My daughter is 2 and I'm overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising her correctly...

My daughter is 2 and I'm overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising her correctly, I want her to be strong and brave and confident like pic related but how do I do that dude

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You dont get to choose who she becomes. But you must provide for her all she needs to become herself.

I am not saying you should not instill moral values, or teach her your perspective. But if you try to control her development you will only hurt her.

Best advice is try to teach her as much as you can personally. Teach her how to do things for herself. You need to prepair hee to become an independent and complete person, and that nessesitates you must endeavour to be a better person yourself.

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Now, disclaimer, I know nothing about raising kids, but I think it's a bit early to try and inspire any traits found in... whatever anime character that is. Instead, maybe you should start with trying to make her generally kind, then respectful, and then she's more likely to heed your advice when she's more mentally developed and able to take advice. Some kinda rebellious phase is almost inevitable but that too will pass.

Again I know nothing but c'mon this is b what did you expect.

Just teacher her that what other people want from her and think of her doesn't matter. Laugh at herself. She can do anything if she puts effort into it.

You cant turn her into that but you can at least teacher her to be strong against others

She won’t remember anything before 4 years old {;

Keep her away from niggers, private school and no slutty clothes, also think about sending her ass to a military school and hope she enrolls when she turns 18.

If you do this she’ll turn into a Giga thot the day she leaves your home.

Teach her make up from a young age.
Buy her a lot of yoga pants so she’s always comfortable.
Make sure her joints are flexible and healthy by signing her up for gymnastics.
Kiss her on the mouth to get her use to affection.

This is parenting 101 user cmon

Yeah inexperience is normal you should focus on self improvement you need to make yourself someone for her to look up to and rely on. And give her attention play with her, watch her learn and teach her. Your attention is the most valuable thing to her, and you must attempt to provide as much as you can.

I'll tell you right now you are living my dream, I want to be a father so badly. I've been looking into this stuff like crazy.

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Nice dude got em


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Yes op, you must play with her in every type of way ~

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You can't be serious? Kissing your children on the mouth? Make up from a young age? Yoga pants? Lets turn her into a back water incest loving mega thott. You are retarded sir.

You like kill la kill? Awesome.
Dress her up in outfits like that—
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show her kill la kill when she's 6 years old bro

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maybe she'll become a bikini boxer when she grows up

Sir. I am a doctor. You will respect my authority.

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Make sure you take a lot of pictures of her dressed up in kill la kill outfits too.
It helps with parental bonding or some shit like that.

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Rasing a child isn't a fucking game or a cartoon you fucking weeb.

Instead of letting her suck her thumb,
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Who wouldn’t want there daughter to look like this? It’s very attractive and cool.

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Raise her the same way you would a son, but slightly more gentle. When she falls down playing soccer, tell her to rub some fucking dirt in it and get back in the field. When she comes home crying about a boy, tell her that boys are fucking faggots at that age. Wrestle around with her and play vidya with her. Do guy shit with her, she’ll turn out fine. She’ll naturally maintain her femininity, but she’ll also have tough traits. Either that or have her join the lacrosse team when she’s 14

Take her on a lot of dates. Make her feel v special.

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You just starting to sound more and more like a pedophile ffs

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Slap her alot and make her submissive towards men and mindful of authority. Make her pay for crimes within the womb year.

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This. Install a devise in her panties that stimulates her while your slapping her around so she grows to love it.

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I had to butt in. He said nothing about looks, he was implying personality. The "brave" and "confident" gave that away but mentioned nothing about clothing, retard.


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You need to tell her that it’s her body and she can do what she wants with it but don’t hesitate to give her away if she gets fat and unattractive. Kiss her on the lips every morning and night before bed to raise oxycontin levels in her young brain.

Maybe don't raise her to be the same as a constantly mostly naked anime psycho chick.

never been good with words show I’ll just show you with a picture on what to do

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Kiss her on the cheek** OP isn't a pedophile.

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And this is why you'll never have the privilege of having children.

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I feel fucking bad for your kid if you're asking for advice here