Fuck off... some people don’t enjoy the buzz of alcohol. I bet you puked all over your parents dinner table while on Kratom so you’re feeling confused and have to rage here now. Pls go golden

I took Kratom for about a month and got a similar depressive feeling. Like a very mild opioid withdrawal, numb and flat lined. Got off it as soon as I saw the side effects, feeling better now. Just need to stop vaping weed

does this produce a nice high at all? i've tried blue lotus leaves (nymphaea caerulea) and it gave me a mild cannabis like high but ive stayed away from kratom because i heard it can make you vomit

Itll make you vomit if you take too much. Its like a very light opiod plus caffeine, you can get dependent though

bruh, if you get the right extract YEAH it will give you a nice, multi-hour high

You’re smart. It only gets worse and worse the longer you use. Go on reddit’s r/quittingkratom if you wanna see how bad shit gets. I’m lucky my doses were low, but 3 years of use really fucked my brain chemistry. Some people get withdrawals so bad, they can only sleep for like maybe an hour a night, really bad restless leg syndrome, anxiety is common, depression is common, hair loss is common, so much crazy side effects are common, and you’ll never notice any of them until it’s too late

Interesting. The physical and mental effects beyond the usual withdrawal symptoms is interesting. I haven't heard if it effecting people that poorly, but I do believe you. I think you pointing out the fact that you don't hit rock bottom is interesting and true.

You have given me a lot to think about user. I have had anxiety and depression but not too bad generally. However, ever since regulating my usage I have been having suicidal and intrusive thoughts that I have never experienced before. This would make sense

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It doesn’t surprise me that you felt that after regulating dosage. A lot of people taper down before they jump off completely, and they say they start getting the mental stuff pretty early on in the tapering process. You’re better off just cold turkey jumping off, dealing with the hellish nightmare that follows, and never looking back. I was fully addicted and after i went through what i did, I don’t even have the slightest urge to take the stuff. The only time the thought even crossed my mind is when i was having panic attacks and all i could think was “i bet if i take some now then it all goes back to feeling okay”

Meang Da is God tier

4 grams gold Meang Da 2 grams gold Bali.. magic combination


fixed it for you

salmonella contamination doesn't count.

Yes I think that's what I'll do. I have been thinking about my life and getting my shit together and I think this is one of them that I really need to get control of. Luckily I haven't been using too long but I know it'll be hard.

A junkie elitist, so cool, fucking retard.

Retard alert.

my mom drinks kratom three times a day. she makes me drink it when she sees that i'm angry or nervous. i remember she gave me kratom back when i was 16 and i went manic.

Well good luck user. If you need any support (as much as i hate plugging reddit) r/quittingkratom basically held my hand through the worst of it when I didn’t know what the fuck was happening to me. Real supportive bunch of junkies over there and always nice about everything. 10/10 could not recommend them more while you’re quitting

Lol go ahead and take it to your heart’s content fucko. Remember to make a thread when the good times end, and you’re hiding from your coworkers, trying to do deep breathing exercises in the bathroom because you can’t get your anxiety under control.

Thanks user looked it up and seems good. It'll help as I always want to go back after a few weeks of not using. Damn relapsing thinking I have it under control

your Mom sounds like an idiot. who the fuck gives Kratom to there kid, if I were your Dad I'd leave.

I used for maybe a 6 month period. Was staying up all night playing games with my wife and having endless sex because I couldnt ejaculate regardless of how hard I tried. Felt fucking great at first.

Then... my body started rejecting it. It started causing me a lot of pain, having hard sex for long periods of time and not being able to cum, being totally drenched in sweat jacking off trying to end it when I had beaten my wife's vagina into submission.

Horrible headaches

Nasty Hangovers

And then.... my body deciding its just going to purge itself any time I consume that shit. The last 6 times I've used (three of those after the original usage period because I'm an idiot that was trying to get high) would cause me to violently vomit. I'm talking hug the toilet retching until you're ready to fucking cry vomiting. Throw that shit up through your nose a few times and see if you'll ever take it again. The smell of it is absolutely horrific to me now, its even ruined green tea.

>fun times at first
>turns to frustration and pain
>vomiting large amounts of green sand

I'll stick to alcohol and lsd forevermore.

Oof completely unrelated but I would love to do LSD again

yea i wouldn't blame him. my parents should have divorced forever ago. they've only been together this long because of me.

always thought about trying it but i think ill just stick to the dank, or opium. kratom is like in sum bizzare middle between smoking opium and green tea.

no its not, learn to use it Hobbledehoy.

you sound like a complete puss. get some quality.

Been using every day for 2-3 years now. Whites or greens during the day/at work. Reds before bed. 24-30 gms/day is my usual.