I wanna kill myself because I’m circumcised

I wanna kill myself because I’m circumcised

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what a dumb reason. you should do it because of that alone.

And? So am i
>oh no mah foreskin is missin
As if it had any relevant importance

Now you know for next time to not be fucking jewish

Protects your dick

its extremely important to making sex much better. Ive had this talk with my friend about how its like being circumsized (im not) and he says that everything is really frictious and as he got older, stuff didnt feel as good. Im still pretty damn sensitive and actually am a bit too sensitive because of how protected my head is. But its great for wanking, no lube needed, the few times ive fucked it was no lube needed, including anal. I did rip my frenulum though so my foreskin goes really far back unlike most peoples

From what? The catolic boogeyman? We already wear clothing. Foreskins are obsolete.

Wow, so very important.
>no sources

Grow it back. I found a website devoted to it. Google foreskin regeneration or something.

nigga how do i give sources when i said my friend, what do you want their address?

>magic disguised as science

It'd obviously protect you from Palastinians dumbass

>living your whole life around muh sex
Can't normies just be erased already?

you cant regrow that many nerve endings in that area


Imagine liking having your genitals mutilated

Something that proves that lack of foreskin numbs your dick. It's probably his masturbation addiction that made him numb to pleasure.

Keep coping incel. Sex is the most important thing.

Do you even know what circumcision is?

Oh shit you're right

As a girl, no offense to anyone but its a good thing you are circumcised. Uncut dicks are gross.

well without a foreskin you do expose your extremely high nerve ending dense head so its going to be prone to desensitization, foreskin prevents this, even during masturbation.

Tits+timestamp or gtfo


... for you.

Not exactly, wind isn't enough to desensatize nerves.

To mutilate is to inflict a violent and disfiguring injury

Rubbing against your clothing and just being exposed in general.


rubbing against cloth constantly, against hand vigorously, inside of cooch. idk what you mean by wind

Shut the fuck up it is standard Sup Forums procedure

Whether you are a real femanon are not, I have heard this countless times irl. I'd guess the large majority of women do prefer circumcised.

It's not more harmful than rubbing it against your skin. If you didn't notice, penises do not tend to move much when using underwear

>no sources

I assumed that you tought that, since clothing is porous, strong, cold winds could harm the head

>autist who wants a source on anecdotal experience.

no i know that you were just being triggered because ur cut by the jew, bad save.

Congrats, you fell for a propaganda campaign.

lmao. top kek

the jews are still gobblin 4skin to this day, their propaganda of how having 4skin is bad needs to end. there is nothing wrong with having one, makes sex great, just dont be a caveman and wash yourself daily, wash your penis for fucks sake jesus.

It is bad and unhygienic. The jews were right.

>>wash yourself daily, wash your penis for fucks sake jesus.

>makes sex great
Protip: you have no objective way of measuring this

I will have to agree with this.
Foreskin is only useless, not harmful. At the end of the day, it makes no difference.

well, note my previous post, ive talked to my friend about being circumsized, he said it was less sensitive over time, so its pretty likely that since i have not noticed that with my uncircumsized penis over time, that my sex is likely purely from a perspective of pleasure from my penis during penetration

forgot end of that, from my dicks perspective, the pleasure is likely greater than that of an uncovered desensitized penis.

Also, jews do it without sterilized instruments, and they use bacteria-filled mouths to suck the blood, potentially infecting the child that has a weak immunological system.

There are studies showing a causal link between foreskin and likelihood of STDs

>my friend says
I hope you know that has no scientific significance whatsoever. If not then there's no conversation to be had

I like Jews.

Because Jewish women won’t touch anything not 50% off

who said this is some scientific study, just giving some anecdotal evidence as to why im lead to this conclusion.

*normal, self-respecting woman

Saw them, all of them says that foreskin doesn't reduce the likelyhood of STDs, neither increase it. Either way, if you have recreational sex without a condom you deserve what you get.

