Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread.

The /hg/ Commandments;

>No Dupes
>No Groups
>The previous host may be afforded a spot if they don't make roster
>First 24 are in
>Hold any swaps till Roster Check

All are welcome to the Lord's Games.

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Eliza B

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Jimmy Savile

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Spook man

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The Insectoid

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Orange Hat

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5500 Power Liches

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sad kitty

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A Mao who is 200$ richer.

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Kizuna AI

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Dorothy Haze

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Knightmare Esna

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Murder QT

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Baby Alexander

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tohru adachi

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Is this supposed to be an entry?


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Lunalight Wolf

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Minecraft Furry Trap

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He looks like he has no idea why he's in the Hunger Games

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A White Mage

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it's 5

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Meat Thief

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with all the extras, should we do 36?

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Doge sans - Dans

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Check it.

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district ten cutest district. also op try to make this fast. gore-spam tends to fill the thread's picture limit quickly. and makes me want to vomit half the time...

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looks good to me! good luck, yall!

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Good luck everyone.

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Good luck Ai

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Ü‚Goodluck Megumi!

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Fortunately, I know how to make and link threads, but will do. Starting shortly.

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One off


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Looks like we're together on this one.

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Good luck, Murder QT and FIST

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I don't like it, also give me those dubs!

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Loli Knight

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Dang it always late to the party

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Shit I left the page on Sup Forums open for too long lol. It said only 4 pic replies when I posted. I'll try to get into the next one. RIP Loli Knight, you will be missed.

Lenny loves liches.
Murder QT does us all a favor and stays true to her namesake.
Do not fuck with the fist. He's a pugilistic assassin.
Interspecies sex is gross.

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I wanna fuck her uno card

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Post the furry version


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uno card?

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Rocks and liches, they're a winning combination!

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nooooo lol don't! She's kind and of a pure heart. She never became a badger or a dog or what ever, that was an alternate dimension of her.

uno card stands for ass

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Thanks, RIP you though

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