Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?

Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?

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Because a .45 is more powerful and I don’t need to compensate

.45 what?

Handguns are less accurate and more difficult to control. Also, they have no uses other than personal defense.

Inch penis.


You dont need to compensate, but you have a way more powerful round?
Nice logic

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Why you keep posting this OP?

Guns answer every problem. Need me some Firepower.

Because i like my 30-06 more

Because my 12 gauge puts down anybody who breaks in my home, AND puts food on the table.

I’m only into guns for hunting, not playing army man or whatever you degenerate fucks are into now.

Because rent

So then answer the question.

That's the true american way

Yeah, how many birds you have to shoot a season to justify that, 300?

Too poor

Kekd hard

>Exterminating pests
>Inexpensive practice/target shooting
>Being prepared for an form of civil unrest that could occur
>Protecting yourself against the possibility of a tyrannical government
>Owning a weapon that the federal government will 100% ban sales of the next time the left has a majority in both houses of congress
>Exercising your first amendment right as a free American

Not seeing playing army anywhere in there.

This. 12 gauge all the way.

Fighting drones and tanks with a rifle lol

It costs money I don't have right now. And my wife doesn't like guns so yeah

Pretty much banned in my state trying to earn the money and gtfo of here

Is it just me or do many guns look weird without mags?

Draw me a diagram of how the American military uses tanks and drones against civilians without murdering droves of women, children, and disabled people. Under any circumstance.

Because I only need one shot to kill myself

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You better not miss your chance to blow

What state?

Heres the funny thing about an AR ban, the. Black market is insane with how many parts are avalible. I know 1 guy in California that literally has close to 100k lowers ready to distro

My mom wont let me buy one

Becasue I am owning glorious Kalishnikov AK-47 comrade

Your wife subconsciously wants to be taken from you by a man you're unable to fight off, if you're unable to fight him off.
She also has no objective concept of what it means to be strategically safe. It's all just feelings.

People like that should have no say when it comes to matters as serious as home defense.
It is simply not her decision to make.

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I do tho and a 30 - 30

Because i'm too poor and I can't buy military grade weapons in france.

>military grade

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Considering one of the two shotguns I own was given to me for free, one I guess? That’s the 12 gauge though.

I have a moss berg in 16 gauge which I use for turkey hunting. I’ve bagged 6 birds since I got it. Each bird probably weighed 10-15 pounds, and the market price for turkey looks to be about 3.50 a kilo And I paid about 300 for the gun. Do the math and the gun has given something between 100-150 dollars worth of turkey.

So to answer your question, 6 more turkeys 12 in total should justify my 300 dollar gun show purchase.

I sure hope this poorfaggot build isnt actually your firearm.

That's what it's called here i'm just rough translating.

I. Fucking. Know.
There is literally zero relevant statistical or factual backing for a ban on "assault weapons". The do not have a single salient point to back it up. It's just the government playing on irrational fear and media-manufactured hysteria in order to take away self-reliance and agency from the American people. Zero substance.

Why is france based when it comes to sex but ultra cucked to war

Tell me how they wouldn't when people are trying to overthrow America, Russia or the UN would be here in a week if the US devolved into civil war you dumb conservative faggot put the gun in your mouth

Building soon. Pooling up money too. I was more concerned with getting handgats and cool milsurp guns.

Hey dipshit it’s your second amendment not the first.

I’m not knocking anybody flexing their right to own this rifle. I’m knocking on the mindset behind spending at LEAST a thousand dollars for an AR platform, and all they can say to defend that purchase is “its for varmit and when the government takes over” that’s the dumb kids spending money to play army man shit I see

>What is Vietnam

Because I use my words to solve my problems.

Hahaha. Funny stuff. I doubt the subconscious stuff. Agree with you on the whole being safe part.