This is why you are wrong, no empirical proof. Only situational reports

if you read, those studies never can prove a direct link, therefore you should remember that correlation does not equal causation, number of murders go up with amount of ice cream bought type shit, not because ice cream, but because of temp outside.

therefore those with foreskins potentially may just happen to on average be less informed of penile hygeine, or of using sexual protection because they were too poor to get circumcision because and were not born in hospital, therefore they were already in a poor enough society to not get sex ed and learn about STI's

and the overwhelming lack of empirical evidence is why I don't buy your emotionally charged ad campaign for "intactness" since I've never once had sex and thought, "Hmm this would be better with an extra flap of skin on my dick."

>those studies I clearly didn't read are wrong
Real paragon of intellectual honesty this guy

>since I've never once had sex
theres ur problem
never said it matters or not, i just am thankful i have my foreskin and felt i should inform of the way it changes things for me. nothing to get some weird extra surgery or suicide over.

Wasted trips on faggotry

As someone who has had sex both ways, you aren't missing anything. If anything, it feels better circumcised because erections are tighter.

you seem to like to sound smart
yet you also are still acting as though i made a claim that i was giving empirical evidence when i said "my friend said", seems like you are a bit retarded.


You are either a braindead Amerifat, or a braindead mudslime.

Which one is it?

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oho u snip post to maek seem virgen u so clevar

pretty sure the only virgin here is you, and you believe that since foreskins have greater motility and jacking off is "better" you're superior

stay insecure about your anteater fag

lol wtf does erections are tighter mean, i got cut a few years ago and both sides of fence wise, uncut was better, i had a failed circum at birth and basically had all of it still so i got it off because how bad it looked later on, but for certain it made my dick more callous and less sensitive.

You insult my intellect, i shall strike thee down where thou stand.
I read them, i wouldn't say anything if i hadn't

cool basement dwelling japanophile infographic

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once i removed it it got worse basically, but it looked so bad that i felt that it would be worth it

ITT cutfags attempt to justify their mutilation

Another trips wasted on faggotry
I'm brazilian, and since you say it's important, do you care to say why?
And post sources.

Most women think circumsized penis' are more attractive. Those who are actually breeding material anyway

insecure anteater detected kek


absolutely agree, its not useless, my dick still gives me as good of an orgasm as when i was 16, doesnt sound the same for other anons that are cut.

>my dick still gives me as good of an orgasm as when i was 16, doesnt sound the same for other anons that are cut.
33, cut here and my dick is still just as sensitive as when I was teenager.

Jokes on you, i shall never go hungry for i can simply scoop the cheese out of my cock forthwith. Checkmate Schlomo shekelberg

Meh, dick's got plenty of protection other than that. Not a reason to kill oneself

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It is the same, i'm 26 and circumcized, it feels just as good as it did the first time

I once asked my mom why she had me circumcised, do you want to know what she said?


30 here, doesnt sound like thats true, i talked to a bro at the gym who ive been kinda gay with before and he said its pretty bad how it is now, hes got a really sandpaper like dick now, lube is always required. mine is much more smooth, and his handy gets me off in a min and mine on his takes like 10 and some gobby, its super low sensitivity by this point (hes 35, cut his whole life)

shut the fuck up queer liar.

She said it was because she wanted me to have a pretty penis, and for girls to like me lol.

Nice. It's the only reason really, it changes absolutely nothing besides appearance

mine said theres a reason its there and didnt get me cut, i thanked her later on, even after she found im gay, she says welcome

>seething jewd dicklet

Yep, thats what she said.

Cool. I thank my mom too because she was jedi and right, I do have a pretty circumcised penis and girls do like me more because of it :)

>something i don't like, must be the jews
>facts don't agree with my opinion, must be a specific group of people.
Antifa logic

i know because ive wanked before, never actually had sex though, sorry forgot that from this post

man, its the same one person the entire thread
op if you dont want to hear true anecdotal evidence and first hand experiences, why did you make this thread, youre just samefagging and larping as some kid thats had sex before when clearly youre an incel

>being this sensitive
alt left logic

That's quite the imagination you have there, kiddo.

Not me

Only my mutilated dick os sensitive

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op doesnt want to hear other peoples responses

samefag again

Fuck this

not samefag loser