TRump literally threatening civil war on twitter right now

tRump literally threatening civil war on twitter right now .
Damn, better get the popcorn!

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Why is he not in jail yet?

What do you want him to do? Sit back and do nothing with all the bogus shit democrats are pulling?

You'll see as soon as the trumpanzees invade this thread to fling their shit everywhere. As long as he has the most retarded half of the country supporting him, he has a fighting chance.

You can't jail him because you don't like him.

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Post screenshot of said tweet

Lol, bogus. You fucks really are a cult.

The Most Believable President in the History of Presidents. Uh-huh ...

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Youre a fucking idiot.

Literall go to his twittert and read his last tweet.

"Bogus shit"

Literally the transcript he put out himself that indites himself.

Keep telling yourself it's the Democrats though, not a crooked as fuck ego maniac Republican.

He's pulling out all the stops to distract from his imminent jail time.

Trump supporters have low IQs, thats a fucking fact.

He's quoting some Fox News guest you damn tard

How is that edgy? You're proving his point.

Source: your discord tranny server lol

As if he said that

>...If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress,

Jesus Christ he is a fucking lunatic, if he causes mass shootings the FBI will have to kick the door down and arrest him right there in the White House

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What if he's right?

This is a real word in Wokeland.

Seems like their only source is their asses. Big surprise

You could post any outrageous shit you like, claiming Trump said it, and these idiot autists would believe it.

right about what?

It's a troll thread, so what did you expect?

this guy is unhinged as fuck. hes gonna provoke mass shootings

>> As if he said that
Sperg alert! You think because I put some words in quotation marks that I meant he said that? Hah hah hah, you lack a sense of humor.
Let me explain: I meant he talks LIKE that. See the difference? No? No, I guess you don't.

>what did you expect
for somebody to check my dubs with dubs of their own. I was not disappointed

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They are.
You can beat the magatard to a bloody pulp with facts and it'll just blow it off as fake news

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My god, he's an ugly man. I mean physically, his features are repulsive. Outside like the inside.

Most divisive president in history, what a fucking traitorous slob

But trump isn't even a Republican.
I promise you that the only reason trump didn't start his own party to run was because perrot did it first and his ego would not allow him to be the new ross

Not to worry. The man is so unhinged and such a blabbermouth he's practically self impeaching. Watch as he gets more and more crazy and comes out with more self incriminating shit.

It's not even half. It's more like 40%.

By Trump, you mean winner?

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One treasonous turd is easily laughed off. The raving lunatics who blindly follow him are the truly scary thing.

yeah, Obama supporters have always scared me, as well

Not a single screen shot? Besides even Republicans are getting tired of his shit. He has some diehards but we aren't going to tear ourselves apart over his latest dipshit antics. If anything he's numbed us to his bullshit.

>practically self impeaching
the pressure is getting to him and he is ready to snap, can't wait for the shit show


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Because he hasn't committed a crime

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Nothing illegal done. You being told not to like someone doesn't mean he broke any laws.

Average republican iq is 5 points higher.

That's pretty fucking dangerous for him to do that. He comes off as endorsing it. As usual the fuckwad has no idea how to president and doesn't care. Another line crossed.

>The guy that couldn't find anything to charge him for

Time for a new meem big guy XD

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>There are retarded mongoloids who openly still support this crooked piece of shit

imagine going down in history as people who supported the biggest crook ever see

I guess I expect him to have his lawyers began prepping. If you think being a faggot on twitter is the best option in any scenario, you're just a faggot

>quotes somebody in their entirety
>liberals lose their shit
>spam the tiesto remix of said quote

No problem, this will be more relevant soon

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Euro fag here. Half of America doesn't know how good Trump is for your country, Our leftist overlords have pummeled us with immigration where we're fit to fucking burst, women and kids living on our streets while "asylum seekers" live in lavish hotels. We've imported so many ISIS members and we're seeing muslim slums pop up everywhere, the police can't even go into some neighbourhoods, they will be killed. Rape statistics through the roof, murder, honour killings, pedophile rings the police are scared of, when it is reported it's reported as "Asian" crime, our countries are being turned to SHIT. Sure, Trump is a buffoon, but he's doing amazing things for America. You'll all be sorry when he's gone.

Keep holding your breath and waiting for that magical moment...

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Show the tweet!

All of this and yet you still cannot get laid Right? GTFO eurofag.

TDS is real.

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You retards have been saying the same shit for 3 years, and nothing ever comes of it. Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

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Link faggot

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He makes too much money for Pelosi.

Found many things and was not able to charge him until he leaves office because of a made-up rule that has never existed before.

There's no tweet to show. It's a daily Shareblue shitpost.

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I was laid literally two hours ago... I'm not the supreme gentleman you seek.

There is no syndrome involved.
tRump is deranged.
He attracts the deranged.

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Also eurofag and I fully agree with this post. You yankfags do not know how good your society is.

Fake News from the Jews

Trump's unbeatable.
Learn it.
Love it.
Shrek it.

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Unbeatable how? He's never won at anything in his life.

Don't think this presidency counts as a win for him either, he's fucked himself and his entire family.

Run Hillary again. She'll make it this time, I'm sure!

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which ones?

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Ivanka's left shoe is worth more than you.

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Go post on MSNBC about it.

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>Everyone I disagree with is stupid
What a great outlook on life. I'm sure you'll get far

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No tweet to show you say?

The family is one of those tough survivors, like the Medicis or Vanderbilts. They'll be here a thousand years after we all keel over.

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Trump is a kike you niggers

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Why are the mouthbreathers' so fascinated by Hillary?
Some sort of Oedipal complex?

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So much cope.
So much triggering.

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An orphanage that's been visited by Clinton?
Sounds about right....

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Trump is without question the single most constipated president in US history. His guts are fucked. The guy needs fiber desperately but all he eats is McDs and he has clogged the Oval Office toilet more times since 2017 than any other President, including LBJ who was famous for his work in that department.

She lost. Get over it.
Protip: it was never her turn.

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Back to your liberal arts term paper. I'm sure your degree will be put to good use at the nearest swing shift Starbucks.

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All the Trumptards going to kill themselves when he and his goons get put in prison.

I hope lots of them try to rise up and just get mowed down immediately by cops and military.

Good job on the trips, incel.


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You can't handle her.

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Stop making him tweeting something to suggest to his cultists to be ready for violence about Hillary. Trump know EXACTLY what he is doing. He is telling all of his NPC followers to go out and kill people if he is held accountable for his crimes. He is a narcissistic sociopath, and he wants the world to burn if he is caught and made to answer for himself for the first time in his despicable life.

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Personal attacks? So like you...

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I love how the minority if the country think they can rise up and win a civil war against the literal fucking USA the largest military in the world by far.

Trumptards, please try. You will be fucking annihilated and then you can't vote :)

Keep chasing that dream.

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you are an idiot.

Trump exposed Epstein stoooopid