Any other guys here bisexual but still decided not to have sex with men?

Any other guys here bisexual but still decided not to have sex with men?

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I mean, excluding the shit I did as a kid when experimenting/exploring shit etc.

I have started to get turned on by nice looking cocks roughly 3-4 years ago. Do not like looking at a males though unless they are feminine in features.

Nope, men are disgusting, and I can't even understand why women put up with them. You're a faggot plain and simple if you've ever considered a penis a thing of lust and/or desire.

I have literally never, ever considered being that kind of inmate with another male. Never. Ever. Straight up naw.

That aside, I do much enjoy fucking myself with dildos, the bigger the better. I will never share my ass or dick with a man, unless it's an extraordinarily convincing trap, and even then I'm not sucking or being fucked, just doing the fucking. Outside of that incredibly specific circumstance, I would never be with another guy romantically or sexually.

That kind of intimate*

Bisexual men don't exist. They're just faggots that get off to women because they're in denial of their faggotry, and too scared to go fuck a dude and accept the fact that they're complete faggots. What a wretched lifestyle they live.

I'd fuck a fem dude but I wouldn't let him fuck me. I guess that makes me the dick.

how are they faggots if they can jack off to women?

I breed traps irl on a daily basis

Ive fucked men and women, but since my relationship with my girlfriend is serious, I don't plan to fuck any more men.

Bisexual guy here, tried hooking up with a few guys before and hated it so stopped for awhile until I had a really good experience bottoming for a guy, it was great. Still not attracted to guys romantically, just realized I can enjoy having sex with a man

They're just using them as fuckmeat. They want cock and mens hairy pus spewing buttholes full of shit. It's denial, plain and simple.

There are no cute trap/gay men. They are all are just trying to emulate their shota youth and they all fail horribly.

The lord and savior DSFARGEG says solemnly in dsfargeg 36:19 “Dudes that fuck each other should be sliced in the neck”

Thus we can gain accurate knowledge and come to an accurate knowledge, accepting that all faggots should die and you need to kill yourself before you can spread more aids. Gays are consequently suffering from mental diseases, this is a sign of being a beta faggot, as we know very well, beta faggots have a substantially lower rate of mating. Faggots are the lower life form and should burnt and whipped in the fields and tossed into a bonfire when they revolt.

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So you're a total faggot. Okay, next comment.

I thought the same.

Then I got regected by a girl.

Got grindr later that day, and sucked dick for the first time the day after. Now I'm dating guys in the hope I can learn to manage my emotions better before going after girls again.

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so they just fantasize fucking an asshole instead? pretty solid imagination! Wish i could pretend to fuck my sister anytime i'm shoving my dick on my dogs asshole. but the squealing makes it kinda hard.


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It really is sad how gays are so obsessed with anime/cartoon characters when they will never ever look cute for various reasons. It's simply delusions that gays go through and anime has exemplified this.

I mean wont deny that, doesn't mean I dont still like women too. Women are just a pain in the ass

DSFARGEG wants you to slice your vital arteries, in fact dsfargeg 56:78 says “If you have grindr, I will personally put you into a 20x20 cubit box full of fully grown brown recluse spiders, and you will feel the wrath of niggerfaggotism”

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Yes, because they're incels, and desperate to cling to their fading heterosexuality and reputation, they fuck women [ disgusting women ] simply to satiate their need to get off. Eventually all faggots come to terms with their faggotry and just fuck men. Bisexual men aren't a thing. You'll notice none of them fuck women. That's because they came to terms with their faggotry and accepted it, and eventually became happy with life and realized nobody gives a shit, and they should just do what ever makes them happy.

Yeah, me

Guys can look adorable in porn but irl they’re disgusting. I went on one date with this short, young, effeminate gay bottom a few years ago— totally killed my interest in doing it a second time.

I am full on subby bitch boy faggot and i care little about what you just said. I'll make them all gay.

Youre so generous user!

Why did you start sucking dicks from a break up though? Dont you enjoy it or is the gay just a way to keep yourself occupied while youre healing from the experience

atleast they got a happy ending

Why cant you be happy fucking both? Mmf threesomes can be fun as fuck.


Yeah because real men are fucking gross and unnatractive.

I realized I was only turned on by 2D feminine bois.

99.9% of real male faces are unattractive to me. Even feminine guys still have like some stubble on their face, it's unavoidable. There aren;t really any equivalents to the traps in manga IRL. Iven the ones people post here, I mean they're better than just some dude of the street yeah - but they're still 99% of the times not passable.

