What's got ya down, user?

what's got ya down, user?

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Most things

My dumbass dad losing 500$ last night because he was too drunk to know what he was doing. Fell right out of his pocket, or got stolen.

God's in my ass.

I dont know honestly, and that's the worst part.

damn bro that shit sucks. gotta ask though, what was he doing out with $500 in his pocket? I don't carry more than $100 cash on me

getting butt-fucked

He's an idiot that wont put money on his card, instead just cashes the whole check and walk around with 700$ in his pocket. By the way he just got paided and that was most his paycheck gone.

how long u been down? sometimes I get sad as fuck for no apparent reason, happened a week or two ago, lasted a good 7 days. and I felt so alone because I was suddenly paranoid that I was just a burden on all my friends and I felt awkward and anxious hanging out with them. it was kind of scary because I've always had someone I can depend on, but I broke up with the gril recently too and my parents are out of the question

NonWhites especially kikes. Oh and boomers.

damn :/ how's he doing after the incident?


He seems fine about it, it's just hes got like 20$ to his for a week and no food in the fridge. We'll make it work we always do.

glad to hear it. now that he's down $500, think he might see reason and start putting it on his card?

I'm hoping so, I told him that no one now a days keeps more than 80$ on them for this reason.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but I sit next to a boomer who made a pedophilia joke that made me really uncomfortable. When I called her out on it, she blew me off. I started having a panic attack due to PTSD from being a victim of child-abuse myself. I ended up explaining all this to the HR rep. She got sent home for the rest of the week, (It was Wednesday) so I'm expecting her to be really passive-aggressively hostile to me for a while.


sorry to hear that user :/ here's to hoping her temper tantrum only lasts a day or two

I met a girl* on Reddit. We chatted multiple times a day just about every day for 3 months. I really liked her*.

Thursday we had a big fight. Angry messages exchanged. When I woke up the next day, she* had deleted her account. Not surprised but now she's* gone forever.

Just sad. I really enjoyed talking to her*.

* = non verified

I woke up to a Gay Blowjob.

girls who I just want to be FRIENDS with even leave me on read
why even live

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I hope so too. I wish I could turn off the part of my brain that expects a worse-case-scenario, which in my mind means she goes out of her way to make my life miserable.

I cant enjoy anything anymore.
Theres just a constant internal screeching of negativity, and 90% of the time I can't disagree, or even make a half-assed refute.
I do what I can to keep it quite enough I don't yell at it out loud to myself, but Its like a mosquito near the ear that never goes away.

sorry to hear that :/ I met a girl through discord and we dated for a solid year, we put most of our money towards plane tickets to visit, had a lot of good times... i had to get out of it for a lot of reasons though, wasnt happy anymore. broke up a few weeks ago.

I hope things start lookin up for you man

have you considered talking to a therapist about it? i wish I could help. that mosquito analogy is really good though, genuinely made me shiver, I fuckin hate mosquitos, and i cannot fucking stand them buzzing in my goddamn ear

just out of curiosity, when nothing's fun anymore, what do you do in your free time?

well boys, it looks we sitting on page 9 so I'm signing off, wish you guys the best

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Why would I pay someone to tell me things I already know? Why would I go to someone who gets more and more money the longer I need 'treatment'. Its to their advantage to not help me, just drag it out as long as possible.

I still do them, play games or watch whatever, anything that keeps the internals muffled. I may not enjoy them anymore, but they kill the hours until I get to be unconscious again.
But then I don't want to go to sleep because that just means another day of buzzing.

Well man, my ex who I broke up with who I still very much care about all though I no longer want to be with her. She has been considering beggining to date a guy at her work who is currently in work release on charges of possession of meth and domestic violence. I’m worried about her safety. She’s not a bad person, she’s just actually naive enough to believe him when he says his ex framed him. It’s sad man.

