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Aegis claimed.

How are you, Djeet?

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ahem fuck jannies

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im doing well, i have to call in for something tomorrow but im still going to work so sorry that i wont be able to whisper sweet things to you tonight
how's code vein been coming along? did you finish it yet or is the game surprisingly long?

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Dang, and I was drinking for just that.
I didn't finish it yet. I did realize that there's more weapon variety than I thought though. I found a new gun that has double the range of my old one and a different one that's a shotgun.
I also found out that character building is done through blood codes, which are basically subclasses that change stats, but you aren't locked into using any single one. I'm working on a gun based class.

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Yuu Yuu

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im sorry that i let you down, maybe next week
o alright tell me what you thought of the game when you finished it, basing my opinion when the game isnt finished isnt a good idea so tell me how it is when it's done, if there's more weapon variety then that's great and subclasses sound interesting

hello there, it's nice to meet you, how are you? was your weekend well?

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I'll be sleepless without you.
I feel like I'm getting close to the end, I made it to Walmart Brand Anor Londo.

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i know you will, it's ok though be strong i have faith in you ;-;
o alright then keep going, i dont want to watch some stupid opinion on youtube about it, walmart brand anor londo lol that's my favorite area in every soulsborne game

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hi, how're you?
hey, how's your day been?

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hey, i'm alright. my day could be better but i'm fine. i ate some tasty yet unhealthy food.

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At least there aren't silver knights to snipe me off the edges constantly. Probably because the enemies remind me more of Pontiff Knights.

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its been alright, im starting to get super tired now....
i helped a coworker move into his new house, and im really feeling the tired now
how was your sleep?

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o my god that's literally bootleg anor londo, they didnt even try to hide it
that was the worst part about the actual anor londo and every time i got there in ng+ i didnt have much motivation to go forward so i guess that is a plus
o the pontiff knights were cool, i wish they got used a bit more

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The exact first thing that I thought when I got here was "Oh hey, Anor Londo"
I just ran screaming and naked past all the knights, tbh.

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i wouldve thought the exact same so i cant blame you
i tried shooting them with a bow first but i saw that was pointless 20 minutes in, running and praying looks to be the best method

good night shizu sleep well

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hmm alright, well fine is good enough i guess, glad to hear. are you feeling full?
oh that's pretty nice of you to do. gonna be sleeping soon then?
it was alright i suppose, certainly better than the sleep i've been getting recently.. been kinda rough lately

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i was feeling full! now i'm feeling still full but less full

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Unleash your inner Florida Man. Few things are as powerful as that.

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i guess. no probably not for a bit, i want to actually do fun things on my day off
well thats good then, i suppose, i hope the trend continues!
how uhhh... how'd you like the new chapter?

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Not quite yet. Just exasperated because my internet is on the fritz. I recall that you asked me something last thread, but i can't recall what. My net died and so i was troubleshooting and didn't realize it had nothing to do with me, so i don't have the thread open anymore, and the archive won't load.

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can i unleash my inner american and bring my tank into the game with a truck load of guns? im not from florida unless you're saying every american has a little bit of florida man

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I haven't found a way to do that yet.
Florida News captures the true American way. You could always marry me to become a Florida man.

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Nah, no hospital trips for me. I'd have to be damn near dying for a long time before i go to a hospital. I'm not scared of doctors or whatever, but past experiences make me want to stay out as much as i can.
As for if i start to feel better, nothing of interest. I'm not better tonight, since that's already here, and it's my night off, and i work tomorrow if i'm not still layed up or something.

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that's a shame, i think it'll be a final boss event where you're lying on the ground bruised and battered almost dead but then you see a light and you awaken your american blood
wow that's a very nice way to propose your undying love for me, sure let's get married and yes florida news is the pinnacle of american news if i had to guess at least

do you live somewhere with bad internet service or has today been a bad day for it
o that's sad to hear, would you mind telling me what happened? you dont have to if youre not comfortable bringing it up in public or to newer people youve met
that sucks, i hope it does go away once you wake up, ive had really bad headaches that lasted even after i went to bed but let's hope that isnt the case for you and if it does stay then try to take it easy at work if you can

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If undying love is thinking somebody is okay, then yes, I do have undying love.

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Finally home claim

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My ISP occasionally goes to shit for an hour or two, and bad weather will frequently break it. Otherwise it's good.
Ehm, my ex-fiance had some mental health issues, ptsd, and more often than not, if they flared up she'd end up in a hospital, and i'd end up sitting there stressed out and pissed off for a good few hours at least.

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wow ive never felt so loved before, thank you aegis, now let me get into your pants kek im kidding but do you not have work tomorrow? ive seen you on a lot these past few days

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finally cute claim

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o that really sucks, i get annoyed when my internet goes out for an hour after 2 months of it being perfectly fine, i couldnt stand to be where youre at
o i wasnt expecting something so personal im really sorry to hear that i hope youve been able to move on and dont feel any regrets about what you did, i hope she's fine too but i get why you dont like the hospital now, it's full of bad memories sorry to bring it up and ask

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What are pants?
No, I don't have work, not until Wednesday night.

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o-okay, well that's alright
what're you up to tonight? are you playing terraria?
good idea! what are you going to do?
thanks, i'd hope so too.. mainly it's just that i've been having more trouble than usual actually getting to sleep once im in bed
oh i havent actually read it yet, im waiting for the 4s translation

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y-yeah, sorry
actually, no. i'm playing TF2
i never knew i was such a good sniper!

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's whatever. If i wasn't willing to speak of it i wouldn't have spoken of it. My only regret was not ending it with her sooner. Oh well, gotta learn somehow i suppose.

