Quick prove you're not a newfag

Quick prove you're not a newfag.

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Reddit bad

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you're a newfag then

k... do I have to do something?






I saw the yellow take over b.





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I'm oldfag enough that that is newfag to me

@ Anonymous i've been here all afternoon



Pool is closed due to aids

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good job watching on internet historian video


that was like, a month ago


puddi was great and fun
time to drink now

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good old time

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I’m putting together a team

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but I'm also a newfag


[option-space] + [option-space] + [option-J] + [enter] + [option-J] + [option-space] + [option-J]

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I still remember her

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OP is a faggot


I remember this

Ummmm I remeber when umm moot and I’m gamer gate and umm Loki own board and ummmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Aninymos and unmmm and immmm yellow and ummm I remeber immm get 1000 andummmm and I’m too soon user

God I miss her

Those were the times!

Also I'm here since 1998 xDDDDDD

oh shit, i still have mine!

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I herd you liek mudkips.

PUDDIPUDDI is forced as fuck, newfag

consequences will never be the same
ya dun goofed

>mfw you steal my medieval skull from the catacooms and stick your dick in my eye

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alright, I'm a newfag; what the fuck does this mean

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Not any more. Where the fuck have you been lately?

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puddi puddi

This is an oldfag threat. GTFO


󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲
󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲󠛡 ▲

Wonder if this one is still working properly. I'd post with my since4pass but I'm having trouble renewing because fucking pass requires cryptocurrency now and I'm retarded.

id smash then run away after giving her a charizard

󠛡 󠛡 ▲
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How can I help you today?

Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi

Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi

Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi Puddi puddi puddi, puddi

RON PAUL Sup Forums

i came here 2 years ago and i can triforce

see? easy

Also a shitload of same faggotry in this thread

useful relevant info

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I miss Vicky.. though she's probably 30ish by now.. if still alive

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eat egg fag

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awwwe maaan, these are the best! I think that I still have about 5 - 10 in my garage.

Ah, the old cheese grater!

pool's closed


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Too soon


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L0Lno newfriend


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see? I'm not a newag anymore I can into secret

> Secret Sup Forums commands are:
> %ban%, %cancel%, %dubs%, %join%, %kick%, %quads%, %part, %quads%, %triforce%, %trips%

welp, i guess when she calls her daughter a princess shes not lying about it, unlike every other parent lol.

I backtraced the Cyber police until they an heroed

Bring back snacks

funny you say that

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>Quick prove you're not a newfag.

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Not one soul gonna is gonna remember her

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too soon

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I remember this lady

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Show bellybutton, then go to bed.


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Hello newfriend. Was that bait tasty?

I do. Used to fap to her

first logged in in 2014.
this was my contribution to the 2016 Do us a Flavor raid

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Commit an hero OP for posting such banana level Faggot shit

Crackychan, cardcrusher, cockmongler, and a cat is fine, too.

I remember before racism online when everyone was just white and you assumed they were white, I remember myspace headphone rape, DC++ and kazaa lite, gaming forums and mountain dew, your parents letting your bro spend the night so you could do lan play. I saved a lan party from the blaster worm once, they wanted to turn off our access to the outside but I managed to get Norton's removal tool off of a guy's satphone by forcing it to connect to a 56k modem using a thing another guy wrote for me at the party. I miss Quake 3. I am 33 years old.

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>first logged in in 2014.
damn, i've got you beat by 7 yrs. I joined when Sup Forums was raiding her website's forums.

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Is this good enough?

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lemme try

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Longcat is long

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>tfw this little girl actually ran away with donations to mexico

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