Redpill me on CBD

Redpill me on CBD
Does it actually works or have any real benefit whatsoever?

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snake oil

Doesn't get you high. But it relaxes you.

Yeah it's snake oil with a patented pharmaceutical, several thousand peer-reviewed studies, and billions of dollars in investments over the next 5 years.


I mean, but is it at least noticeable?

It'll make you less anxious.
I guess going from super anxious to "normal".
There are CBD cigarettes
(they do have a distinct smell to them)
There is also CBD kush(also won't get you high)
Or some close to just try the oil.
Or "edibles".

Some people with health problems say it is fantastic for them. They either use a lot less pain pills or stop them altogether. Much safer than opiates. I don't think it does much for normal people without health problems.

I have MS and weed is great for my leg cramps and better than Viagra for ED.

They sell CBD concentrates / cartridges.
Smoking straight up CBD is the best form imo.
A friend of mine took a fat hit of CBD, He fell on the floor and said he didn't feel a thing.

CBD is like smoking weed but without getting high.

this. People saying it's a snake oil, must be retarded amerilards, there is proof enough it works

you retard can't use google for some reason?

it is snake oil

snake oil

I wish indicas were literally just a body high and I didn't have to get foggy just to feel good

People rave about it. It’s in every type of product I’ve seen recently. It’s probably has some benefits as most things can but people have taken it to a cringe level by making it into a cure-all. Go try it, if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Not really complicated

CBD is a scam unless it ALSO has THC in it. It NEEDS THC to work. If it is 100% CBD, it's useless and anyone who says otherwise is retarded as fuck and bluepilled.

It won't get you high. It's tempting, but pointless. Makes you feel about the same as taking a Hydro.

>Makes you feel about the same as taking a Hydro.

Not a potent one though. Maybe a 5

Ok Bill Gates, calm down.

I tried it. Felt nothing. I use cannabis for my migraines and CBD by itself didn't work. Also i don't like the fact that you more or less just have to take the makers word for it that its CBD. I can look at weed and tell its weed with the CBD shit you never know for sure.

Tried it last year. Legit had a relaxing effect on anxiety and body. Way too much damn money for the effect though. I don't know how people afford to use enough of it for pain management. Save your money, OP. Try something free like exercise or meditation.

>Redpill me on CBD
CBD me on Redpill

It works very well. Ask any insta 'influencer', youtuber or pharma company started in the last 3 years. Unless you're implying that any of those people would peddle unnecessary bullshit for money which is obviously impossible.

Cbd flower is real weed but has .03% or less thc. It will give you a body buzz but no anxiety or head trip. I've found you have to smoke 3x as much tho to notice a slight buzz. For best results mix 1 part good thc weed with 3 parts cbd.

yes it works but it isn't a miracle drug like people say
works much better with other cannabinoids, look up entourage effect

>several thousand peer-reviewed studies
Then you won't mind linking a few of them.

It works, but is not a magic no stress button. Light stress relief and stimulant for a period of time. It helps some what with my anxiety and depression

Gubament told me it was good so I believe it guys, they were only wrong about the medical properties of nicotine, cocaine, heroin, LSD, alcohol, morphine, and of course all those fun little opioid based pills

The last guy who said shit exactly this I knew was a hard core drug addict

Use CBD as a comedown, or to help cleaning up/ quitting

Hahaha, holy shit you actually might have autism. LoOk At mE i Dont LeaVe my PaReNts BasEmenT and I AM RIGHT AND SUPREME ALL HAIL ME

Still waiting. 20 minutes should be ample time to find a few of the 'several thousand' peer reviewed studies.

I don't give a fuck about any of this shit but sine you appear to be too retarded to use google, here:

"cbd" site:jneurosci D org
"cbd" site:www.ncbi D nlm D nih D gov

woah bro so hard LOL

Oh and google has more than one page too :)

I'll post in a minute

Wow you really don't get out much, do you?

Kills fungus

Take it to help me sleep about an hour or 2 before bed, helps a bunch. Used alot when I first did it and got very dizzy and tired so that's when you should stop lol.

fuckin' decked by superior intellect, then regressing into saying someone's a basement dweller because they adhere to facts and reason rather than media/corporate hype

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Occasionally I'll have insomnia for certain reasons, usually in the summer because it's hot as fuck and my a/c sucks.
CBD seems to help me sleep longer and more solid.