Actually went out with a guy last week who was cute af. Legit looked exactly like pic with glasses

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and he didnt let u fuck him?

post your ass then faggot

Yes, they eventually find happiness, which is great for them.
They don't though, they just experiment with women till they realize the feminine side hates them, and that they're absolutely disgusting, and only the most depraved faggots will fuck them.

shit web cam

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And that's because you're a faggot. No woman would ever stoop low enough to actually let you into her body, and you're happy because you finally accepted your faggotry. Bisexuality doesn't exist for guys, they're just faggots. I'm happy for you, and I'm also happy you proved my point.
Just be the glorious wonderful faggots you were born to be.

Not a feminine shape. How fat are you?

What did you enjoy about fucking men?

Why do you care?

See? They're faggots, and they're happy. Just accept that you're a gay fag and you want cock and dirty stinking hairy men's assholes. No woman would ever have you anyway.

Yea I really wanna try sucking dick but I don't know if it's the best thing to do

Other way around. I'm straight but sometimes have sex with men. Taking it up the ass just feels too good not to.

Their testicles and scrotum and cock with a bicep on it, the hair, and the stink, the throbbing cock, oh and I'd still fuck a woman if I ever had the chance, so bisexual thread.

190 sadly. wanna drop to 160 at least

Idk man I think you're generalizing here, a lot of bi dudes are still pretty masculine and a lot of girls dont give a fuck. You're probably like 16 so I dont know why I'm even arguing with you anyway

This is true.

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I don't, I just like trying to redpill faggots that make bisexual threads out of denial. I want everyone to be happy, and you'll realize you're going to be a hell of a lot happier once you stop this notion that a woman would ever get within 4 feet of you out of choice, and just fuck and suck cock like you know you want to.

Way to own it, everyone in this thread could learn a thing or two from you! Live your best life, and keep on enjoying what you do.

Why don't women like them?

Yeah and I'm saying you'll never look feminine. Your fat amorphism isn't feminine, just gross.

Yeah this seems to be a typical MO for bisexuals, even females. We are primarily attracted to the opposite sex but have a limited weaker attraction to the same sex.

I enjoy it.

It was just the first time I got the courage to ask a girl out, and after her leading me on for a few weeks i had built alot of confidence. So once she told me off, I just applied that confidence elsewhere. Dont think I would have had the courage to go to a hookup or date at all before I finally had broke through that confidence barrier.

Since I started dating im glad I found out that I'm actually quet attractive if I'm clean shaven.

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>gatekeeping gay
what are you?

i am a whore/slut and i love being one but i have only been with 5 guys so you can tell i lack in looks.

Ok. Guess I like women.

I'll work on it but you are turning me on by saying that just so u know.

Of course gays are just gross.

They're creepy, and disgusting. Probably massive hygene neglectors. They just resort to men because men will fuck anyone. It's their primeval need to nut that drives them, and nothing more.

That may be true, but unlikely, however, you fuck and suck men because you're just a faggot at your core. You may settle for the occasional semi-conscious bar skank that would fuck you, but you know you want a hairy stinking asshole to rim.

Yeah actually this is me. Im attracted to men but my standards are higher than is worth the effort.

Kek inmate works too

Disgusting. Absolute debauchery and idolatry. The most perverse and sick of all humans.

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I am just extremely masochistic and much a degradee

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that was me for a while, my girlfriend at the time that that stopped being so, talked me into a guy/guy threesome with a mutual friend of ours who was bi, under that condition that we would have a girl/girl threesome with a friend of hers who had already expressed interest in her own weird way.

Needless to say she didn't hold up her end of the bargain even though I was all in.

>Guy starts sucking my dick
>It doesn't feel wrong but it's just not turning me on as much as when my dick is in a girl's mouth for some reason
>the stimulation alone gets my dick hard but it's difficult to keep it up, something about a guy's mouth and occasional feeling of his stubble against my pelvis just wasn't doing it for me.
>Later we're in the bed, we have my girl spitroasted
>He moves away from her mouth and puts his hands on my hips.
>I feel the head of his thick cock press up against my butthole.
>He gently slides it all the way in to the hilt
>It feels really good already but then he starts moving back and forth and I let out the kinda moan I had only heard a woman make before.
>He eventually pulls out so we can involve all three of us.
>Eventually goes to clean off his cock so he can put it in my girl's pussy.
>Has a difficult time cumming, I take my turn, I pull out and blow my load.
>He licks it off and goes back at it with her.
>Goes on for like 30 min, he never cums, figure he probably wanted my ass instead, but I was spent.

I haven't done any gay shit since then but I'm no longer with that girl. it was an 9/10 experience, -1 point for the fact that I never got to have that girl/girl threesome and me and my girl broke up because shit like that was the norm, of course not always sexual shit. She was just selfish.

Would do it again on better terms, don't really think I could ever go full gay though, girls are so much easier to maintain arousal with. I guess I just like getting pegged and wouldn't mind if it were a real cock.

