Blocks your path

>blocks your path


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Wow! Such racism.

for what?

looks tasty

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I was wondering where I left my whip, Toby...

These threads are even more retarded than the endless porn threads made by your friends. Now go back to the gas chamber you stupid fucking fucking Jew.

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Get a job, Tenda

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no *hedbutt*

Get gf on her knees and push her head towards it

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Do these huge cocks usually have erection troubles? I'd think blood cannot keep too much pressure over such a large volume.

I'm sorry

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That IS erect

depends if they are a grower or a shower, but yeah it takes more effort or arousal.
t. guy whos experienced enough bbc to know

thats a chub at best, foreskin isnt pulled back

Yeah, you've got about as much handicap with a dick that sized as you would with a micro dong

? That is erect? it doesn't stand up?

Niggers suck

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*I start shuckin’ and a jivin’ and clappin’ my hands*
“Great gawd-a-mighty I can pick a bale’a cotton!
Great gawd-a-mighty I can pick a bale’a day!
Oooooooh Lordy!
Pick a bale’a cotton!
Oooooooh Lordy!
Pick a bale’a day!
You got to jump down, turn around and pick a bale’a cotton!
Got to jump down, turn around and pick a bale’a day!
Oooooooh Lordy!
Pick a bale’a cotton!
Oooooooh Lordy!
Pick a bale’a day!”

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you don’t have one, and if you did it would be a farm animal


Nobody's apologizing for something that happened 2 hundred years ago.
You are not a slave and no one is a slave owner.

If you want redemption, you better build a time machine. Otherwise, take your meds.


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naw, thats a chub or a shower
newsflash: not every guys dick is the same flaccid, some guys have length when soft

That's what I though. My dick is normal in length (6in) but kind of thin, so low total volume, and my erections are quite powerful even a few minutes after cumming (and I am not that young, 32).

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sorry for not noticing that cock sooner!

You know how I know this is fake? Fuck off cuck-chan.

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Know your place, stupid nigger.

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Molly Rome vibes, perfect for bbc

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That isn’t your girlfriend, that’s Winnifred Humphrey’s.
She publicly announced that she regretted anything she has done with a black man.

Who? Lmao

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Gad dauym

Sorry your zipper is broken, and you cant afford underwear.