No rekt thread? I'm disappointed Sup Forums

No rekt thread? I'm disappointed Sup Forums.

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Bumb for more

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Thx user

Rekt threads are my jam lol

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This one makes me go :(

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I love this vid

Did he take his teeth out?

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Were they real people or only jews ?


let me dig into my curation

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why do fat people think they can do these things? Do they lack a basic understanding of physics??

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I haven't turned off my lights and smoked pot yet. Bitch

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user i was just about to post a file with the same filename, what a coincidence

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One man army perk activated.

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Story? I Wonder if they die

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nah most likely just the skin on his lips.

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we don't see how deep it is, when its unknown i like to give it the benefit of the doubt and say they lived but maybe broke something

Nerve gas , gets em everytime

Wtf are they expecting to happen here?

Man my fuckin heart started racing on that one.

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Another vertebrae destroyed.

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Implying fire is hot... yeah right

Is this heroin? Also god I hate needles.

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Fucking nice

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israeli police had to evacuate a mosque to investigate something, sand niggers thought they could take on 5 policemen with guns

definition of a rekt thread: short vids of people getting messed up suddenly ether by doing something stupid, missing the mark, or by accident. some times someone does something awesome ether avoiding getting hit, or landing a hit thats got a 1 in 100 chance of happening. can be fun.

sadly, too often these threads feature someone getting shot, stabbed, or worse. death is implied and sought.
thats a snuff thread. CALL IT WHAT IT IS.

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Dude no one cares

Happy bun.

Did they died? :(

Predator his ass! Spine RIP!

Dude deserved it. I'm not one of those crazy animal rights types. But if you get in the ring with another creature, especially a big and powerful one, and try to kill it? Best be willing to take what you get when it fights back.

He didn't want to buy a new window

ah shit now i'm a republican.

If he pulled his underpants down as well I think that would have finished me off


the pilot managed to escape but the other 2 passengers sadly died in the explosion



got me for a second.

if i remember right it was a phone store, and there were 2 robbers there, the guy had a concealed gun, look near the staircase and you can see the robber's friend cowering after hearing gunshots, it would've ended badly if his friend actually had balls

read this

hahahaha i love this. know it all fuck.

it gets everyone for a second user, if anyone doesn't get it after a second he is mentally retarded

Some people pass out at the sight of blood. I knew a girl growing up who would. It looks like that nurse was trying to draw blood and the girl knew what was about to happen and passed out.

they are*, rip my english today

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No, it's Novichok

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Trips and shit I’m fat and I can do it this btich is just insanely weak

rekd my sides.

pretty much, if youre gonna be fat, might as well be jacked while youre fat it.

How cute, he went to die next to his friend, what a buddy!

Slow acting nerve gas?

I legit owe this dude a beer for how many times I've died over how amazing he is

Filename Kek

Why do people post videos of themselves doing these things? Do they have a humiliation fenish?

*his lips

Gotcha. Just saw he was bleeding and wasn't sure.

I'm sorry, sir. This is a rekt thread, not ylyl. You'll have to leave

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the criminal gets a shot off and shatters the glass door.
i like to believe that they walked into that room and the woman immediately started inhaling his dick. only fair.

fucking humans...

whats humiliating in that video..

Holy shit My sides!