Which one and why Sup Forums?

which one and why Sup Forums?

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D. Brown nips are nice

c e or f. the darker the more unattractive imo.

these are my favorites.

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e or c because they are the best shaped

None of them, they're all cows. I prefer medium to small breasts because I live in a world that has real women on average. Chick with breasts like these usually have a huge gut, which disgusts me.
Her face repulses me, but her body is on point.


All of them.



Jesus D makes me wanna throw up... disgusting

That's because you're autistic, and a manchild, and you've become self aware that no woman would ever have you as a sexual partner. You're so far down the spectrum that you'd pretend as if you'd never absolutely die of happiness at the first woman that would let you bury your face in her tits.
Pathetic virgin incel. I pity you.

Jesus , only a person you described would write would you just wrote. I don’t even need to explain myself here but holy fuck enjoy your fat ugly droopy tits with disgusting areoles and nips, must actually have nothing else going for you or you’re a above and beyond tits lover

B or C. Look like my sisters

B or E

Imagine unironically getting this triggered when someone calls you out for being a faggot that hates tits.



Sorry big man , enjoy your fat ugly droopy tits cause that’s all you can get and you hate me for making you realise

A, B, and C. Because they're tits possible on fit or skinny women. D, E, F are titcows, if that's your thing

Says the fat neckbeard no woman would ever be depraved, or drunk enough to get within nostril distance from.

Oh my lawddddd , nice one. I’m sure that insult works 99% of the time here when use throw it at each other cause it’s true. I’d put all of my money down to bet that I’m someone you wish you could be and that you sit and jerk off to the type of girls that I’ve dated and am dating.

The problem with big boobs is that with time they will sag badly. I prefer the not so big, but more perky variety myself.

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E > F > B >> C >> A >>>>> D

I don't mind brown nipples, I guess, but I prefer lighter colored ones.
E and F are really close for me. E is almost a little bit too firm, and F's nipples seem a little oddly placed, but hard to tell because she's smooshing them together. F looks a little saggy but I don't mind that at all and actually think saggy ttis are super sexy.

c is perfect

B, C, and E, the rest aren't as symmetrical and have messier nips

D is for niggers.

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F only smaller by a cup or two.

anything but D

A. I wanna suck those nips all day/night

C, because the rest have bad nipples or are too big.

Check this shit out:

minus the music, comfy

feel free to sub ;)

E because I imprinted on Boris Vallejo and Heavy Metal in the early 80s

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