Weed legalisation is a step backwards. It’s been proven to cause brain damage and schizophrenia...

Weed legalisation is a step backwards. It’s been proven to cause brain damage and schizophrenia. You stoner retards have no argument

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easy argument: I own my body, fuck your laws over my personhood.

disclaimer: i am not a stoner, and i have never smoked marijuana.

point still remains: who are you to dictate what i put in my body if i harm no one else in doing so?

legalize all drugs people are going to use them either way

Do you really want the government deciding for you what you can and can't consume, micromanaging your life? Better ban video games to stop video game addiction, might as well ban porn too, and caffeine, and nicotine, and tobacco, and any food that contains too much sugar or fat, and guns, tons of people die in car accidents, better ban cars. Or maybe you should decide for yourself if you want to risk it.

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The democrats need to stop this libertarian retards

>It’s been proven to cause brain damage and schizophrenia.

Alcohol legalisation is a step backwards. It’s been proven to cause brain damage and liver/kidbey failure. You drunken retards have no argument

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really? is that all you have? no valid, logical argument just "its bad for you, you cant do it"?

listen, you aren't my nanny, go be someone else's parent.

thats the problem with society, everyone thinks the government should be everyone's fucking parent and micromanaging their damned lives, fuck that, i'm an adult.

Hey no this is a step in the right direction, let the retards fucking retard themselves. This is good. More advanced society and prosperity for the rest of us not-tards.

Alcohol is fun and cool and weed is for betas

I completely agree with this , out here in socal these fucktards are so submissive i just take advantage of them all day

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>you can't /thread your own post faggot

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actually its a huge leap forward.
survival of the fittest, retards, so niggers, etc, will dumb themselves down even more, basically taking them fully out of the race of life, to lung cancer, absolute vegetative lifestyle, etc. We needed to reintroduce some form of survival of fittest, this is that way under the facade of being left and forward thinking, its brilliant.

>weed is for betas
is that why niggers smoke it and still get all the white girls?

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Stop pretending you know how shit works around here newfriend.

I quit prescribed benzos, started smoking weed instead.
Believe it or not (you won't) I'm much happier and more productive than ever.
More social than ever, etc.
I'll never go back to those poison pills.

Ingesting literal poison to damage brain cells for a stimulating effect is so cool. And fun. Acting a fool and hurling your guts out to sidewalk is fun, your point is foolproof.

>Believe it or not (you won't) I'm much happier and more productive than ever
Don't worry, we don't believe it

I'd rather smoke weed than drink booze.

You know people drink without turning into a drunken retard like you, right? You'll figure this out when you leave high school

speak for yourself you faggot cunt

"you don't know the rules reee"

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weed is bad, government is bad, they cancel eachother out and weed is legal

Thanks user

Again not doing it right. You might wanna lurk more before posting there friendo.

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Ok pill puppet! Sad lil human you be!

THC has some evidence to suggest it accelerates psychosis and possibly other similar forms of mental illness. That's it. Get over it.

You know people smoke without turning to lazy hippies? I'm just saying.

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No, just most of them do

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after 13 years I thought I did but I guess I'm talking to a bigger faggot than myself

Brain damage is a blanket term.

It has been proven to increase the risk of Memory loss and psychosis mental disorders (such as Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia) later in life if you are a) predisposed to such disorders and/or b) continuously smoking above 25% thc cannabis products (this means approx: daily for 2+ years)

Am in this field so /thread

You'd have to smoke weed all day every day to amass permanent brain damage. As for schizophrenia: no. Weed does not cause schizophrenia, but it can trigger it.

>You'd have to smoke weed all day every day
You mean like tons of people do right now?

No one should have any right to tell another person what they can and can't do with their own body. Even with strict drug laws the US still uses almost all the drugs in the world. The market for recreational drugs is fucking enormous even accounting for treatment programs for addicts there are just billions of dollars to be had and instead its all going to murderous savages.

You got statistics for that? Something a bit more solid than all of the people you used to know in high school and every rap music video you've seen?

I mean I could barrage you with endless arguments about the dangers of alcohol but that wouldn't convice you it need to be banned because you know how to use it responsibly.

I had pretty nothing going on before weed.
I'm a lightweight and I fucking love it.
It makes a lot of the things I love even better.
Had some crab stuffed tortellini in a super creamy Alfredo sauce tonight.
Oh felt so luxurious, I couldn't stand it.

those people will deal with those health issues in there 60s, just like people who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol.

