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The first pic is much hotter. Do you have that pic in high quality?

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With or without glasses?

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more either way

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Dang more of her

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she's hot. any full body?

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Go on...

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Sorry that’s all I have of this mystery blonde

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Ex wife

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Is her name Makalee?

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yea.. no, that is the look of batshit crazy.

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Must have been your dead thread

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Whys her left boob looking at the ground?

yeah, you know her?

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Just let the thread die man...you’re posting terrible on/offs and nobody else is posting.

Is there more?

Let it dieee letttt itttt dieeeeeee

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rate pls

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more more more

wow, more?

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MORE of this WI gal!

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She's beautiful

ugly nails

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