Ex-incel/virgin/NEET turned pseudo-normie here. I used to come on this board every day for years. Ask me anything...

Ex-incel/virgin/NEET turned pseudo-normie here. I used to come on this board every day for years. Ask me anything. Let me help you.

My girlfriend has been living with me for a year. We watch anime and play video games together. I have my own, nice apartment. I work a well-paying and fulfilling job. Currently working on my masters.

Pic unrelated.

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why am i so scared of girls? please help how do i overcome this fear?

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What color socks are you wearing?

>tfw you get fit, look good, have a good income and still a virgin while weebs are out there getting laid

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Are you ugly though? Cuz you cant make face gains without surgury.

what was the transition from neet to wagie like?

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also have you just tried talking to women?

read more thoroughly please, yes i look good

how did you and your gf meet and starting talking or whatever.

yup, never goes anywhere

Why do you only shave your left goose egg?

I've been going to the doctor and therapy for depression for 7 months now, been through a few different medications, vit D supplement, and things arent really getting any better, only worse Recently having daily thoughts of wanting to die which were very infrequent, maybe once a week, before. idk what to do because nothing seem like its working, and im just slowly feeling worse and worse.

All I do is eat, walk my dogs a couple times a day, talk to online friends (only friends), some video games but they often make things worse, online college, and work on the weekend. Friends seem to be avoiding me and not wanting me around. Online college for major i dont really care about but i was forced to choose something so i just picked and its too late to change now. Work absolutely sucks, weekend only at a pizza place where the AC and the heat never actually work. So its busy which causes stress. I don't need the money because i dont spend money on anything, so why work at a place that i hate so i can do nothing with the money in a life that i hate?

Just go to the gym by your local college and hit on the thots there, or go to the groccery store but honestly you'll miss the freedom of not being in a relationship.

the goal of money is to save it and then move out from your parents if there bugging you.

honestly i feel worse about the principle of it rather than what it actually is.
like imagine pouring 2 hours a day into building your body, looking goos and situationally being good at socializing, only to see that lardass weebs can just make it happen no sweat

But why would i do that? Then i wouldnt just feel alone, i would actually be alone. Knowing me i wouldnt go out or do anything. I would just wallow in sadness and loneliness.

bread theme

that sounds nice actually

> (You)
dont want to listen to that, i already feel awful and i dont want to start crying because of a sad song

huh... okay interesting
i guess the major difference between us as losers is i like to look at the trash my life is and laugh at it, where as you cry

Oh i read the part you said "look good"
I was casting doubt on your statement, because some females have low self-esteem and would fuck a good looking guy even if he were a social retard.

im telling you there is nothing wrong with me, maybe i suck at socializing in big groups but that's easily remedied by some alcohol

It shows me how much of a failure I am, how much i just missed out on in life, and how much i just dont understand how to be a normal person. It's upsetting to me, and this whole month has been really bad for me so its either back to bed because im sad, or cry because i dont want to sleep again

why cry? when you cry about it all youre doing is salting the wounds, nobody will come to help you either way. so might as well step back and take it all in, look at the falure that only you are capable of committing and just laugh

because it is showing me that Im the failure, and i just end up going down a negative thought spiral. No one likes me, no one cares, i dont like anything, i dont deserve to live, i dont want to live. Goes downhill fast, then freak out that i want it to stop, i dont want to think likes this, whats wrong with me. General panic and breaking down into tears out of fear, panic, and being sad

give me a place to contact you, pussy

>im telling you there is nothing wrong with me?
Then why are you a virgin when you dont want to be? Stop coping,
post face&body?

>post face and body on Sup Forums to prove to some random joeshmo what im saying is true
yeah bud, thats not gonna happen, call me a liar if you want, doesnt change the facts


discord darkstar738#0132

>post pics on an image board.
Your right such a novel concept.
Well stop coping, lower your standards, have sex or pay for it. Just stop complaining and do something about it.
>nice larp btw

quit your bitching, holy shit who needs a woman when you got an user like this barking in your ear