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saving bump
post more op

Why are there more loli fetishists than lolita fetishists on Sup Forums? A little grass on the field never hurt anyone, but just a little.

What the fuck do you mean by that?

ur an fgt

Because you get banned for posting pedophilia you dumb fuck.

You first mate

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Refine Complaint?
Do you mean Lolita like the book?
That Elegant Gothic Lolita stuff? EGL?
I mean, the loli stuff is the weeb shit and mass produced.
Just don't get you.

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Couldn't find lewder then this and I really only feel like posting booette. Also any good shaman stuff lately?

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loli discords YYpQ7FS ynn9rHE

Trying to keep this thread alive lol

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Theres already a loli thread up. It was posted over an hour before yours. Quit fucking splitting the userbase and learn to use the goddamn catalog.

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shut up, nobody loves you


I'll split your userbase senpai.

> i am a massive bitch that literally wastes other people's time for fun

And nobody will ever stop me.

> my personality is based on how much worse I can make people's lives
Cool bud. Make sure not to do any introspection or self improvement, just let this rebellion rock.

Sure thing pal.
Any other life lessons?

Use your turn signals. Always use a condom. You can make even the cheapest ramen better by adding an egg when you put the noodles in, cooking for five minutes, then eating.