Loli thread: roricon edition

loli thread: roricon edition

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Those poor lolis :(

Whats the subject for this thread?


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Yeah but shit happens user. I felt bad about tricking the shower girl (basically told her we had to wash each other and she wasn't done washing me until I came) but the rest weren't really my fault. One girl suggested we traded undies and she let me touch her cunny through the slot of my briefs and she rubbed me through her panties. Childhood is one hell of a drug.

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sounds like they liked it

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wtf why is this hot?

cuz your a babyfucking degenerate

Could not have said it better myself. I hope these Pedo fucks would end up in a meat grinder

You should get help with those violent fantasies before you end up murdering someone.

looking at these drawings is worse than molesting kids

Well shit, guess I'll take the better option then.

Are you retarded?

Holy fuck get some help bro.

the only thing that would help is a 9mm slug to the back of the head, by head I mean skull not his penis.

At least its not trap porn or furry shit faggot.

>when you're so mad, that you cant even think properly

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Ha you got yourself with that gaaaaaay.

>the only thing that would help is a 9mm slug to the back of the head
Id be happy to do that for you, bro.

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Children are sexy.

You don't have to take that step, man, therapy can help you.

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Suicide is painless

You can tell us, bro. Who hurt you?

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Fox, when they canceled Firefly

—-> reddit

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Why do I want a prepubescent girl to tease me sexually?

Wtf am I looking at?

Because youre submissive.

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Thats a guy...

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You’re retarded

no, that's illya

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>puffy vulva = male
Learn basic child anatomy

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Wickr is wekr

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Gallons of grool.

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No, im saying he is a guy turned into a girl like the others. Its gay.

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Shut your mouth before I turn you into a girl and fuck it.

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What are the oofs that we can have an abuse threat without guro

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At least im not gay


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Your cognitive dissonance must be pretty high if you find one tolerable and not the other

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Ill be able to say no homo while Im doing it. You wont be able to because your mouth will be full of cock, making you the gay one.

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> there is literally no difference between spanking and decapitation

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>harming and torturing children is fine
>killing them is not
The latter us less bad.

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Tears would have me it better.

I love it when they have that defiant look on their face, even though they cant resist.

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What are the odds that people who desire hitting and hurting get the bullet?

Sometimes I forget Sup Forums is populated by edgy teens and then I read shit like this.

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Neither of them is good. Hurtcore is never good. You degenerate kikes need to go to your own thread. gb2/gurochan/, you freaks.

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