Have you even learned to think for yourself kiddo?

If it has no THC to get you high then it does nothing. The only active ingredient in cannabinoids is THC. If you remove it, you have nothing.

Then cite some of them.

You still have not cited even one study, just told me to go search some websites.
>Lol then go search them
Not my responsibility. You make a claim, you back it up. Nobody has ever shown me a single study demonstrating an analgesic effect, for example, of CBD.

Post. Some. Fucking. Studies.

I await your pleasure.

Seriously what is so hard about burden of proof faggots?

are you retarded

No, intelligent enough to do research.

there are so many other cannabinoids in weed along with terpenes that are proven to have different effects in combination with those cannabinoids

>Post. Some. Fucking. Studies.

>You still have not cited even one study, just told me to go search some websites.
>Post. Some. Fucking. Studies.
>Seriously what is so hard about burden of proof faggots?

yea it's a real common tactic used by people who don't know what they're talking about
"I dont have time to do your research for you" while simultaneously apparently aware of all the information it would take to convince someone that they are correct about an issue they seem to care about

>Here, have some websites that you can spend hours on NOT finding any results which confirm my bullshit claim.

You claim there are benefits, that it is not snake oil, post some studies which conclude this. Not links to websites with studies on. It is not my job to do your work to prove your point. That is yours.

Yeah the best one is when they say they don't have time but spend 6 hours in a thread on Sup Forums.

The active ingredient is Delta 9 THC. If has no THC then it is useless.

it's unfortunate that some keep such a closed mind.
some of the tards here are no different than libs they say they hate, but are too dumb to see it

Nope. It’s shit.


worked at a dispensary for a while, had a lot of people coming in who got high CBD or even exclusively CBD products for physical and mental reasons (usually injuries, recurring pain, or anxiety) that swear by it and got off opiates

all the literature I've seen (including ) supports that CBD is not really directly psychoactive at all but still has real and tangible effects on your body, though it's hard to discern reliably from placebo and snake oil being sold for quick profit to ride off a hype wave

I use CBD isolate often and it helps so much with my anxiety and mood. It calms my tremors and helps me sleep well also. Its amazing.

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Be specific. Benefit for what?

It is NOT a painkiller.
It is NOT a psychoactive like THC.
It does NOT have any relaxant effects.
It DOES have therapeutic properties when used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Wrong, CBD does have some effects, not the same effects as THC.

said, if it has such physically therapeutic effect it should be easy to find a study to that effect. I've been looking into it for some time myself because I have early onset arthritis in the knees, and gouty arthritis attacks, and any alternative to traditional opiate medicines is welcome when that shit kicks off, but I have NEVER found evidence of it being analgesic. Plenty of it being a therapeutic drug for certain mental conditions, but nothing at all for pain. It's just a well marketed placebo.,5&q=cannabidiol
>About 41 900 results (0,06 sec)

I've been through this before: any or none of those could support your claim that it is not snake oil. It is your job to filter the overs which do. I will not do your research for you. If you want to make a claim, then you need to support it.

Did I say 'post a search'?
I believe I said 'post some studies'...

And now they try to figure out how they can wiggle out of being asked specifically for studies.

im addicted to pot and while it doesnt get me high it helps with withdrawal a whole lot and is good for weaning

lol dude try a real drug. weed withdrawals aren't shit and if you need anything to help with that I feel bad for your weak constitution

I have Schizophrenia and have been using it for 4 days. Definitely calms me down, mitigates obsessive or weird thought content for the most part, mellows me out, evens me out and makes me feel decent and also somewhat helps focus. However it's worth noting that while it may ameliorate symptoms of a mental illness, if there's nothing to fix(you're neurotypical), it might not do anything

It allows people who can't function without their dope to feel better about themselves throughout the day.

So you're only in this to find any possible loophole that guarantees your victory on an internet messageboard?

Fuck off.

>If you want to make a claim, then you need to support it.
that only applies when you're writing an academic paper or some shit.

idk bro, just try with cocaine