Toys are geeeeey

Toys are geeeeey.

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Dammit now I have to talk about how I want a knotty boy to dick me down on my phone instead of desktop

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Get the D.

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I want to get left messy in a jockstrap like him. I want to get glazed in another boy's semen

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Get naked.

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I am, and I'm hard too

I can put sexy undies on tho

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Post your butt.

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Please turn yourself into the local pest control and die from gas.

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Your stats are as useless as your opinion: Sum is greater 100% on mutual exclusive values in the first two rows.
Return when you found a brain.

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Hey horny boys, what's up?

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Mine too
I'm always amazed by just how many trash infographs are posted like fact on Sup Forums

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You're right, they ARE ghey.

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Nice new/old chats. Come and join if ya want fegs.

KIK/Telegram/Discord - rip kik in 20ish days

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People really love paws

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Does seem that way eh?

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no bad dragons
no (you)'s

I need a cute butt to eat out.

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I love sitting on my husband's face,

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ooo haven't seen that one before

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Jesus, you are all disgusting. Get a common cold and remain crippled for months without a functioning immune system please.

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What's wrong with getting tested? I though safe sex was a good thing

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