Who else shmoking

Who else shmoking

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Fairly new to pot. Is that 3 grams?

That sole nug looks like it’s at least 2

Nah I'm schleeping


It's that dank ass fire ass nugnug bruh, you even smoke?

80mg cookie

But is it dank?

Got a hash cartridge from the rec store here, super lemon haze I think?
You gotta love Washington state.
Minus all the damn liberals.


yeah from what I can tell it looks like it’s at least some high quality mid

making an apple pipe to finish the rest of the backwood i rolled, cheers to my fellow degenerates

Shmokey shmoke

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OP here
high as a kite playing wow classic

I'm about down from a short trip to the moon.
Maybe blast off again in like 20 minutes.

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not me cuz i'm broke...
anyone wanna pay a clown to do shit?
anyone who likes traps wanting to get some oc? ;-; plz

Rolling into smoking is the best way to go

Newbie smoker here, any tips for someone tryna smoke in an outlawed state?

I am 100% out of weed and my guy moved to florida to retire. Ive been buying from the same guy for 30 years and i have no idea how to get another dealer. I'm so fucked.

I mean here in Illinois it's still "illegal" but we have medical, and starting in 2020 it will be totally legal recreationally. I always had friends in hs who smoked and I just bought off them

Shit if you're anywhere near the bay area I'll smoke you out just for the company

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Where ya at?

Tonight was a good night for me. The past few days have been pretty shitty but my dad pulled through and managed to hook me up with a g of 'diamonds and sauce' and an oil cartridge of green crack. First time ever trying diamonds and sauce (is that actually what people call it?) and it is the oddest form of concentrate I have ever seen

Kansas city. We wont have medical available until at the earliest spring of next year but it will probably a lot longer than that.


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Aye looking for a new plug y'all know anyone near Birmingham/Tuscaloosa?

does not look like any form of dmt I've ever seen aside from the outside layer

oh thanks, that's so nice. But currently I'm in Mexico city... fucking hell :/ & I'm sure it'd be pretty easy to get some here but man I don't want to get stabbed

moonrocks i believe
ususally you take a nug, roll/dip it in thc wax and then coat it in kief (the excess fine powder made from grinded weed)

think thats what they call "green crack"(?) something to do with weed/THC

you're buying weed, not crack. just ask around for mota, you clown faggot.

yeah man but it's not like they sell in the nicest places... still i'm fucking broke! like... so broke i can't afford weed in mexico. picture that

Less. Depends on stem ratio. Looks close to 2.2

Apples are pretty sweet tbh

90% strawberry banana cart. still not dead yet. feeling pretty good

why are you smoking ice?

Car, out the window with Ozium on standby.
Go for a walk, joint is always okay as long as it's not a city downtown area, any suburb or rural area will view it as a cig from afar, and wind will blow the smell away, and given time of year for the northern states, cop cars will have windows closed

Optimal bet: any park that you can walk to

nice one FBI

I know what moon rocks are I just assumed he meant dmt since he said blast off
because no amount of weed will make you blast off lol

have you ever made a banana pipe? you basically cut the tips, run a straw/pen through the body, hollow out the stemmed tip a little and use that as a bowl. looks neat

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Is that crack or crystal? At first I thought it was crystal but I've never actually seen crack rock except on google images

got the same lighter famalam

yeah that's great!

How can I find my local dealer for some hard shit like Coke or heroin?

Weed is for niggers. Get a fucking life doomers

definitely meth, crack is opaque
good luck and don't buy from blacks. seriously
idk about heroin but finding an actual good coke dealer is pretty difficult without someone referring you