And it partly is her decision because we got married. But I am sure if I insisted she would accept and be okay with me getting a gun. Once I get more money I'll start inquiring. Especially if we continue to live round here

>If the country devolves into civil war, more people with guns will show up
>So that makes it better to not have a gun yourself

You don't have a leg to stand on. Say anything you want. I will dismantle it without much effort.

Because we saw what is the ugliness of war for almost 1000 years. and we don't have anything to prove since my country has the most sucess rate of any other nation
Don't get me wrong i'd love laws on guns like canada for exemple, it's just so fucking hard to get a revolver legally in France,
>have to pass multiple licenses
>background check is very long
>certain types of weapons like AR with more than 11 bullets in the magazine and automatics are illegal and for military use only
>have to buy a safe
>when you want to take the gun from point A to B you have to register what you did and pretty much disable it during travel.
pain in the ass

You made a mistake. Your priority as far as firearms should be the weapon most effective for defending your property and person. That only includes the most modern options. Semi-automatic, magazine fed high velocity weapons (AR-15, AR-10, AK-47).

Because AK-47 bullets are heavier and I like watching fatties tummy guts spray everywhere.

How are you suppose to eat a deer with words?

Then why not use a shotgun?

The only successfully nation is the United States of America

we made you tho.

Broke as fuck

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We tricked you into helping us, check mate atheist

Is deer any good? I’ve never had any.

Gun show shotguns baby

I meaaaaan... ye you right tho lmao we lost all of our power because we just wanted to piss off UK

Depends on diet. Southern deer tastes worse than northern deer

I like it, Its a very lean meat though good for stews. I personally like elk though

Exactly. You played your self

>You better get out of my house Mr Burglar or I'll call the cops
>If you promise not to kill me, you can take what you like and have your way with my bootyhole

Different user but it's breddy gud, then again I've only ever had it made into summer sausage but I've eaten a shit ton of it made that way and it was always quite tasty. Elk is better though, that's probably my favorite meat so far.

None of what I said is a joke. I'm not just talking about your wife; that's all women.

How you defend your household is your decision. Your wife should have no say in how that happens, because it is never, ever her responsibility. If a 6'7 cannibalistic Nigerian with a machete breaks into your house and your wife is home alone with your kids, and she manages to fight him off, everyone and their mother will sing her praises and laud her for being a hero. But if she cowers and hides in a closet and your kids get slaughtered, no one will really blame her for it. No one will call her a coward.

The same is not the case for you. If you're unable to fight off a violent intruder, people will call you a failure or a coward or both. It may be her option, but it's your responsibility.

Of course it would be better to secure her approval. But a responsible man does what he must.

Because I don't live in a country with a third-world murder rate and gun laws that make it inevitable.

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>Why don't you own an AR-15, Sup Forums?
Because I'm not a butthurt video game player alienated from the real world.

Implying congress would get their shit together before that became logistically impossible in a civil war torn country

How do I get my hands on a deer If I don’t have a gun. Where do they sell. Any good markets?

So you're saying it's my responsibility as a man to protect my household because I have to keep in line with traditional masculine standards?

Imagine being so dumb to think Russia or China wouldn’t just support the anti-government side and the US would actually grovel to the UN for military support

Taliban have been doing it since 2001.

Oh wow, look at that. Your big gotcha was my typo.
Palmetto State Army CHF series is a durable, dependable, and accurate AR platform for 650 bucks. And that's if you buy it new. There are plenty of good options below 500 bucks. I chose to go over a grand because I waned a rifle made here in my home state, but it's not at all necessary.

Wait! I know how I’ll be able to get fresh deer without a gun. I’ll just be a bus driver.

>Slovakia unintentional firearm death rate

Where on earth do you live that a basic AR is over $600? I’ve only seen $1k ARs if they have optics installed and some other bells and whistles

The "modern" option would be a pocket 9mm that you can actually carry on your person at ALL times.

Buying a rifle for self defense is fucking retarded.

