Be me

>be me
>need to take a dump
>like to save money so I shit on the dark
>forgot where I put the paper so I must turn the light on
>switcher is next to door and easy to reach
>turn light on
>see this
>what do?

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i didnt really need a backstory to hear that you have a slug in your bathroom

But still
What do?

Apply the slug directly to your dick.

Flush the bastard.

what the fuck else would you do?

not slug, is self-adhesive blunt

Where do you live?

Ive had just about every kinda bug get into my house but never a slug

classic snail thread pt 2

Let him crawl onto a stick and set him free outside. Slugs are our friends

Tempting but noIs on my door and that's the easy way
I came here to kill it properly

Light it on fire

Not OP but in live ing MO and I get slugs in my bathroom all the time, in fact I'm staring at one of the little cunts right now.

Be more creative
How do you smite it?
Also, is staring to move...

Add salt /thread

Get a boner and put it on your dick

slug it

Salty thread
I like where this is going
A track or a maze sound delightful
The only thing that I put on my dick are not insects
Also, he try to scape his fate

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Take slug outside and continue shitting.

Done shitting
But come on guys
I came here for top advice
Not shit tier comments

Dissolve the slug and jerkoff on it then post Pic with timestamp

put it up your ass and shit it out

How does one dissolve a slug at 11pm?

Wait until it turns into a butterfly.

With the SALT
Jesus christ how new are you?

Na dude' that just stupid and not funny
Would be cool for a ylyl thread

Salt it then jerk off on his remains?

Cook it and eat it

Give some nice fresh salad and pet it gently.

Dress it up in a cool little slug suit. Help him do a mock interview. Take him to his first day of work at Baskin Robbins. Ask him how his first day went. Buy him an ice cream for being a good boy. Tuck him in to bed with kiss on each antenna.

Give him big sippy

Where will I get the salad at 1130?
But I did pet him
Dude this sound so sad
Don't know if he could handle it
So far I made him a boat

>>what do?
Let slugbro be on his merry way. Slugs don't wanna do anything but chill.

Mmm give me another good reason

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Whatever you do, don't eat it. It will make you retarded.

please don't eat the sausage bug

I'm ganna take a shower and the 1st dubs decides
Also, nothing disgusting

Be nice to him. Find him a good place outside that is kind of damp.

I mean obviously it needs to go up your pooper

It sounds sad because we both care about your little slug friend. It would be depressing to watch him in his little work uniform just slaving away.

Fucking dubs checked bruv

>get bonar
>slug on dick
>take pics
>post on 4chinz

actually they say cum is supposed to be salty

cum on him and see what happens

for science

If you don't have salad try any of the following. Kudos for petting him.

cucumber slices
rotten tomatoes
soaked wheat bran/oatmeal
dead animals/carrion
wilting plant remains
most lettuce leaves
cabbage leaves
kohlrabi leaves
young dandelions
young parsley
ripe strawberries

Pour salt on it lol

add salt on there too

Bitch that’s your slime good to slug bro.

well, we have a winrar
but here is the thing, and I dont like to bullshit you guys, but is too fucking late to get those things.
I could do it tomorrow and post it
if yall like that
this are good ideas the problem is that I do eat healty so my cum most be sweeter than pineapple

you eat healthy but don't have any veggies around hmmmm...... lies

let him go

dude im in my room and im not going all the way down to the kitchen to get that shit

let him go please

pass the slug

smoke the slug!

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all post the pic in asec

Slug bro

>can't be bothered to leave your room
OP is a fag.


Slugs are cool, if the roles reversed, he would sit your outside somewhere like said

Mom might catch him awake still

Do you also wipe in the dark? How the fuck do you know you're done wiping? Do you wash your hands before opening the light?