Only soy boys find women like this attractive. Fit, strong men with high T go for thin, curvy chicks

Only soy boys find women like this attractive. Fit, strong men with high T go for thin, curvy chicks.

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that femininity is just disgusting
i need a woman who is all skin and bones
a fertility goddess like this is just disgusting

Any woman that looks like that is not good to breed with. Anything that comes out of that twat will be a tard or an autist,

A woman with 20% body fat is ideal for reproducing with. Anything over, she's ugly and infertile.

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Please I need more of her and more like her

Low test soy boy detected!

Clearly you haven’t been to /fit/ lately


>imagine believing this women is anything but fat
There is a difference between thicc and fat. Same as there between skinny and skeleton.
One is good, one is not.
Suck a dick, you fucking autist.

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Dark lipstick

The reason I'm into girls like these is the weird fetish thing I had in middle school for this chubby emo teacher we had


Please, pics?

Is this why Slam Piggy is such a popular bitch?

Fuck it gimme the soy and this full bodied fatty

Disgusting. Hideous. You should post more so I know exactly what she looks like so I can avoid her.


Not true, I've been a semi pro body builder for 8 years. I love girls of skill sizes. Personally prefer the biggest girls. It's okay to like and fuck good looking girls of all sizes.
Just be comfortable in your own skin and stop letting the internet and media tell you what you can like.

whata a soy boy?

Them tities

Sorry bro I don't even rememebr her name. All I rememeber is her big pail tits in my face when she would bend over while she helped me with my work.

Soy boys are vegan males who suffer low testosterone from eating a plant-based, vegan diet.

Looks fine to me

oh, i see...

I bet if you hike up her belly, the crease in her fat fold smells worse than her feet...

say what you want but those are some PHAT tids lmao

If you follow the old unspoken rule, fap to the fat chicks but only fuck the fit ones, youll never go wrong

Hell No

>Fertility goddess
Getting pregnant is harder for obese women. Fat literally fucks with their hormones.

>i dont have the dick size to satisfy this
>im high T though
whatever u say bro

Low test soy boy, go eat your impossible burger instead of shitposting