Ohio thread. 330 for extra credit

Ohio thread. 330 for extra credit.

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440 here

What’s her name??


937 troy anyone?

330 checking in for night shift!

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440 who you got?


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know a married sarah R?

Yeah i do actually

I do actually

Where from?

Can i get a first name?

No bitch

Any 419 Ashland? This girls initials are S.B

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Got wins?

330 checking in...to many wins from over my years spreading my seed in the Youngstown/Cleveland area.

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Do you have any of Madi C?

From Boardman Canfield?


Any fairport harbor girls and ill owe you my life

Any 216? Specifically Lakewood?

Bump for this

That's why I'm lurking.

Same troy chicks use to get dumped all the time haven't seen anything in a while

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Anyone have Jillian Gentry? I think she went to revere.

Cleveland rocks!

Got any B W?

Mansfield checking in for crack heads

Always looking for 330 Canton, bump


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taylor ashtabula

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