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o lewd, let me rub your robot bits
have a nice long vacation, im about due for one in november, you said you wanted to go somewhere right? did you change that or are you still going out of state?

yea that's true but it's still a bad thing to remember, im glad that's your only regret, it's better than missing her but what are you doing now for relationships? are you going to stay away from them for a while? also true, youve got to learn somehow and eventually, at least its over with and youve moved on, good job

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im playing some risk of rain 2 right now, getting a little hungry though
oh, i see, im sorry to hear it. still, good luck!
ah, fair enough. i hope you enjoy it once the translation is finished!

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There really isn't anywhere I want to visit right now.

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Aw you~

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you cant say no then show your robot butt so too bad im touching it, what are you going to do?
so youre going to stay home getting drunk and playing games? that doesnt sound too bad, have fun and dont kill yourself with too much alcohol

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I think it's fair to say i already have stayed away from them for a while. Probably should get back on that, but... meh. I've resolved that i won't date another extrovert, but that leads to the obvious problem of trying to even find introverted girls.
Few, far between, and largely already taken on the rare occasion one does crop up. That and for some reason i usually only hit it off really well with Spanish girls, even though i don't like Spanish culture? Idk. It's weird. An oddity i can't explain.

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Activate defense mode. I have 3000 Defense points, get through that.
I haven't even been drinking all that much. Though, I do have all night to drink.

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yeah, me

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he's safe

if youre starting to get a bit older then yea you might want to get back into dating, it sucks she ruined dating extroverts for you because there are some great extrovert girls but i get why you dont want to, yea the problem with dating introverted girls is finding one and getting her to open up, the only tips i can give you is go at her pace and never be pushy even if it feels slow, a lot of it is about respect so good luck, i hope you can find a good girl soon!
thats weird why do you think you only hit off well with spanish girls? are you sure you dont like spanish culture kek, i cant explain it either it's funny though

i can get through your 3000 defense easily, ill just use my sexual attack in stead of normal attack stat
go ahead and drink if youd like, there's nothing stopping you so kill your liver and enjoy the time you had

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I activate the trap card "No Homo" it nullifies all same gender sexual attacks.
I see, trying to convince me to drink so you can touch my butt? Well, that'd probably work if you're cute, to be honest.

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you dont know what my gender is though so i beat you there, schrodingers no homo card, did it activate or did it not who knows
no that wasnt the reason why but now that you say that it makes me think you want me to touch it now
i dont know if im cute, i havent looked in a mirror these past 20 years

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I'm probably over stating how hard of a rule that is. I'm just not pursuing extroverts, it's not like if one chats with me i tell them to shove off or something.
I legitimately don't understand why i tend to hit it off well with spanish girls. I'm inclined to wonder if it's foreign girls in general and i just don't see foreign girls from anywhere else often enough to notice a pattern.
All that said, maybe it's because i'm not normally inclined to be attracted to spanish girls, so perhaps i'm more confident while speaking with them, and that's why? Honestly can't say. It's a weird one.

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You've never looked into a mirror or any other reflective surface?

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thatd be really funny if some girl came up to you and said she's an extrovert and you told her to never talk to you again
who knows girls work in weird ways friend, maybe youre just attractive to spanish girls rather than you being able to hit it off well with them, it could be foreign girls in general you could always try and test that theory
that could also be it, if that's the case then that means you need to be more chill around all girls that come up to you and you'll be able to date whoever you like heh
although im like that too with everyone and no one has been attracted to me so you must have something else going on

nope not once, i cant look in a mirror, i think my cuteness is what shatters it all the time, it cant handle this level of cute

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It's going to be nice sleeping in my own bed again

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That's understandable. For a minute, I thought you were a vampire or something.

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oh, that is nice, yeah!
it'll be all nice and cold, too.

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o please, vampires dont exist dont be ridiculous come on

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Warm bed + cold room is perfect combo

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That's not true, I was bitten by one and my preacher cured me by sucking the venom out of my crotch.

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it is!
too bad you have nobody to warm your bed...
but i could fix that for you
did this happen 1 week after you were born?

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i dont think that was a vampire that bit you friend...id call the police and make sure you run away also youre a robot, how does this even happen?

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No, it was like ten years ago.
Funny thing is the same thing happened at summer camp. Good thing my councilor knew what to do.

It's fine, probably.
It was a robot vampire, duh. He wants to siphon your oil.

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thats scary, a robot vampire is something i dont want to see, can i suck your crotch too by the way? ive never tried robot crotch before

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You don't need an invitation to my bed, just get in there

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oh, i was gonna suggest a bed heater
but that works, too

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You've tried other kinds? Actually, don't answer that.
It tastes like metal, there saved you some time.

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Claimin' and lovin' this one.

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that's a shame, i was hoping for a more girly taste to it, you should make your crotch taste better by making some changes

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U lil shit

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That'll be a pass from me.

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That does sound like something i'd do in jest, honestly. I'm in the habit of jokingly telling people not talk to me.

Maybe. Strikes me as odd to think about though. I don't really have anywhere i can go where foreign girls gather, unless i went to a somewhat nearby metropolis, but then we're introducing other variables into my "science" and the results can't be trusted. My understanding is that those big city girls are a relatively slutty bunch, so i'd probably receive a warmer reception all across the board.

Ehh, that's a silly thing to say though, in my opinion. Like, when does telling a neurotic person to just relax ever really pan out? Not like i'm deliberately stressed.

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Obligatory Brostolfo

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Off to sleep. Toodles.

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Nice feet

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night shizu

good night sorry i didnt say anything to your previous post i was showering

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Why you post "nice feet" in every thread?

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good night, friend

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Do me a favor and rename those pictures instead of using chan names.

Rip Pantera1

My ankles are fucked lmao

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What did you do?

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Were you rock climbing? Or Ice skating?


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As an ice skater, I don't think that's it.

Too much walking

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