Sup Sup Forums, I was walking my 12yo sister home from school yesterday...

Sup Sup Forums, I was walking my 12yo sister home from school yesterday. She was out in front with some of her girlfriends and I was chilling back entertaining some of the boys in her class, and some dude drove past and cat-called the girls.

Since you are all a bunch of fucking creeps, I just want to put the message out there that this is not cool. Don't harass young girls like this, it doesn't make them feel good or special, it's just scary. Thanks for reading my blog I guess.

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And you didn't shoot the car?

If this isn't bait (I assume it is) then ya that's fucked. Not all of us here are creeps tho just most of us lol.

Why did you do something you fag. Bet you were to busy fantasizing that they catcalled you instead, and that's why you let a pedo traumatize your sister and her friends

Next time I'll remember to bring my piece, and I'll just start blasting off rounds at random cars with a half dozen kids around to get in the way of the shrapnel.

I'm posting on Sup Forums, you think I can run down a car?

It was me. She sucked my cock a couple nights ago. Thought you should know

Thanks for letting me know, I'm going to tell her off later.

You're just doing them a favor

Are gonna fuck her sweet asshole too? If so invite me. She gave me a key I'll let myself in.

Fuck off pedo

Shut up faggot

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Go back.

fuck you faggy butt boy. your a queer you homo faggot

>Since you are all a bunch of fucking creeps
Yet you're the one "entertaining" 12-14 year old boys in the back yard? I dont know OP, that sound creepy as fuck

I'm so sorry your moms late making your tendies. You don't have to take it out on me :(

I think rape is okay

Would you rather I hang out with the tween girls while walking? The boys just tend to congregate around me since they think I'm cool and I talk shit to them.

You're barking up the wrong tree. No one here is socially adjusted enough to go outside, let alone yell shit at ANYONE who is female.

I really hope you are joking. Rape is totally not cool, it's never okay to touch people against their wishes. They only time it is acceptable is in a medical emergency, or if they are in danger.

Nah your free to do what you like , i was just saying thats just a creepy as cat calling girls that young

>talking to kids while you walk home with them is just as creepy as yelling sexual things at them
Ok dude

> only in a medical emergency
so if I become a doctor I can rape my patients and it would be ok? fuck best career ever!

Nope. I meant like if the medical emergency required you to move someone even when they were unconscious, put pressure on their wound, cut off their clothes etc. I can't think of any time it would be medically necessary to rape someone.

> cut off their clothes
> move them when unconscious
> put pressure on them
I don't know about you but that sounds very rappy to me...

> I can't think of any time it would be medically necessary to rape
ohh I can come up with a few ones...


cat-called the girls? what are you even saying you stupid ass NIGGER

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The guy drove past and cat-called them. What is confusing about this?

Thanks for the advice mate.

You're welcome :)

Also rape is completely okay faggot. What are you gay? Kys negro

I'll become a doctor so I can medically rape!

I'm in serious mode guys, rape is not ok. Consent is super important in all aspects of sex and touch.

I'm with this guy! gotta love medicine dude

No no no no no. It's not okay for anyone to rape, especially doctors and people in positions of power.

But rape is so much hotter. Imagine wanting to do any girl you find attractive without any restrictions of needing consent? We're born to produce offspring. That's our purpose.

But rape hurts the other person involved, and that's not okay to do. Fantasy is fine, but actually acting out and hurting people crosses the line and if you do it you will eventually be punished for it, either in life or in death.

but power is for raping you silly. You can't write "A powerful man" without using the R, the A, P and E.
It's all natural after all

I guess I can't argue with that

Then what if it's for revenge? Ever thought of that?

What thing could someone do to you that requires you rape them in return?

personally absolutely nothing. You know what they say, if it has a hole and moves it's good enough

Nobody says that

don't they? oh well...

I've heard that before but not as much as if it's single get ready to mingle.

What about pushing girls off their bikes so you can smell the seat.

Is it okay as long as you don't talk to them?

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Fucking go back to Facebook faggot

Is it rape if both parties are crying?

post cunny

If you have to touch them without their permission it's totally not okay. I guess sniffing bike seats is not hurting anyone by itself, but if you do it you are super super weird and I wouldn't let you anywhere near any children.

Make me

You want me to post a picture of my little sister's vagina? Fuck off pedo

Is it okay if I fantasize about raping you?

Sure. I actually have already been raped, it happened 6 years ago when I was 14 and I've never been tested for HIV or anything, so as long as it is just a fantasy you should be fine.

hot, tell us more.

Was it a family member?

I have really bad anxiety that started when I was 11 (my sister is starting to get it too :( ), and eventually I stopped going to school. My psychologist eventually got me into this program specifically for young people with anxiety that were disengaged from school, and I would go three times a week and do group therapy, learn life skills, and get a tiny bit of an education. There were a bunch of different people that worked there, a nurse, psychologists, social workers and teachers, and they were for the most part really great.

One day however, out of the blue one of the teachers asked my to come with him to a classroom to set something up. I really liked this guy, he was super calm and chill and nice to be around, and I had no qualms about going with him. When we got there, he shut the door and started pulling down his pants. He didn't even need to say anything to me before I did the same. He bent me over a table and fucked me. It hurt a lot, and I remember the nurse on staff asked me why I was walking funny afterwards, but he was in the room at the time so I was too scared to tell her.

He was a Vietnam veteran, so who knows what shit he's got, hepatitis or HIV. I'm too scared to get checked out though, I'd rather pretend it never happened.

Might sound insensitive. But are you a male rape victim or a female rape victim?

It's not insensitive, I'm a dude.

Not gonna lie that's totally me lmao

Well, now you've been called out. Stop doing that.

Pics of your sister? I need fap material.

Yeah well that's just like, your opinion man.

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Oof. Fuck. Male rape victims sadly don't get much support. I really hope for the best for you user. I had a little sister that got molested and almost raped. I can't ignore how mortifying it is. I'll wish and pray for you to find peace someday.


saved, i'm jacking off to this later

Thanks user. I thought I had got over it until recently when I went to meet up with a chick and pussied out because I was scared of being touched, so it's still affecting me years later.

Looking back on it, there were a lot of people involved that fucked up for it to happen. I shouldn't have been left alone with the dude. We needed chaperones to go to the bathroom because a lot of the kids would self-harm, there was one kid in the program that constantly needed 3 adults with him because he would fight everyone, and somehow I was still left alone? Apparently after it happened I went into a deep deep depression, but for some reason my parents didn't mention I was depressed to my therapists. The nurse that noticed I was walking weird, why didn't she follow up? Idk, shit sucks my dude.

I hope your sister is doing okay, make sure she knows you love her and that she's safe.