Bump for caring bros

I feel like a really shitty person but I honestly am so annoyed with my dad he just drives me insane. I'm 30, my parents got divorced when I was 5 and my mom had custody the whole time. As a kid I liked spending time at my dads more and he was always a great dad, he worked extra jobs to pay child support and we never wanted for anything, he spoiled us quite a lot. As I got older into my mid-late teens I started noticing things that would irritate me about him though. He's got OCD and would start being really passive-aggressive controlling about things. He would try to make me feel really guilty about things like when I got my first serious girlfriend and didn't go spend the entire summer break at his house (in another city). Always saying 'you don't like me anymore' 'you must hate me' etc. It's only seemed to grow worse over the years. He tried to stop me from taking the job I have now because he thought it was too dangerous and I will get hurt (it's much safer than where I used to work, just much larger equipment and I get paid twice as much). I bought a motorcycle and had to keep it a secret from him for years because I knew he'd flip shit and when he found out he did flip shit. He thinks it's nothing but a suicide machine and I must have a death wish. He tries to stop me from doing anything and everything that would possibly be interesting in life. Going on a road trip to go camping in another state, taking flying lessons, even buying new wheels and tires for my car or doing light mods to add a bit of power was met with 'I like the ones on it now, you don't need to get those, why do you need to get those?' 'It's already got too much power, you don't need to make it faster'.

Anyhow, I still try to go visit him for a weekend every month or two and I end up getting very reclusive and shutting down while I'm there. I feel like such a fucking terrible person but at this point it seems like everything he says just sets me off.


I'm a first generation college student studying electrical engineering. My mom has put in so much work raising me and supporting me and my education throughout the years that I feel so goddamn bad about it. It makes it easier my two siblings have good paying jobs and my mom doesn't have to worry about money anymore, but I still owe her so much. I'm always in constant fear of disappointing her and my family, and if I fail, I'll be burdened with it the rest of my life. At least I have a reason to work hard and get a good job

He still treats me like a child and refuses to let me try to have my own life. What set me off this evening that led me to vent here was a casual conversation on the phone where I mentioned that there may be an opportunity opening up at work where I could move up into a higher level position, but that position may require a small amount of travelling. I'm talking like 2-3 day trips once every month or two. He immediately laid into the 'I think you should stay right where you're at' 'aren't you happy with what you're doing now?' 'I wish you hadn't even mentioned it, now I'm just going to worry.' Shit like this over the very prospect that I MIGHT have a chance to take a position where I could travel for a few days here and there and make more money doing less labor intensive work. By the time I got off the phone he was damn near crying. I don't even fucking know how to deal with this. My immediate reaction is to simply shut down and try not to deal with it at all. Am I a bad person? I've been planning a trip with a friend of mine that we leave on in 3 weeks. We are travelling out of the country for the first time for a week to the other side of the planet and he is the only person in my life that doesn't know about it because he is going to have an absolute meltdown when he finds out (hopefully not until after I'm back).

I guess I'm done ranting, I've just never actually vented about it to anyone, not even online before and today I really needed to let that out.

op here, thought thread was ded lol

in no way does that make you a terrible person. it's very obvious that your dad has good intentions and loves you very much, but that's also unacceptable. you're 30 years old, and he's treating you like a 10yo. helicopter parenting is bad enough, but when your kid isnt a kid anymore and you're still breathing down their neck like that, something is seriously wrong.

I won't pretend to know how to solve your problem, but something has to change, man.

Tinder is a fucking joke and the punchline is I still die alone.

Mother was checking out at a store, and the cashier lady was nice to her.
Somehow in her head she gets the idea that I should ask her out.
Some fucking landwhale was nice to a customer, because its her fucking job, and that somehow translates into 'my son and you should spend time together'.
What the fuck kind of thought process is this?

She is a goddam boomer chad living a better life than her own child, that she clearly doesn't understand anymore.

have you talked to your mom/family about this fear of letting them down? because I can almost guarantee that when someone has put in so much work and time and effort and blood and sweat and tears as your mom has, it's because she loves you to the absolute grave, and even if you failed out of college, that shit ain't gonna change.

anyways, every setback is another challenge. if you feel like you let them down, you got all the time in the world to pick yourseld up again and make them proud.

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a lot of debt and little money.

Everything except for that is peachy.

