That kinda night edition

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jasmine.paheal.net/_images/fcac3b7d2c27ff809d5cdf81821da8a9/1993353 - Amy_Anderson Supernoobs.png

Requesting Penny Peterson giving Sherman a blowjob.

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You didn't get it on /delicious/, and you're sure as hell ain't gonna get it here!

Fuck off!

Requesting the Image of the Link With Alice (girl of the italian Cartoon Atchoo!)

Image: jasmine.paheal.net/_images/fcac3b7d2c27ff809d5cdf81821da8a9/1993353 - Amy_Anderson Supernoobs.png

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Requesting Ursula (Kiki's Delivery Service) parodying the Iron Giant's "Art!" meme.

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you are getting puffier and puffier

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>For those taking in color requests
Requesting color and redone line work to this pic of Marceline (Adventure Time). Please add a bellybutton and her neck bites. Add details to her nipples. And the background can be any color you like.

Color references: files.catbox.moe/am96xg.jpg

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Requesting these 3 girls from Fairly Odd Parents being fucked on the beach.

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>What up nameeslessss
Nothing much! How have you been, mommy?
>I wanna see them panties stretch
>pull your pants down for a quick tease
>lemme at them tiddies
They're yours.
>nuclear fuel overload

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Requesting a younger version of him please, like 14 - 17

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Requesting her stepping on dick.

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I really don't wanna go to work tomorrow.... Requests?

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aaaaaaand thank you very much nameless

now slip those cute little panties to one side and show me if you've shaved or not

/r/ porn of human sk8r cow

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You already got this request done.

Requesting the praying mantis girl on the right getting fucked like on the right.

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Requesting a comic of this girl, completely nude, getting swalowed whole and alive by a giant toad
>She strips down naked
>Grabbed by it's long sticky tongue
>Pulled into its mouth head-first; her lower body still outside the toad
>Toad gulps once pulling her deeper inside; hooves still outside, the rest of her inside the mouth
>Toad gulps again; lower body is in the mouth, upper body is in the stomach
>View of her entirely in its stomach
>From the outside, you can't even tell she was eaten
>Digested alive
>Remains disposed of
The idea originally popped in my head after playing some Fallout 76 and getting attacked by a radtoad.

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>Tfw you actually dream about your request
>Tfw she wanted to eaten alive in my dreams
>Tfw she was more enthusiastic about it than me

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Yo LierTier

Heh. Thanks Trinket.

you have no face

Requesting her getting arrested and handcuffed for a DUI, with the cop holding her face against the windshield so her nose and mouth is smushed embarrassingly like in the reference

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Draw a flat chested phat assed devil girl making a lewd face as she gets her big nipples twisted

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AaaAaaa y-you got me feeling self conscious!!!
How Can i compete with you Now!!!
I should be calling you mOmmY

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>bc bud
>no kate wood porn
Fix this Sup Forums

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Wait a second...

Oh? Well, can you please show it to me? I looked for it in the archives and didn't managed to find it. I thought it wasn't done

Otherwise maybe trinket could do this one?


cute and thicc
just how I like em

i REALLY wanna see you two make out

/r/ A naked female ogre spreading asschecks and looking at the viewer over her shoulder with an inviting look, she has a stinky pussy

It looks nice, I'll like to see Trinket's version

/r/ redraw this

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she cute. Got any other face reference? that grimace really distorts her features.

There we go!

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looks like a zeurel's drawing o:
hello friend c:
who this?
aaaaand back to square one
my man what

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Here ya go
Henlo, how you?

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Am not a drawfag. Just a shitposter. Sorry.


Fuck off Fernando!

sk8r cows a dude tho

It's Rule 63 sk8tr cow

By the way, is anyone else's captcha being weird?

It's alright on my end. Why you ask?

Woah. that's actually a weird but touching compliment
eh. just watching vids and thinking about going to bed super early

but i wanted cow trap

mine's fucked rn

for a long time now, captcha has been increasingly failing me for no reason. the program is either broken or someone's deliberately fucking with it to confuse it somehow, but month by month it somehow gets LESS accurate

You guys like my OC?

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I keep solving it correctly, but then it says I forgot to solve it. I have to do it like half a dozen times before it finally decides to work.
Ah yeah, I've been slowly going to sleep at progressively earlier times. Does that mean we're getting old?

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Oh thank Christ I'm not the only one! Same issue would occur when I solved the captcha. 2 times before finally submitting a post. It's a drag. -_-


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>To all drawfags present
Requesting a girl playing with herself. The scenario can be any which way. Be it sensual or completely silly.

this week has been a wild ride.

yv's back and ignoring me
entity's back and trying to copy me
what else, what else am I missing?

well other than something on scribblechan I guess that's it.

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>yv's back and ignoring me
didnt he interact with you

Uhhh he drew a request that someone kept asking for, that's about it. Otherwise he apparently no longer trusts me? Fair game, I guess.

he literally tried to fuck you as db how is he not interacting with you

That already happened..

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Wait, YV is back? Since when?

Holy fucking shit. I want to bang deimos so goddamn bad. I can't stand it anymore. Every time I watch madness combat I get a massive erection. I've seen literally every rule 34 post there is of him online. My dreams are nothing but constant fucking sex with deimos. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowing that those are nuts that should've been busted inside of deimos's tight himbo ass. I want her to have my mutant babies.
Fuck, my fucking mom caught me with a plushie. I'd putted it a cap and a black trench coat so it would look like him. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours and I'm worried she's gonna take away my computer. I might not ever get to see deimos again.

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Henlo, floof-lord. Requesting you to snuggle me with your downy fluffs.

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Requesting a conjoinment of these married couple of OCs like in the reference. They would have both penis and vagina like in the reference.

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Do I draw or sleep? Somebody pick for me, I’m shit and on my phone so I probably won’t be doing reqs


go sleep

>Even draw
>Odds go to sleep
roll for your destiny.

Appreciate it boys
Since these two are telling me to sleep I’m gonna tip the scale a bit.
I’ll sleep unless I get dubs

its not even fun to lurk anymore
how are we thread?

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Here’s another face reference, will drop nudes for whoever does the request

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Hi wurm how have you been?

/r/ lewds

Hey wurm. How's things?

same ol' same ol'
how about you user? got anything interesting?

of what?
or i just dump you some lewds i have?

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idk, you tell me. I'm asking to draw some.

going to sleep now. If you're around tomorrow same time I'll do it. Cheers!

All g I will be

like always
im doing more Dragon age tho
want to finish dem trilogy

>he wants to draw
ah, i thought you were Requesting lewd drawings. Like, a delivery
then would you mind lewding this gal?

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herro thread~

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Hey there. Are you taking requests tonight?


Oh shit is that Lorcunto?

okay I admit it, it was me. I posted that pic of yours.

ok but like what if we got a fish

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Not OR but you could do this?