There are a couple of butcher/meat locker places in my town (I live in the midwest so it's probably much more common here than a coastal city) where I've gotten it before. Typically the way it works for them is that hunters who don't want to do all the work of cleaning a deer will take their kills to the shop and pay to have it made into whatever cuts and types of meat products they want. They sometimes just sell the deer to the shops or never come back to pick their stuff up, and the shop will then sell it to anyone who wants to buy it.

Because I'm a felon.

French food is amazing. French women are top-tier and know how to fuckin act. The country is beautiful. Literally all you guys are missing is freedom and the willingness to keep your government at arm's length.

And the ability to get rid of mooching brown immigrants.

Because I have an AK

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I’ve read that people have automatic weapons to protect themselves from the government if need be.

>no uses other than personal defense
What else do you want?

Because they always seem to leave the house and kill people without a human behind them.

The 6’5” burglar won’t really give a shit what you have to say

Pocket pistols have been around since the early 1800s.
The AK-47 was developed in the late 1940s.
Try again.

Cool, thanks for the response.


I'm not sure I'd pass the background check & I don't know how to find out beforehand.

Maybe he’s a big softie.

I said 9mm tard. Name a pocket 9mm comparable to the size, weight and capacity of an LC9 that was made prior to 1950.

Or 225 lbs, regardless of height.
Or having any level of training whatsoever in hand-to-hand combat.
The main reason that you need a gun is that unless you're a fighter or ex-mil, you aren't fucking tough.

My handguns are enough. I have a couple sks rifles. One tac'd out one normal. But I'd rather use my handguns and my shotguns.

I just wanted to do an AR-15 my way. Because om gonna probably drop quite a bit on it.

Firsts off, the user you responded to is a fucktard. I own a rifle for self defense in my home because i have very bad tremor. With the extra grip my accuracy greatly improves, like I can actually hit the target in critical area versus damn near not at all with a pistol.

Second, whoever told you "people have automatic weapons" is a fucktard. Very few people have automatic weapons, they own semi-automatic weapons and that's what people call them. Automatic or "fully-automatic" weapons are illegal without a proper license from the feds which is a bitch to get and if you fart out of key it can be revoked.

It is true that the second amendment is about protecting one's self and one's interests (like family, property) from others including the government. There are some good, non-tinfoil hat write-ups on how effective this actually is and would be against a government.

Automatics have been on the NFA registry since 1934 and no new automatics have been legally made and sold for civilians since the Hughes Amendment was signed in 1986. That means all the existing automatics for civilian ownership in the U.S. are from 1986 and older so the number grows less and less as they are destroyed from old age/malfunction or whatever and the ones that are still out there start around $8,000 and get up to $30,000-50,000 very quickly so the only people who own them have them in very nice collections and aren't out defending the hood with them. Not only that, automatics are trash for actually killing people. They're great for laying down cover fire to force an enemy to keep their head down, but they're very inaccurate and end up wasting a ton of ammunition.

Nah. Fixating on a specific cartridge is pointless.
ARs can fire a variety of different cartridges with various grain weights, with a variety of uses from home defense to medium-game hunting to fighting off Big Brother if he ever decides to lock down the neighborhood (unlikely, but whatever). All with easily interchangeable parts to facilitate a swap.

Not saying the others aren't useful. Just saying an AR comes first because it is capable of the most efficient application of force. And because 99% of shooting is done at the range, and .556 in particular is very cheap.

>exterminating pests
Are you killing fucking kangaroos?
>inexpensive practice
Why would you practice with a gun that you can't carry with you 100% of the time?
>Being prepared for civil unrest, tyranny
Stop being paranoid.
>Owning banned weapon
Why? Sell to degenerates for profit?
>Exercising second amendment
Get a fucking pistol or shotgun

.45, short, distance short, muzzle velocity high, capacity low, accuracy low
5.56 long, medium range, muzzle velocity medium, capacity high, accuracy high