Why are Conservatives triggered by a teenage girl?

Why are Conservatives triggered by a teenage girl?

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Because she’s mentally ill and being used by people to push an agenda

I couldn't care less about her


So fucking gay


Because republicans are retards

>Because republicans are retards
Yeah, but what about Joe Biden!

(repeat this question every minute)

Liberals and leftists ignore the truth. Like the blatant truth that every few years another climate alarmist shows up to the UN and demands global policy change to fight a theorized threat that they dont even fully understand. Meanwhile Joe Biden is making million dollar deals with foreign countries hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails detailing these treasonous offences and all anybody cares about is impeaching trump based on 3rd party hearsay that was proven false but they still fucking use it as evidence. Civil war soon

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Lol so is the president

You faggots have been saying civil war soon since Obama. You are pussies. Every time one of you decides to finally lose it and go on a rampage you are swiftly dealt with and forgotten about.

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Something big has to happen. Based on how you anti american communists love taking away freedoms and giving power to capitalist giants lmao im sure itll come soon enough and pandoras box will be opened.


What do you think establishment democrats and Republicans do? They give power to corporations and tax breaks you monkey.. How fucking stupid are tribal people honestly. The right and the left are both retarded. Republicans aren't good with money nor are educated as well, and the left has some edgy idiots, that's the only difference minus some racism and fear mongering

>Anti American communists
Is this the fucking 50s? Nobody is taking away your rights except the other boomer faggots that you and your parents elected

...bcoz they are fearful of big words, like "agenda".

because they know the truth

>teh anti american communists
L0Lno Uncle Joe

I think youre confusing triggering with cringing


Get fucked democrats, Hillary getting back in seriously has you losers excited. Very sad

Tribalist monkey

Imagine barely beating the most hated politician in America and thinking you are going to win in 2020 lel

Says the dick sucker, from the most hated group in America.