Any tips on how to properly wield a scythe? Asking for science

Any tips on how to properly wield a scythe? Asking for science.
Also general Halloween thread.

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with your hands

Holy shit, all this time I thought it was with your feet

that is why you failed

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Teach me o master of sickle

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idk, watch the rwby shit and just go anime crazy

you need the proper armor first.

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When you're reaping, you gotta use that handle on the side

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What "properly wield" ? You mean, "mow" ?
Here's how to mow with a scythe:

I don’t aim to use it on grass. I’m debating on becoming a Halloween butcher for an event and I’m deciding how to cleave with it for a show I’m putting on

you don't cleave with a reap with it. If u wanna cleave you should idk...use a cleaver?

I’m wanting to dismember things with it for a show. Any ideas!

how to use it depends on if its an Astrian scythe or american scythe the have very different grips and stance. also sharpend differently. the european ones are peened and the american ones hollow ground with a stone and dressed with a special curved hone stone while in the field.

You could probably hang stuff up vertically and slice it horizontally at an angle, definitely just practice alot before hand sad truth is scyths really aren't meant for hard dismemberment, they're old lawnmowers.

It will look like this

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wait what? these are agricultural tools and highly ineffective as a weapon. this is why in times of war sickles where beat into polearn shapes or into swords then re hardened abd tempered. the shape of something in actually important to its function....a large cleaver and bonesaw are whats more appropriate for a prop

I actually use one where my mower won't reach believe it or not. It's helped ALOT with my back pain.

Seriously? Is it legal in the US to mow a lawn with a scythe these days?

this is an american scythe with what looks like a grass mowing blade as opposed to shorter brush blade. from the looks of that snathe (wood handle) its so dry that a hard blow might break it like a dry twig. also if the grips are loose you could loose control of it mid swing ...perhaps a nice machete instead?

Since when is it illegal to mow your lawn with a scythe?

I’m re-doing it, it won’t be as brittle when I’m done

yes handmowing is legal and has many benefits. i use a restored one as a "weed wacker" uses no gas quiet and long lasting. as easy enough after proper sharpening and good technique. youtube search scythe mowing if your curious..

First of all scythes like you showed were almost never used. What was used were called War Scythes. This is a war scythe

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Here is another example

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when i restored my snathe i scrapped off the old crud layers with a razor blade in a handle like is used for paint scrapping the sanded a bit. then i re oiled the entire thing with linseed oil once a day for a week then once a week for a month then once every few months now just once a year like you would do with any othe tool handle. the oil seeps into the wood fibers strenging it.

Yes it also keeps bees from swarming you if you keep bees like I do.

nice images and info bro

I’ll keep that in mind, I appreciate the input

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To use a scythe like OP showed, A typical one, you have to hook the blade behind your opponent and pull it and him, toward you. Bad idea in a fight. Its on a pole, so it is a distance weapon. the whole point is to keep the bad guy beyond arms reach, not pull the fucker right into you. War scythes were bad ass weapons, in contrast. The curved blade really diced into people using a realistic slicing action.

Much better

yes good point Brother.
i like using a reel mower and touching up with scythe for an early morning mow when im not disturbing the neighbors or birdsong. breathing fresh air and getting a bit of exercise is a bonus.

no problem heres are some implements used in actual butchering as i mentioned earlier

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and a proper cleaver

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You can't. A standard scythe is not built for that motion. Just fucking find it and see how impossible it is to hold it that way. Scythes were never used as weapons, even war scythes were mostly reforged straight.

Bet you want to be edgy and just kill people on Halloween you underage fuck

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my bee strategy is i leave hedge rows of wild flowers around to help feed local wild bees as well as nice color. the golden rod and astors are the last to keep blooming and help feed them up for the winter. im thinking of keeping a hive to support local populations rather than the honey.

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war scythes always had vertical blades and strait poles. Correct

Not really. Just a father trying to have a party with his neighborhood

sounded like research for a play or haunted house show.

Yes, but it's more fun to mow with an AR15

How dare

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It's about the same for me. I got started this year and it's been fun. But I'm leaving all the honey to them this winter and I will collect next fall. It only one hive but the queen is a wonderful laying queen.

sounds fun you could always serve "vegetarian fingers" (ribs) heh

to go with the dismembered theme you could have boxes that you reach into with your hand to feel things like witched eyeballs (peeled grapes) witches heart (peeled tomatoe) cold pasta in olive olive for guts etc.. i remeber doing things like that at halloween parties when i was young funtimes lol.

Well that sounds like a swell idea