Gays have the highest rates of stds. Fucking a man's shit hole isn't worth the risk, especially when you'd rather have a gf anyway.

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Other post wasn't me. I like being fucked up the ass. Feels really good. I've hooked up with a couple trannies too.

Probably will be once my cold is gone. Got sick last week so we only went to movies and lunch a few times.
Aight man whatever, I find women just as atractive. As for a woman not stopping for me, I'm actually pretty atractive. I just have to build up more confidence in relationships in general and controlling my emotions.

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See? Natural born faggot. He just wanted man love. Why try to disguise it? Be your best self, live your best life, and if you like penis, you're a complete faggot, no judgement, it's okay to be a faggot, but I'd really encourage all of you that fuck men, but also entertain the idea of fucking women, to simply drop the notion and be the best faggot you were destined to be and enjoy life for once. These threads give me anxiety simply due to the level of denial. You deserve to enjoy life, even though you're a depraved faggot vampire that lives to shred anuses and exist only to fuck and suck and be sucked by men.

lol you're that same motherfucker from

No, you don't find women just as attractive. I can 100% guarantee all the men you fucked aren't """bisexual""" either, they're just faggots like you, but they have accepted this, and began to enjoy life. Women only fuck you, if they fuck you, which I completely doubt the legitimacy of, out of desperation, or substance abuse.

So not only are you a fag, but you're an actual poof as well?

I'm actually not, I've been here since 2016, and as a heterosexual cig gendered white male, I'd never be caught dead on a gay faggot board like that.

2016 lol are you 12 years old

>coping this hard

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Lol I'm also kinda drunk, I meant to say 2006 you Roody Poo Candy Ass.

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Lol you seem to be the biggest faggot in this thread, probably had cus you dont have sex with anyone, guy or girl. Pathetic haha

denying their faggotry this hard unironically in a gay fag thread for gay fags.



Still got you beat nigger 2004 faggot here

More like this?

do you not see in my story where I was apprehensive unless there was a promise of an eventual girl/girl threesome at some point after? It was pretty much in the bag after that and I was so stoked, until my girl backed out because she would have been too jealous.

To be honest, if she just told me she had a fetish for cucking me, I wouldn't have cared, but that wasn't the agreement. She agreed on the threesomes.

I also mentioned that I wasn't way into being blown by a dude. It wasn't the best and it wasn't his technique because my dick is diamonds it it's even within an inch of a woman's mouth.

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>i-i m-m-mean 2006

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A real man has a threesome with two additional women, a faggot allows a man into the equation so they can finally become a faggot as nature intended. You're miles behind, sir. Just be a faggot already, your quality of life will improve when you let go of these petty notions of what society wants you to be.

fuck, this picture is hot. I've been wanting get fucked like this for ages, now.

I think I'm only interested in guys for the sole fact that I've never been with a girl

Guys turn me the fuck off, but traps get me fuckin torqued. Maybe it's the smaller cock, maybe it's the feminine look. I think I'm only into the feminine penis because I've seen so much porn.

Once I do get with a woman I'll probably stop being "bi", but goddamn to I wanna fuck one of those passable unicorn traps.

Traps are their own thing in my head. If I want dude I rather want a pretty little twink fucktoy or I make a big cock get excited and cum for me.

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I lost it too.

Everyone in this thread just wants stinky butthole manlove. I believe the theme is denial of gayness here. Is it a fetish?

says the man with a pic of 2 guys and the sub has a end trail, at least i am shaved and clean of all hair.

Not sure who you think you’re replying to. I am definitely not attracted to fucking men who look like burley men. Not judging tho. Hot traps? I don’t think I’d fuck one in the ass, but I might fuck their sissy mouths and cum down their throats. It’s the fetish that is hot. Dominating a feminine male would be a rush.

Classic faggot symptoms.
It's their penis and balls and stinky hairy butthole you want most. You're in some heavy denial, dude, trust me. Someday you'll recall those words when you're balls deep in a hairy bear, or one in you, and realize your naivitay.

I duno why everyone says anal is dirty my ass is fucking spotless when i do it i usualy fast for 2 days and douche

I know what you mean. I fap to all kinds of gay shit, but once I go out and see real girls all the faggot feels go away. I like fapping to dicks but I'm still holding out for a girl.

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I like both. I like fucking girls and I like sucking and bottoming for men. Usually whichever one I haven't had recently I want more.

Anal is where the rancid festering waste products are expelled from. It's absolutely filled with bacteria and filthy disgusting poop and shit.

But I also exclusively fuck and get fucked by men. I'm just holding onto the notion that a woman would ever be into me sexually to save face on my sexuality. I clearly just like to fuck men sometimes, and every couple of years get with a chick.

>poop and shit
Good thing you mentioned both

It's the opposite. 99% of my experiences have been with women.