Pick an Asian, say what you'd do to her and I'll post more!

Pick an Asian, say what you'd do to her and I'll post more!

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Which one?

2 and 32; I'd fuck them the way you could never fuck.


Let's start with Qian, how would you fuck her?

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34. She looks pretty fuckable

How do you wanna use her?

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time to go

Rip that tank top off Vivian and cum on her tits

are you gonna fuck her?

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Erica, put it up her ass

#5 Jooyun. She just stands out to me.

Seems like the butterface-y type (still find her cute in her own way) that has a curvy body and phat ass made for fucking/breeding. Any pics that show off her butt to confirm/deny this?


How would you use Erica?

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How are you gonna fuck her?

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rolling for that asian waifu

I'd fucking split jiyun's ass in half

Definitely rip her clothes and deepthroat her for sure

Holy fuck, what I wouldn't give to go balls deep in her ass. She looks like a modest/conservative girl who is totally against anal, but I'd fuck that virgin hole 'til it gaped, then give her a taste by fucking that dorky face silly.

More? Will give more wwyd's for each pic of that cutie.

smother myself in her thighs fuck



And then?

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What else would you do ;)

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can i see camila and michelle?

OP Mikaela please

Definitely creampie and make her swallow it after I pull out

Which one?

How are you gonna use Mikaela?

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They all look the same, one of them should be called win win.

Here's Camilla what would you do with her?

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And how about Michelle? ;)

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Does she then get round 2?

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fuck id break her petite bod bending her over and smashing from behind

roll out

im tempted to eat her out

I'd love to hear all about that ;)

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You want those thighs around your head?

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creampie that tight pussy with her dress lifted up

I thought about it, and tbh, not much else. I think she'd be perfect as an anal/ass to mouth slave, and nothing more.

Looking at her, I just have this strong desire to make her VERY familiar with the taste of her own ass.

Any time that I wasn't busy resizing that tight, unused asshole, I'd be throat fucking that chink-y face, and vice versa.

34 -- monogamous relationship

Tell me all about how you'd fuck her

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Really? You're not even gonna fuck her cunt?

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I work with a fatass asian chick who's a dead ringer for this pro

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i want to hear her sweet voice while I hard fuck her from behind while pulling her hair

Where are you gonna cum?

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Nope. Maybe I'd give it a taste one day out of curiosity, but other than that, all she'd know is being butt-fucked and throat-fucked for the rest of her life.

Hopefully she's one of the lucky girls who can cum from anal. If not, then tough shit. That's all she's getting.

Would you rent her out to be fucked?

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OP she needs every drop shot down that tight hole of hers

Hell yeah, right in her ass then her mouth

Tell me all about you using her

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Does she get round 2?

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Emily. I'd berry it right in the pussy. And then butthole.

Which Emily?

OP mikaela is a undercover freak. thats one tight pussy that needs a constant pounding. keep em coming OP

Ah, 34, we'll be having a 3-some with Kat.

Tell me about it

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i want her sitting on me

Gangbang material?

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id start with a throatfuck, looks like shed take it well

What else?

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any more of her in gym slut wear?

OP Jamie

i want her dripping wet cunt on my face

#30, Fiona; I would totally hold hands with her.

Nah, too public. Underground sex trafficking ring, if anything.

I was being literal when I said I'd make her my anal slave lol. Like, she straight up goes missing and her new life is being my unwilling fucktoy.

If I was going to make money off her, I'd do it discreetly. Only dark web & underground channels. For the right price, I'd probably let anyone or anything fuck her. Even dogs.

And after?

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What would you do to Jamie?

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Jiyun is a total cutie and looks like good wife material.

How would you use her?

make her ride me, id take it slow and enjoy every second

I dunno OP, i don't get a gangbang feel out of her, more cock slave, she'll spread her legs on command

I'm sure itll be great seeing her fucked by dogs

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You think she's good wife material? Then how about we let her get gangbanged?

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fucking her and shoving her sweaty panties in her mouth

What are you gonna make her do for you?

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Anything else?

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jamie looks like she got thic thighs and a set of tits, picture is deceiving, into nerdy chicks

Are you gonna use her?

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shed get taken right there in the bathroom, making her sweat more like her own personal workout.

then go to her parents place to introduce myself and find a hidden place to fuck

make her suck my cock and blow my load on her chest, watch her rub cum all over her body

hot bitch

wreck her from behind over a table and watch her creampie ooze out

More of Emily 34 please

9 Kat,
ill tie her up on my door and bang her real hard until her juice is all pounded out of her

OP more of mikaela

Fucccck, seeing that dorky face really makes me want to keep her to myself. Like, she never sees the light of day again, and eventually forgets her entire life before becoming a sex slave.

I want stockholm syndrome to hit her hard, so she learns to love the abuse with her broken mind.

You're right that it would be great seeing her get fucked by dogs too, though. Maybe I could at least share her with some stray city mutts who have a giant knot to give her.

And then?

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Tell me all about it

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Why not make her parents watch their previous girl get fucked?

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And then round 2?

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Let me see more of #1

How many time are you gonna use her in a single night?

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