You D.A.R.E. cucks are confused.
There's some evidence showing that you should probably avoid smoking too much before you're 25 or so, but aside from that it's basically harmless.
It can even help you be in a better/healthier place mentally.
Guaranteed weed is safer than the energy drinks, burgers, hentai toys, and dead mice scattered all over your cheeto dusted 'battlestations'.

agreed but honestly weed is not harmless like people tend to believe it is

Weed is great muscle building tool helps slightly boost testosterone and helps better circulation to your muscle. Arnie smokes weed so if want to be big hit that plant.

Provide the source of this information because it sounds like shit you’ve literally just made up

>slightly boost testosterone

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True, it's safer than lots of drugs, especially prescription ones people assume are safe because they're legal.
But it can fuck your brain if you're young and smoke a lot. Especially if you don't have much grey matter to spare in the first place.
Nothing you smoke is good for your lungs.
Used in moderation, at the right age though, for the right reasons, and especially if you're using edible and not smoking... it's a hell of a lot safer than most medications, sugar, alcohol, etc.
That being said I still prefer to smoke the leaf, fuck it.

>It’s been proven to cause brain damage and schizophrenia.
Alex? Alex Jones, is that you? How are your frogs doing?

and why do you care so much what others do with their lives, its THEIR LIVES, NOT YOURS

not be a grownup and deal with it.

Ignorant claims.

knows nothing about the history of hemp...

Rumor has it that Big Pharma has been positioning itself to control marijuana once it's been legalized.
Of course, they'd be competing with the alcohol companies if that's true.

gonna take a break for while starting today, wish me luck boys.

Sounds like the UK

Florida Man always comes up with the dumbest ideas.

absolutely, it's the least harmful drug you can use
I just wish people would learn a bit more, everyone has so many misconceptions now that it's legal in a lot of places
but fuck it mane either way I think people should be able to do what they want, I drink a lot and I know that's one of the absolute worst substances one can use


I am schizo and smoke pot daily and the only thing i have to do to aviod hallucinations is never drink coffe (or any other stimulants) and staying inside alone and not talking to anybody for too long

Your argument is invalid

It's truly disheartening to see just how many people have been indoctrinated by propaganda.
No clinical evidence exists to establish that marijuana (and LSD, for that matter) are anything other than safe and effective, yet they're vilified as Schedule I narcotics.

I really attribute the legal status of physically harmless (and not physically addicting) drugs like weed, lsd, mush etc to the realizations I and so many others have had on them
some real shit would happen if everyone had those experiences that opened their eyes a little

I feel like there are some valid arguments in favor of weed. "There are worse drugs out there" is not one of them.

It also raises you blood pressure. It can cause strokes or heart attacks.


it has its benefits
all drugs do imo, at least in some sense
but as someone who used to smoke a lot of weed I really think the best thing about it is that it's much less harmful than any other drug


i know you're just farming easy (You)s for dopamine, but
>brain damage
only in people who smoke it too young, like retards who smoked in their teens. doesn't affect brain development if you use it as a responsible adult.
only if you already have a family history of being a schizo. it's widely known not to do drugs if you have a family history of that shit.

eh depends.
alcohol's great for when you're out at a party or a bar and want to meet new people.
weed's great if you want a quiet night at home or if you're just hanging out with 1 or 2 close friends, specially innawoods.

Chill the fuck out & smoke a fatty ya f’ing tard. It might help ya be less of a f’ing brainwashed cunt.

How can you not get that, I know it's true, my priest told me they're bad as he forced some medicine down my throat and fucked me raw.
It's okay though, I have antidepressants, MEDICINE, NOT DRUGS, to cope with it.


>Weed legalisation is a step backwards. It’s been proven to cause brain damage and schizophrenia. You stoner retards have no argument
Faggots gonna fag

WTF does hemp have to do with anything? It's a different plant.

But weeeed duuuude

> I own my bod
Unless youre a woman thats bullshit

i'm sorry to hear about your disability
don't fret though, retards don't grow too old so it'll all be over soon

And the police wouldn't have to do something about it. No tax money wasted on this.

Portugal has decriminalized all drugs and they are doing better than America

In germany most of the beer costs less than a fucking coca cola but NEVER LEGALIZE THIS DANGEROUS DRUG.