ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess

ITT: Poorly describe vidya; anons guess.

>Be a woman in space.
>Become a ball.

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six days in fallujah



>be me whamen
>summon stuff and starring in shampoo comercials

> guy
> scary

I don't misgender but slenderman?

>guy shot in bar by woman
>fbi agents in league with demons
>kill demons, avenging father and getting the woman

>Be a ball
>Shit's crazy

>be teenager
>spirit powers
>talking cat
>harem of waifu
>"I lived, bitch"
>merry Christmas
>kill god

> gay
> ur mom

The Legend of Joe

If you enjoy that, check out AXIOM VERGE on the PS4. Great game..

Already have it on Steam. Beat it 3 times. Good game.


Space niggers arrive to earth
Everywhere looks like The Bronxs now
Space negroes kidnap my bestest friend's wife and torture her.
He commits suicide
I split them bunch with chainsaws n stuff

katamari damacy


Left 4 Niggers 2

>"Damn my step-sister has a nice ass"
>"Fuck you Mr. Whiskers im not going to bed"

Sup Forums: The Game


>Grim Reaper travel agent.

80s Aesthetic: The Game

Hotline Miami.

hotline miami


cool beans, whats my prize

>my queen gets killed
>they think i did it
>i can now turn into a rat

Dudes a mass murderer and stills old dead people's stuff, but its okay because hes charming


>9 guys fight each other while wearing funny costumes

>be a lil whiny bitch
>it was only a dream

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>you're on an island full of samurai
>wave controller around like a retard
>slaughter everyone with your sword

Nigger Tamogatchi



final fantasy 7?



cool beans, thanks user

That's right!

Me after a few beers hehe



>Voodoo shit in New Orleans.
>Why don't you bang your assistant?

Sad dad adventures with kid

I 𝘢m the lighting now, sn𝘢ke

>everyone thinks i have head trauma
>really i just have a tough fist
>can jump super high

Yobi's spelling basics

Dead rising?

Mafia 3

Or gow4?

Not the one I had in mind but yeah that also works




These were both what I had in mind

>go around slaughtering monsters
> force the ones that arent dead to breed together
>get my lunch back

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>be nigger
>my nigga (brother maybe?) gets kidnapped
>team up with blonde ho
>go to theme park
>kill bees
>rescue my nigga
>jk now he's on a helicopter
>kill crocodile
>jk he sails away into the night

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Literally the most recognizable gaming mascot in the entire world


donkey kong country 2: diddy kongs quest

ur mom.

Shes been played alot... with infinite continues.


>be some kid
>move to a new town
>all the neighbors are animals
>everybody asks me to do stupid mundane shit

Meant this to be a reply to My moms in second place, thank you very much.

Persona 5

Animal crossing?

Animal Crossing



>Be old man.
>Sexual tension with girl young enough to be my daughter.
>I hate mushrooms.
>She's not allergic to them.
>Fuck this shit, I'm out...

>fall down
>fall down some more
> watch a bunch of people die as a direct result of my actions
>save the girl
>fucking die


Ninja gaiden

>fuck my mom wants to kill me

>Bust through walls chasing protein powder.

Another hint
>black guy- and no surprises here- also a murderer

Alex kidd

>"See that mountain? You can't climb it."
>Sincerely, You

The Darkness? I played a bit of the second one but that seems familiar

>Fuck the turbo tunnel.

You point at squares and try not to be exploded.

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Battle toads. Easy at fuck for anyone who's not a sperg.


One of the purse owner games

San Andreas


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>Asian Alone in pitch black maze
>Drugs are the only things that keep me going.
>Ghosts haunt me throughout. I am forced to run from them or die.
>There is no escape from the maze.


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That zombie game with that guy and girl for ps3 that was remaster

Pac Man

Noooope. Nother hint.
>choose to save the life of a Duck over the life of a grown man.

lol it's epic cuz pack make is yellow so day meen he azin xD

You got it

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Last of us

Likely correct