Why isn’t Sup Forums that interested in clits?

Why isn’t Sup Forums that interested in clits?

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that would mean Sup Forums is not gay... so you have your answer

They're literally mini dicks

i love suck this clits

because there are too many gay fetishists posting propaganda levels of gay porn

I for one love big clits that look like tiny penises. I get to fix my trap urges without being a big gay.

The human female vagina is the most beautiful thing in the universe.

No balls , its not gay.

I love hermies, they enjoy sex so much more than women with little flat clits

Clits are fine. That's a micro penis tho.

Im interested in this.
> fem user
>big clit
>insecure because it really looks like lil peen
Am i a trap?

Because they'd rather fap to traps and futa

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You'd think someone could post more clits

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Roid clits

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I'd love to meet a girl with a massive clit. Wife has a tiny one, not much fun to suck on.

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All pussies should look like this.

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I would love to suck on one..

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me too, my wife has a tiny clit, but i love sucking on that

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i wonder if only the "glans" is really sensitive, like on guys, or the shaft is too

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Love clits! Would settle for weekly handy if I could fall asleep every night sucking on clitty

vienna sausage curtains

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Same as your dick.. more sensitive on the tip but still sensitive all over. They are literally tiny dicks.

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wimmin bodybuilders grow big clits
and lou ferrigno noses

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Are you in
Need of a trained and professional clitoris tender? My services are highly reviewed. Said clit and all associated portions of vulva will be bathed, licked, oiled and massaged to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Big clits are hard to find.