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my life isn't even that horrible. I have SOME friends, and a loving family that provides for me, but they all seem to think I'm some great person that I'm not. I truly hate myself, more than I've ever hated anything or anyone in my life, but I'm too afraid of the pain or the nothingness behind death to do anything about it, I'm a selfish motherfucker. more recently, I've started bottling all of my emotions up, and I'm already starting to see the effects; people around me are happier, at the cost of me becoming so much more irritable and get than before. every other emotion just rolls off of my skin, now, like they don't exist in my heart. the only things I actually feel to my core anymore are rage and despair, which as edgy as it sounds, is true. my least favorite person on the planet is myself

can relate

I still don't understand why people post whores and prostitutes in waifu threads.

I'm on a similar boat rn. Met this chick on tiktok and we started talking on discord, found out she lives 3 hours away. She keeps giving me mixed signals about liking me but we're going to a con this weekend. I don't want to fuck it up this time.

>pic related, its her

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if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got

sounds like if you keep bottling your emotions up, you're gonna off yourself within a year or two my dude, or go insane. also sounds like kind of a feedback loop, the longer you do this, the less will you'll have to change.

I can relate in the sense of not liking myself, just to a lesser degree. I'm trying to learn to judge myself based on the things that I do, not the weird, fucked up self-image I've created in my mind, or the dumb shit I did in the past


The Jews crawling all over this board and filling it with degenerate porn.

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or how I look - that's a big one, since I'm really insecure about it

Fucking this.
I moved out of state for some time. Everyone I know is doing better than ever since.
Hell, I never even interacted with them that much. Like just my proximity was enough to make things go south.
All I've got is me, myself, and I and we all hate the shit out of each other.

honestly, that how it feels like I'll end up; either dead or broken

the weirdest part is, a chunk of my mind doesn't even care about it enough to change, and that scares the hell out of the rest of me. what can I do to start convincing myself? you sound like you're coping with it a whole lot better than me

I tried offing myself last month. My friend called the cops on me when I told her goodbye. Cops show up and detain me. I get hospitalized and put on a cocktail of meds. The first few weeks out of the place were great but now I'm thinking about suicide again. The cops took my guns so my method is gone. Idk how much longer I can handle being a disappointment.

Thanks, I wish I was better at expressing my emotions and having a serious talk with him about it but I just don't see that happening. Time will tell how things go I suppose.

Gf wants to fuck again immediately after we both orgasm and I need a few minutes to recover. Makes me feel bad about my stamina or endurance.

Women. I'm single 4 life in a Slavic wasteland without love. ;n;

nice dude. lick that butthole extra good for me.

I'm just a Numb emotionless retard and have been for years, noo need for detail just this shit is getting boring :)

you live in slav world? don't you just need to go out and punch girls in the face and they'll be with you?

>anons posting relationship troubles
Whats got me down is the fact that I've literally never had anyone ever give even the hint of interest.
I see some people and think, 'even they are together'. (With a bad connotation)
It's honestly made me question if I'm even human.

I used to be there. I hope you find someone.

>a chunk of my mind doesn't even care about it enough to change, and that scares the hell out of the rest of me
Not that user, but
I am at that point too. There are somethings I objectively and quantifiably know better about, but now the why fucking bother side of me wins out.
Stopped putting up the facade thats been up for years.

Jokes aside, I'm not a chad. :c

I wish I had some kind of magic checklist of directions to follow that would solve all your problems, but unfortunately I don't :( I don't even know if what I'm doing is the right thing, or if anything I say can help, but I'll try to put some stuff into words.

take that first cheesy quote to heart. I find myself putting a lot of fuckin time and brainpower into feeling sorry for myself, and i know I want to improve my self esteem, but I wasn't doing anything anything different, and i was no closer to self-confidence than i was a year ago.

so I thought hey, what DO I have control over, if I don't have control over my brain to give me the happy chemicals and self-confidence. and that's what I do with myself, with my life. so I try to do things to help people, make people laugh, do new and cool shit, make a difference. if I just kept going through the motions of videogames alone and school and homework, I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. the fact that I'm here making this thread and replying to people and everything is because I look up the the people that have helped me in the past, and I aspire to be like them. I feel like it's something that alternate-universe me, who's cool and confident, would do. and you know what? if I think I'm a boring, selfish asshole inside, but at the very least I'm out there doing stuff, maybe things will start to change

