Would you fuck this chick?

Would you fuck this chick?
How and why?

Be honest / detailed.

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bitch looking like the cookie monster in an 'after' picture

no. too fat. they usually start to stink at this weight.


Yeah, she's cute.

Chest is huge, face is cute.

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Yeah I'd fuck her. She has big tits and a cute face so I'd get her to suck my dick then I'd pound the slut missionary, maybe spread her legs wide as I do it.

You think shes fat?

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I would. Her skyn looks healthy and is not mordibly obese. Nice tits.


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Moar! I need to see those tits released.


yes. I'm also not a tub of lard like the majority of you on here. I have standards.

I wouldn’t, but if I were desperate enough I’d literally just talk to her for 10 minutes and she’s be ready to give succ.


Yep she's a fatty. Looks like a feminazi cunt too.


No. Land whales with daddy issues are gross.
Skinny girls with them are hot and art school girls.

Bet you'd still fuck her though


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Her style is atrocious. Can’t even tell what she really looks like.

What’s an American chick without stretch marks from obesity?

Okay, but more.

Shes british

So she’s a British slag. Ok.