Hunger games con't

Hunger games con't.

Max gets drunk.
Rainbows are gay. Gay.

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not as gay as scatfag

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Loli Knight [ Furry Form ]

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im not sure why he was posting ppg porn, i would totally beat my meat to that


Loli Knight

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Fuck. I was a slide off.



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would fuck if she was 13

Fist... I almost don't want you to win! Dishonor! Dishonor!


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No! She's pure of heart. She would never be with the likes of you.


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fuck off pedo

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yes she would shut up

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You guys gonna get pissed about cliffhanger events as much as those rp loving cunts? Cause here's one.

Lookit the open fist.


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Skin flute

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i think ive seen that animation in a porn game before...

You can have her furry form for the dubs, but that's all.

is that gonna kill fist?

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Final Four. Pick your pony.

>drills and taps holes
>plays you like a fiddle.

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ok but i’m also taking her human form k thxs bye

For a guy that can turn water into wine whenever he wants you sure are still full of sour grapes.


the fist's got this

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Eliza ftw

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Don't think so, son. I've shielded her from your sausage fingers, and she rests comfortably behind me being a loli knight.

The Fist.


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Eliza like dick. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

They make the best wine though.
P.S. Go back to the hugbox.

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I'm saving this picture

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Sorry. Captcha tried to buttfuck me.

Fist is love. Fist is life.

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ill be real, im tired. gnight, yall!

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I'm going to continue entering my shit AND pointing out you're a buttflustered little bitch and there ain't shit you can do about it. Honk honk.






That's cool. Smooches.

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Thanks for hosting!


congrats fist. thanks for the game

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Arigatou gozaimasu 4 za geemu senpai

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thanks for hosting

Thanks for hosting.

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Thanks for the game.

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Sleep well
Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting OP, appreciate it.

You bet.


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Grats THE FIST and thanks for the game Jesus Nini

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congrats and thanks for hosting

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Assuming you are the man, the fist, the legend. Your win card will come later. I need to go sulk after the mean man enter filler in my game.

No prob, kitty.

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Danks for hosdings :DDDD


>uses for fertilizer

Shure dhing.

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can u nigs explain me this hunger games??

new to this tipe of game

It's a fucking simulator. You have no control over your actions. It's a time waster.

Fuck off faggot

>Post tribute
>Watch it die
>Watch me win

Hunger games threads are based on the brantsteele hunger games simulator.) OP calls for a number of tributes and anons on the thread provide them. OP then runs the HG simulator and posts creenshots of the events for the anons who posted the tributes to comment and bet on the winner. Eventually only one tribute is left and that tribute wins. Basically RNG simulator.

You post a picture of literally anything plus its name, and that's your tribute. OP collects a set # of them and puts them into a program to make them fight. OP posts images of the fights/events as they happen, last tribute standing gets to gloat.


>implies HG sim is bad because it wastes time
>is on Sup Forums

ty m8

make america great again?