Why so much hate?

Why so much hate?

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Trump is around 270 lbs and I'm 170 lbs. I don't think I'd be much help regardless.

Yes, why is drumpf so hateful?

And he is too fat to pull up, just write down his last words

My life is shitposting Trump where people do not care

Probably get a hernia

prob help him up bc fuck pence

Bro, even if you hate the fuck out of this man, who would be retarded enough to miss an opportunity to say that you saved the life of the president?

jump off.

I would help save him
He is a rich guy who would throw money at you for saving his life.
Not only that, who would ever pass up the opportunity to watch Trump have huge amounts of state charges filed against him the second he leaves office.

Thats going to be some prime entertainment right there.

>He is a rich guy who would throw money at you for saving his life

Send my thoughts and prayers.

I'd ask him how he got so tall.

Mexican hat dance

save a billionaire's life. very utilitarian

Help him up because he's a human being unlike lefties

Probably throw myself from the building. He is rich af so theyll charge me from murder if i try pulling him up, if i can claim innocence for my medical vertigo and my lack of muscles (only The Mountain would be able to pull him up) i might get to live until one of his crazy armored psycho fans kill me in cold blood to avenge emperor Trump.

Either way im royally fucked.

There is no honor to anything presidential any more. Form now on if someone says they once 'met the president' they will have to qualify that it wasnt trump because who tf cares if you met that retard

Ask for a cabinet appointment. If his answer is positive my response is positive.

Save our president because I'm actually proud of my country, and happy to have been born in such an amazing country full of opportunity.

Haha you think he would pay you anything?

A country is not its government. I'd push you both off while you helped him up and be up one orange idiot and one boot licking sisterfucker

Do a flip.

I happen to love both my federal government, my president, and my country. Patriotism is a dying concept that I think deserves light. Sorry you feel so poorly about the greatest country in the world, user. Wish I could help you and your discontent.

take my pants off, beat my dick, and ejaculate right into his eyes

Dude trump could literally kill you just by looking at you

Stomp on his fingers while laughing like a madman. Fuck that limpdick old bitch.

That victim complex though.

Not a billionaire, and he wouldn’t pay you a dime.

Troll harder

You ever read trump’s tweets?

Then you're a fucking idiot and I'm surprised you're able to rub those 3 brain cells together hard enough to turn on a computer

>He is a rich guy who would throw money at you for saving his life.
Oh fuck off. He is not rich, and he is famous for stiffing his employees.

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I'd help him up.
Considering if he managed to be alone from secret service long enough to fuck up like that, then he's definitely pissed off Ja-Vanka enough to be worth saving. I really don't care for Presidents mhchbecause they have all been unpatriotic cunts for nearly a century. But I do know he has handlers like the rest of the Jewish extorted figureheads in office and having a slighg chance to reinstall NatSoc into western nations would be reasonable means to save him for now.

You reek of loneliness.

Everyone is lonely in their own right.
I'm merely struggling like you against things you jave no overt control over.
Enjoy your last decade or so in a leftist dystopian Piss-Earth.

oooooooooh i can taste the salt from here

Naw, healthy individuals aren’t lonely or full of piss and vinegar. Life is good, just not for you and people with your same mental deficiencies.

You think you shit doesn't stink.
Meanwhile you wallow in the kike sodomite debauchery.

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Pull him back up. Wishing death on someone for having a difference of policy or opinion from you is god damn barbaric.

help him up
be hailed as a hero
go against everything trump ever said for the lulz
actually achieve something the democrat party couldnt by being on the moral high ground successfully
trump would look like a doublenigger going against anything i say
get an independent elected

Swift kick to the head

Save him.
Criminals don't get to take the easy way out.

Save him because I can put my differences aside, I don’t care about political stuff

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imagine you faggots running loose on Sup Forums when everyone here hates you

Save him, accidentally slip and fall off and die with him

Even if he was worth saving there's no way anyone on that roof is physically able to haul his fat ass back over the ledge

Nothing. I'm not morally or legally required to save an evil person's life.

You have too much hate in your heart. Let it go.
Who hurt you?

"When you have selfish ignorant citizens you selfish ignorant leaders."
He's emblematic of the american stereotype morbidly obese and uneducated. Even when I'm sleep deprived and stoned it is easier for me form a complete sentence and to convey my own thoughts. Just read the transcripts of any of his speeches throughout the his tenure as president . The man is moron plain and simple.

This. This so much.

Trump is the perfect representative of America. A fat, lazy, stupid idiot, just like most Americans. When Americans look in the mirror, they see Trump. They hate Trump and they hate themselves.

People get the leaders they deserve.

exactly this dude has 100lbs on me im looking out for number 1.


Save his life.
Set for life.

they hate him because trump reminds them of the father they wish they had


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Congratulate our fearless icon of a representative leader for scaling a skyscraper without a safety harness