I'm just tryin to be the best me I can be. fuck all the stupid shit I did in the past, future me is literally whoever I want him to be, and it's just up to present me to take that step and just do it

but I can say for sure that you gotta cut that bottling your emotions shit out of the picture

I feel like that was just kind of word spaghetti but maybe it can be helpful somehow. I'm still figuring this shit out man, I made this thread cus I had a bad day

sorry to hear it user. i was in the same place not too long ago, always thought I'd die alone. but i for sure can say that you have to show interest in other people. I always wondered why I was never meeting people, and then I realized it was because I don't fuckin talk to them, I just play videogames and sleep through my classes.

but you CANT give up hope, man. you've already lost half the battle if you do. there's someone out there for you.

Told my closest friend who's a girl how lonely I am and now I just get used cause she knows I'm not willing to be alone again. Ps i dont even get fucked or nothing... pic related

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It annoys the crap out of me that people are afraid of robots and AI taking away work.
Not having to do things has been the dream of everyone everywhere, but our stupid economy and civilization prevents that from ever happening.

Oh and people are so scared of nuclear fission, that they don't know shit about nuclear fusion. Fusion has been languishing in underfunded development for decades.


I'm pretty successful. work for a company that is seriously changing the world and in the news all the time. Feel like i'm contributing to the legacy of the human race, but I can't help but feel im inadequate and am overlooked for promotions.

I don't want to leave just yet but I feel like staying longer is going to do nothing for my career.

what's it like over in the big r?

sorry to hear it user, I'm just a college kid, so I don't know anything about careers yet but I wish you the best

I am apparently some horrendous unfuckable mass, I've been on tinder and okc for like a month and a half and have been ghosted twice. I'm not awful looking I'm great at taking to people but Holy shit it just creates this fucking depression spiral. I just want a girl to hang out with fuck.

Start looking for another job.
Its their prerogative to get as much out of you for the least amount possible.
Step way back and ask yourself why you owe them your loyalty above and beyond.
If you have a good job lined up you have hard numbers to back up a claim for a raise/promotion.
Never underestimate how short sighted big companies can be.
Pay more to keep experienced people or pay less to hire new and eager inexperienced people. They will go with the one that makes the numbers look good.

don't give up user :) maybe think of it like a game? the more you do it, the better you'll get at talking to the grils, and the easier it'll get, till you strike gold and find the one

not that user but sound alike solid advice, saving for future reference


I don't want to be that guy, but you should try to be less sensitive, the world is cruel and no matter how sick a joke is, it can't hurt you physically.
I'm not defending the crazy Boomer since I don't know the specifics but still.

Wait wait wait. I have to say, I've only held one real non-McJob so far.
I don't have vast life experience, but this is sort of hindsight of what I should have done.
Take it with a grain of salt is all.

A life time of insomnia.
Never able to go to sleep.
Never asleep long enough for the next day to not suck.

The concept of women barely excites me anymore.
No longer young and full of hormones, so now I can't look past how gross humans really are.
Future looks pretty bleak when even the most basic of drives is uninterested.

I felt bad but this morning I woke up and didn't feel as bad. I have large problems with my life. I strugggle with confidence and pride of what I can do and my faults make me feel horrible when it gets late.

I can't fucking focus on college and I'm getting behind.

How old are you user?

How are you being used? Are you her little pay piggy?

I'm in my 30s. I'm a virgin. I can't hold down a job. I have no self esteem. Shit sucks.

i was born different (ADHD, Aspergers) and i genuinely hate myself for it

Quit it. No one knows your different unless you tell them. Don't intrude on people's business like a total spastic and literally no one will care that you're "different". (Autistic fags fucking frequent a website full of other autisitc fags and don't realize there are people like them and no, there's no magic fix. Be a better person or kys. There's no shame in deciding life isn't for you.)

ah yes very well put

I have a solid grip on reality and I'm not drunk enough to be dumb enough to get happy yet.

Man, I am just sick of being alone OP. Never had a proper gf, i feel like im starting to become addicted to porn.

I'm alone.

The fact that I get shit grades and then come home and do nothing but lay on my bed and have no motivation whatsoever to change any of that.

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i fucking hate feeling powerless